3 Quick Tips to Survive the Blue Circle!

Don’t Die to the Blue! Master the PUBG Circle

The blue circle is what makes PUBG the game we know and love… By herding players into a smaller and smaller area, it ensures non-stop action every time! At the same time, it can be incredibly frustrating as a new player… For a brief recap of the circle’s damage and speed, take a look at my article here. How do you position yourself so you’re not screwed by the circle? Here are 3 tips to help you avoid dying outside the play area!

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Circle Tip #1: Stick to the Center & Do the Math!

Want to avoid running in the blue your whole life long? Try to play the center! On average you have less distance to travel if you’re at or near the center of the circle. Why’s that? When you’re at the center, the new safe zone can’t be any further than the previous edges. From a mathematical perspective, you only have to travel the distance of the radius (center to any edge) rather than the entire diameter (twice as long as the radius).

The sprinting speed with weapons holstered is roughly 6.3 meters per second… So to travel 1 kilometer takes about 159 seconds on foot! To make it a little easier, just imagine that to travel 100m (one small white line to the next on the map) takes about 16 seconds. Taking that into account, let’s do a little math… Let’s say you’re on the edge of circle three and number four is on the exact opposite side. In a straight line, you’ll need to travel about 740m. This will take about 117 seconds (roughly 2 minutes), which means you’ll be cutting it close to the 1:30 travel time! You should definitely avoid looting and run the entire way, and consider using stims to stay healthy.

You also might not know that as soon as the game shows the next circle, the blue zone damage increases. This means that if you’re running in zone one taking 0.4 damage per second, as soon as it shows circle two you’ll be taking 0.6 damage per second. You don’t want to wind up outside the 3% circle and desperately running, only to start taking 5 damage a second. Then you’re really out of luck, because you can’t heal that quickly!


Circle Tip #2: Drive, Drive, Drive!

The most obvious way to avoid dying to the blue circle is to find a vehicle and haul butt to the safe zone, looting through combat and the occasional compound. It’s far less likely you’ll encounter enemies at these isolated buildings as long as they’re not near the plane’s trajectory. Be wary though! Some sneaky players prefer to loot unlikely spots to avoid interaction. You don’t want to get shotgunned by a scared noob hiding in a shed!

It’s equally important not to accidentally suicide while driving like a maniac… If you opt for a buggy or motorcycle, you’ll have to drive a bit more carefully! Try to stick to roads to avoid the random invisible walls in the game’s topography. There are a large number of bumps in the grass and fields that can send you flying! Plus motorcycles break quite easily, so being on a paved surface is just smart!

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Circle Tip #3: Remember Your Stims and Meds!

Time to pull together all these tips! Pay attention to your position in relation to the circle, so you know the approximate damage you’re facing. If you need to cover ground quickly, start popping pills – a full boost increases your run speed by roughly 25%! That brings your run speed to about 8 meters / second, which cuts your 100m time down to under 13 seconds. If you’re gonna be caught outside the safe circle in the late-game, it’s definitely worth filling that boost bar… The ideal way is to take one painkiller and one energy drink, as that combination will immediately give you 100% boost!

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The other reason stims and meds deserve their own category is that circle damage really matters with those slow medkit animations! If you’re outside circle five taking 3 damage per second and a first aid kid takes 9 seconds, you’re eating 27 damage before the heals hit. Keep an eye on your health so that you know if you can first aid and live or if you’ll die before it finishes. It’ll be easier to judge after the first few times you die to the circle… But as a rule of thumb, you should start healing at about 35% in this situation. This of course differs for each level of circle and your distance from the safe zone. Especially after the most recent patch, which added variable blue zone damage based on your distance from safety!

Go Forth and Conquer!

These are crucial tips to elevate your PUBG game, and most players don’t know how much damage the circle does or how fast you can travel. Armed with this knowledge, you’re able to make better choices than your competition on Erangel! Keep an eye on your position and med situation, and carefully consider whether you want to take a vehicle. Above all, make sure you don’t die to the zone!

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