A Guide to Effective Practice

Practice Makes Perfect

Fortnite has lots of RNG. We can safely say that if you want to practice your aim, it may not be ideal for you to just try to land and find a gun and start shooting people. It’s one way to practice but it isn’t the best way to practice.

The reason this isn’t the best way is due to the following:

  1. You may not have the same weapon each time
  2. You may not have the same scenario every time (HP/Shields)
  3. Your opponent probably won’t have the same weapon/scenario each time
  4. Your opponent might utilize building

These things will all shut that “hot drop and just practice aim” training regimen down.

Improving Your Aim

So Coach Convertible? How do I get better at aiming?

The best way to get better at aiming is to use aim training software with the same settings as Fortnite. The most common aim software that I refer to my students is Aim Hero. This aim software allows the student to practice raw aim mechanics without having the intensity of someone staring them down with a gold scar. It’s just dots.

Practicing in Order

While very simple, it works. If you do it long enough, you’re going to get good at it. This eliminates the time it takes to

  1. Loot
  2. Find people
  3. Die
  4. Reset
  5. Drop down
  6. Queue times

Creating the Ideal Environment for Playing

You might wonder how you practice building? The best way to do this is to drop into the new limited time mode (which has been confirmed to be permanent soon).

The way that this is beneficial is that you’re able to farm enormous amounts of material and take pure build fights.

This helps with fast building. It allows you to build against an opponent who may be at your skill level, or higher, for an hour. This is key because no one will interrupt and there is no shortage of materials. You’re able to practice for as long as you need to.

Perfecting Techniques for Certain Scenarios

The game mode is helpful to replay/relive certain scenarios

It also allows you to enjoy the more creative aspect of Fortnite as you experiment with the vast amounts of edits and the vast amount of rotation combinations there are.

It really gives the game a new sense of life and allows the creative side of the game to flourish.

Practicing With Purpose

The best drills to run are ones that have pure purpose. If you’re able to get a friend that’s really good at towering and retaking high ground, and you have an issue with keeping high ground then that’s a perfect match. If you have issues taking fights while also editing, you can set up drills.

The beauty of this game mode is that you can have your brother, sister or even a friend just pretend to play like a training bot as you work on your accuracy with a particular gun/building with a particular pattern.

For example, a three-layer setup that many people are doing now: ramp platform wall ramp. This allows for you to experiment in ways that you are not able to. You can try something one way and then try something another. It’s a controlled environment so to speak.

Plan Ahead

Perhaps you want to land in a couple locations tonight, that you believe will get the win. For these locations, you can designate houses to loot. Which ways to rotate. Which player goes where.

Even if it is not for drops or locations, it allows you to show your friends how to do something. Such as explaining a pinch play. Explaining cutoffs and how to apply hard pressure. It allows them to experience both sides which is critical to learning and understanding the game for what it is. A battle royale.