3 Things (Besides Aim!) to Improve Your PUBG Play

Your aim doesn’t matter… and you shouldn’t care!

When you’re new at PUBG, one of the last things to worry about is your aim! How can we ignore something so fundamental? There are a few different reasons… First, PUBG is still in its infancy and liable to change. For instance, the AKM was recently hit with a nerf that reduced its effectiveness dramatically. Now imagine if you had spent a dozen hours focusing solely on improving with the AKM – then Bluehole suddenly changes how the weapon functions? Your time would be wasted!

Familiarity with weapons is something that should come naturally as you play the game. If you want to bite the bullet and really work on them in live games, it’s very easy to drop in high-activity areas where you’re guaranteed a fight within the first minute of landing. But this isn’t a game where K/D is king: you have more important things to improve than your aim! If you have the mentality that ‘I’m going to just shoot better than them,’ you’re limiting yourself to only one way to use your skills… If aim isn’t king, then what is there to improve? Here are three aspects of PUBG that you’ll have to master to win the round!


Let’s say you’re a FPS deathmatch god. Even if you have the best aim and the swiftest reactions, you have to use cover… Otherwise you’ll get shot before you have a chance to use those skills!

Positioning comes down to limiting the angles that you can be shot from. This has the effect of forcing enemies out of their current location if they want to fight you. For example, if you’re making your way around Lipovka on foot, the safest route is to keep your back to the water… Player probably aren’t shooting at you from the ocean, so sticking to the beach effectively removes 180 degrees of possible enemy contact!

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One of the common noob pitfalls is blocking too many angles. This is because you often end up boxing yourself in with no escape, making the job easier for your opponent. Players often do this with buildings, feeling safe as they only have to watch the door or stairs. On the contrary: you’ve given your enemy the ability to circle around you and find the optimum angle to take a fight. You’re giving them control while you’re forced to sit and wait! They have so many options: tossing grenades to force you out of position, creating audio cues to bait you out, or finding that window angle you missed and getting a free kill!

Remember, positioning is about isolating angles while also maximising your freedom of movement. You should always have a ‘fallback’ position in mind for when that inevitable grenade lands at your feet!

Risk Assessment

At its core, PUBG is about risk assessment. From the moment the plane loads, you’ll have to start thinking about where you’re going to drop. Do you want to head for the abandoned edges of the map and possibly have to grab a car early? Or do you play the lottery of landing in a central town, where you risk dying in the initial frenzy?

This assessment continues into every engagement and every change of position. If you see someone running across an open field, it’s tempting to just open fire. But you have so many things to consider: what is my current loadout? What do they have? Can I actually land a shot from this distance? Is that player going to pose a danger to me in the near future? Should I risk giving my position away? Am I going to loot the body afterwards? Is there anything I need to be looting for?

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A great deal of the time, it’s not worth the risk of shooting – because the reward isn’t that great. If you want to be the last man standing, taking unnecessary fights is the quickest way to reduce your chances! In the late game these assessments are increasingly important, because you’re often forced into multiple gunfights in quick succession. You have to choose your battles wisely! Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to grab a suppressor, late-game circles are so small that any gunfire will be heard by most other players. Any fight risks drawing the attention of more foes – so be smart about taking the shot!

Efficient Pathing

Time is a resource in PUBG, just like ammo or meds… and too many people waste it unnecessarily! To clarify, ‘efficient pathing’ doesn’t mean running in a straight line to the circle, (that can actually be the slowest path if it takes you over hills or other difficult terrain). Efficient pathing means planning out your route so you can do the maximum looting in the minimum amount of time. This isn’t limited to the outdoors – choose an efficient path through towns and even individual buildings can save tons of time! Master this skill and you’ll be fully geared while other players are still five houses behind!

One of the biggest mistakes new PUBG players make is backtracking – often without meaning to! Once you’re familiar with the layout of each building, there’s no reason for you to ever revisit a room unless you’re on your way out. As you approach each building, try to plan how you’ll move from room to room. You can effectively always be moving forward, coming in through one door and out another! And this will be doubly true once we get the vaulting & climbing updates – speaking of which, those will finally be live on test servers tonight!

Similarly, as you’re moving from building to building through a town, you need to have an end-goal in mind. After you loot this building, where next? And when you’ve finished the entire town, what’s your destination? Plan your looting route to end closest to that area. It might seem ridiculous to go to all this effort just to save a few seconds… But due to the random nature of PUBG’s loot, the exact piece of equipment you need could be behind any door. Maximise your chances of success; make every second count!

It’s Not About Aim – Get On the Path to PUBG Improvement!

These three areas all have one thing in common – they require forethought. PUBG has a lot of downtime between the action, so there’s no excuse for not planning your next move! After all, you need something to do while running through those fields. This game is about far more than firefights… If you wanna become the reigning champ of School or Prison, aim is only a fraction of what you’ll need to consistently win those chicken dinners!

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