The 5 Best PUBG Weapons and How to Use Them!

Discover The Best PUBG Weapons To Use!

Today we’re going to explore and review PUBG weapons. There are more than 30 unique PUBG weapons, so it can be tough to know which to pick up. Here are five great weapons to watch out for, when to use them, and which other weapons they pair well with. This list only includes PUBG weapons found in the world and not care package items. The mechanics of PUBG mean that every player will find certain weapons easier to use and others more difficult. This isn’t a definitive list, but rather a starting point for new players to discover which guns fit their play-style.

#5 – UMP9

In the #5 spot in our PUBG weapons guide we have the UMP9. It might seem odd to see an SMG on this list when there are sniper rifles and assault rifles as options. However, the UMP9 is just “the little weapon that could.” In fact, the UMP9 recently got hit with a nerf that increased its recoil because it was too effective. The good news is that it’s still an incredibly viable weapon, just a bit more restricted to close-range combat now. The UMP9 is something of a jack-of-all-trades without excelling in any one area. It uses 9mm ammo, dealing only 35 damage compared to the 5.56mm damage of 41 and the 7.62 damage of 48. This is a huge difference in one-on-one engagements, and means you’re likely to lose head-on battles if you’re relying on your weapon damage to win the fight.

pubg weapons ump9Where the UMP9 beats out rifles is in recoil control. The SMG has low deviation in its recoil, meaning it’s far easier to control full-auto sprays. This makes it a great weapon for learning the recoil mechanics of PUBG, while not being as punishing as the rifles if you make a mistake.

The sheer number of attachments that fit the UMP9 (muzzle, grip, sight, and magazine) make it easy to customize. Want to take control of a building while running and gunning? You can use a compensator, angled fore grip, and red dot sight to maintain accuracy while hip-firing. Picking off enemies from afar? Equip a suppressor, vertical fore grip, and 4x ACOG scope effectively creates the VSS sniper rifle.

Even if you don’t get every attachment you want, the UMP9 is still a very viable weapon for close- and medium-range. This makes it a perfect complement to any of the assault rifles or sniper rifles.

#4 – M16A4

The first assault rifle on the list, and a weapon that brings immeasurable comfort to any PUBG player. You’re never unhappy to find one, as you either don’t have a rifle or you have another weapon using 5.56mm ammo and can use the extra bullets. The M16A4 has two firing modes: single-fire and burst mode. The single-fire mode lets you to spam shots as quickly as you can hit your mouse button. It also has a reasonably low amount of recoil, so you can fire both accurately and quickly. Burst-fire mode takes some practice but can be devastating to individual players and groups. However, it’s rarely seen in play due to its limited ranged usefulness.

Where the M16A4 suffers is its lack of attachments, with players only able to modify the muzzle, magazine, and sight on the weapon. While a compensator is usually the best choice for controlling weapon recoil, the single-fire mode is already so user-friendly that a flash hider or suppressor can be a better choice when using the M16A4. Elimination of the muzzle flash is what makes these two superior choices for the M16A4, potentially giving you a few extra seconds before your enemy pinpoints your location.

pubg weapons m16

The M16A4 is excellent at medium and long range as it has the highest bullet speed of any of the assault rifles. It suffers the least from bullet drop, and the single-fire mode tends to encourage fewer, considered shots. With a 2x, 4x, 8x, or 15x scope this can turn the M16A4 into an incredibly effective alternative to a sniper rifle, with lower damage but more consistency thanks to its reduced recoil. The lack of a full-auto mode can prove disastrous in close-quarters combat, meaning that a second weapon with full-auto capability helps create a balanced loadout suitable for any range and situation.

#3 – Mini 14

If you can expect any weapon from this list to change positions, it’s the Mini 14. In its current state it is far too powerful, and it will almost certainly be nerfed in the near future. This is the first sniper rifle to appear on the list but in practice you’d think it was another assault rifle! It fills a very similar niche to the M16A4, with a single-fire mode and similar recoil. This weapon uses 5.56mm ammo, weighing in at 44 damage per shot. Where the Mini 14 outshines the assault rifles is in sniping: it needs almost no adjustment for distance due to its incredible bullet speed.

The Mini 14 can use attachments for the muzzle, magazine, and sight, but due to its already very manageable recoil you’re not too upset by lacking a stock or grip attachment. They’re not necessary; that’s how impressive this weapon is in its current state!

pubg weapons mini-14

The combination of bullet speed, recoil control, and rate of fire means that this weapon can excel at all ranges. Additionally, it’s far more forgiving than other sniper rifles with a magazine of up to 30 rounds. Miss a shot? Don’t worry, here are 29 more chances! The Mini 14 is in an unusual place at the moment, as it’s basically a sniper-assault-rifle hybrid. It can be tough to decide what secondary weapon to pair it with. I’ve seen it work incredibly well alongside everything from a Kar98 to an UMP9 to a shotgun. If you get your hands on a Mini 14, it won’t take long for you to get a feel for it and how you want to use it. This really is one of those PUBG weapons that can excel in almost every situation.

#2 – Kar98

The Kar98: bolt-action menace. Its piercing rattle lets you know in an instant if you should start running for the hills. Particularly in solo games, there’s really nothing that can match taking out your enemy in a single headshot. If you’ve spent time with the Kar98 you know the power you can feel wielding it. Life in PUBG is so much simpler when you have a Kar98: you’re going to use it for any sniping, then swap to your secondary once you’re close enough. The Kar98 allows for little ambiguity in what weapon you should be using, because its limitations create clear boundaries.

pubg weapons kar98

Like most sniper rifles, the KAR98 has limited attachments. The big one to look out for is a cheek pad, which reduces weapon sway… essential for those longer shots. The weapon can also make use of flash hiders, compensators, and suppressors. Like the M16A4 or Mini 14, the natural accuracy of the Kar98 make compensators redundant. If you’re sniping at range, anything you can use to conceal your position is a priority: suppressors reign and flash hiders are the next best. You absolutely need a full-auto weapon as your secondary if you have a Kar98, something you can quickly swap to and spray down enemies that are getting a little too close for comfort. Any of the full-auto rifles or even the SMGs will make-do here.

#1 – M416

The final gun in the PUBG weapons guide is the M416. Some will argue the SCAR-L should take the top slot, but its all about personal preference. In my case, the M416 is the weapon I feel most comfortable and confident using. The M416 can use the most attachments of any of the assault rifles (muzzle, grip, sight, magazine, stock), so you can customize it to your exact preferences.

The addition of the tactical stock on the M416 might not seem like a big deal – but this is exactly what sets the weapon apart. The tactical stock reduces recoil by 20%, which is roughly effect as the compensator attachment. As a result, a fully-modded M416 can reduce its recoil pattern by up to 65%. This reduced recoil allows for a full spray with a greater rate of fire than even the Mini 14 for only 3 less damage per bullet.

pubg weapons m416

The option to put 2x, 4x, 8x, and 15x scopes on this weapon makes it viable for sniping. A 40-round magazine and lightning-fast recoil recovery makes the M416 the true all-rounder of PUBG. This weapon is capable of delivering damage at all ranges and pairs well with any other weapon.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading our PUBG weapons guide. We know that getting comfortable with these five weapons will give you the groundwork to make advanced decisions. Start building that experience, because every top-tier weapon in PUBG shares some aspects with these five weapons.

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