10 Useful Tips to Get the Edge on Your Opponents in Rocket League

Sometimes you can feel like you are getting stuck trying to improve in Rocket League. The key to constantly improving is being one step ahead of your opponents at all times. Here are my top 10 tips to help you gain and keep the edge on your opponents:

1. Generate Height from Nowhere

Most times in Rocket League you want to get your hits nice and high, whether it’s a clear, a shot or a pass off the backboard, but sometimes that can be incredibly difficult, especially if the ball is rolling on the ground and there’s no way for you to get under it. If you find yourself in this position then the best way to generate height is to dodge as quickly as possible before you hit the ball, causing the front of your car to hit nice and low on the ball and push it upwards. That dodge needs to come as soon as possible after your initial jump.

2. Reducing Recoil

Recoveries are a big part of Rocket League, they can take you from a snail to a cheetah when it comes to pitch coverage. With the huge evolution of mechanics in Rocket League it’s now also important to recover in the middle of aerials and dribbles so that you can take another touch as quickly as possible. If you find yourself aeriling the ball only for your car to act like it’s been shot in the back and do a double somersault, then this tip will help. If you air roll as you make contact with the ball, you can dictate how your car recoils and follow through it, making it easier to carry on your aerial rather than waste time trying to counteract how you’ve just been flung back.

3. Ramps

Fun fact, did you know that ramps at the edge of the pitch get steeper as they approach the sides of the goal? That means that if a ball is bobbling along the ground towards your back wall, the closer it is to the goal the more likely it is to bounce out rather than up.

4. Avoid Demos like a Pro

If someone is about to demo you from the side, simply brake hard and watch as your opponent flies past you in a fit of embarrassment. They’ve now brought shame upon their family.

5. The Wavedash

The wavedash is one of many freestyle mechanics that found its way into the competitive scene and for good reason too. Whilst it may not be the most useful mechanic to learn, it’s definitely a skill that every Rocket League player should add to their arsenal. The wavedash is a fairly simple move where you dodge forwards so close to the ground that your car doesn’t actually do a complete revolution. It just hits the ground before it can even get the chance to flip, but you still get the speed boost from dodging. This means you can get on with the next job without having to wait for your dodge to complete. Combine multiple wavedashes and Usain Bolt will have trouble keeping up with you. To do a wavedash, jump in the air, tilt your car back, then just as your back wheels touch the ground dodge forwards. You can perform this feat in any direction, backward, sideways, diagonally, you name it! You will have to hold drift as you land if you’re doing this sideways or diagonally though, otherwise you’ll grind to a halt. Oh, and did I mention you can do this off the wall as well? You can even do it on walls if you’re crazy enough.

6. Mastering Flicks

Flicks are an essential move to any Rocket League player, especially a 1v1er. If you’re struggling with them, however, let me help you out. The ideal spot for the ball to be before you flick is on your windshield, and even better, as it’s rolling upwards. If the ball is too far forward then it’ll fall in front of you and stay pretty low. If the ball is too far back then it’ll pop up behind you and your flick will either go into the stratosphere or you won’t even hit the ball at all.

7. First Man

If you’re the first man just go for the ball. It can be in Narnia for all I care, but if there are two teammates covering behind you then someone needs to be challenging it, otherwise, you give your opponents far too much time to make passes and dribble and write a novel.

8. Half-Flipping Everywhere

Half flips aren’t just used for getting your car from reverse to forward-facing in one smooth motion, it can also be used…well anywhere. For example, if you go for the ball and you know you that after you make contact your car is going to end up hitting the wall, half flip! That way when you land on the wall you’ll be facing downwards and you can drive off back into rotations. Get bumped? Half flip afterward and land like a boss.

9. Use Your Opponents’ Goal

If you land in your opponent’s goal with high speed, a lot of the time you can carry on your momentum and drive up the back of the opponent’s goal, allowing you to exit with style and get straight back into the action. If you brake and try to 180 it can often be a lot slower and use a lot more boost.

10. Nailing an Air Dribble

The key to a solid air dribble is timing when you leave the wall. The key to sticking with the ball as you leave the wall is to jump a split second after touching the ball. Jump before you hit the ball and you’ll fly off course of the ball’s trajectory and jump too late and you’ll have some catching up to do, and you’ll end up hitting the ball far too hard when you get there.

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