5 PUBG Tips to Live Longer & Win More!

Live Longer with These PUBG Pro Tips!

Some players might be happy messing around in their matches… But you’re here because you want that chicken dinner! You could sneak around the zone and hide from enemies, but that’s just not satisfying. Here are five easy PUBG tips to live longer and reach the final rounds!

#5 Car is Power

In PUBG, cars are absolutely one of the most valuable resources. They allow you unparalleled mobility so you can cross the map with ease. This makes it simple to loot or find a good position for the next circle. In your next match, start things right: find a car and head for an area away from the plane’s path. This allows you to get your initial loot uncontested, but stay vigilant! Somebody with the same idea might show up to your compound!

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Once you’re geared up with this strategy, start moving towards the safe zone. Most of the time this will put you in a decent position to live longer. Another benefit of vehicles like the UAZ and Dacia is that you can take shelter behind them. These cars are great for extending cover! Park next to a tree or rock and benefit from the multiple angles of protection. One other pro tip: in an intense firefight, shoot out your own tires! The car will sit lower, so you can’t be hit from under the carriage. This is especially useful on the high suspension of the UAZ!

#4 Loot Fast, Loot Smart

I constantly see players struggling with what and how to loot. This is a tough skill to practice, but not impossible! If you are a slow looter, you probably need to practice ‘click and drag.’ The interact key (F) is very inefficient, because it plays an animation for each item you pick up. Those seconds add up to minutes of wasted time in every match, which could be spent looting more buildings! This means you’re missing out on scopes, meds, and better armor too. The other key aspect is deciding what you need and what to leave behind.

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Too many players just can’t pass up a chance to loot a fresh kill. But believe me: you don’t need 10 first aid kits to dominate Erangel! As a rule of thumb, shoot for 5 first aid kits (medkits if you’re lucky), 5-10 bandages, 2-3 painkillers, any number of energy drinks (they weigh a lot less), 100+ ammo for your primary weapons, and a couple of flashbangs / smokes plus any frags you can find (2-5 in total). With this kit, you can live longer and claim that dinner!

#3 Respect the Zones – Don’t Be Scared!

Don’t fear the blue circle, especially at the start of the game… Outside the first safe zone, you’ll only take .5 damage per second. This is very manageable with a few boosts and bandages, or you can use a first aid kit when your health gets low. Sometimes you’ll struggle to find an assault rifle, or you won’t have any bullets for your weapon, or you’re missing a helmet, armor, or even first aid kits. All these items are essential to reaching the top 10! It’s worth taking a bit of blue damage to arm yourself… and with a car you can reposition easily afterwards.

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Similarly, people imagine the red zone as a merciless killing machine… but the chances of dying to it are quite low. I’m not suggesting you run through the red on foot! But if you have to pass through, it’s relatively safe as long as you’re driving fast. It also takes a while for the bombs to start dropping, so if you see a red zone appear directly in front of you it’s totally safe to plow right through!

#2 Use Crouch Instead of Prone

Going prone in PUBG is very situational and it should be a rare occurrence. This is because it leaves you vulnerable to sniper headshots and you can easily be knocked down or killed before you have a chance to react. Crouching is usually a better option – it reduces the size of your hitbox without taking away your mobility. Choose carefully when you go prone, and make sure you’re aware of your exposed angles!

#1 Never Stop Moving

This might be the most important tip you’ll ever learn for PUBG! Practice this skill and you will be a far better player. This means a few different things… Don’t stand still while you shoot! Fire a few shots and then step to your side. Take a couple more shots and move. Rinse and repeat! This makes it harder for enemy players to land sniper headshots. You don’t want to get into an intense firefight only for another foe to tag you while you’re standing still!

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When holding a building, it’s critical to use all your windows. After shooting from one room, move to a different area of the house so you’re not too predictable. Try not to stand at the windows for too long, and don’t hold still when scanning your surroundings… You never know who’s atop a nearby hill, looking for an easy elimination! When playing on trees or rocks, you should be ‘bobbing.’ Keep pressing ‘C’ to go from crouch to standing while moving in tight circles. You are extremely vulnerable when you stay still not being headshot buys you time to get to cover if someone has an angle on you and you are taking shots.

Stayin’ Alive… Go Get That Dinner!

These tips will help you live longer into your PUBG match than you ever have before! Learning about the vehicles and weapons you’ll encounter along the way is also a good way to make it into the final 10. If you want to master these tips, start with ‘never stop moving.’ It’s invaluable! Hope you enjoyed these tips and learned something that can improve your PUBG play!

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