Adjusting to the New Meta

Getting to the Right Place for the Current State of the Meta

Riot released a recent patch with the new marksman itemization which resulted in the meta shifting.

Everybody turned their back on playing marksmen in the bottom lane. The focus was on playing gold-funnel compositions and how to play against it. But now that the gold funneling system has been invalidated by recent nerfs, what can we play?

The meta is not currently concrete; however, people that play in higher elo are experimenting with what’s left from the previous patch and there has been a mix-up.

We broke down what to play for which role in this patch!

Top Lane

We are seeing more of Quinn in the top lane because of the teleport changes. Her ability to roam throughout the map with her ultimate makes her a great pick for the ladder.  

Even though the conqueror rune has been nerfed, Darius remains a top-tier pick.

The old Aatrox was extremely popular before the rework but most people in high elo seem to think that the reworked version of Aatrox is great for snowballing.

Dr Mundo is having his fair share of the nerf plate so he’s on the decline, nonetheless, he’s a good pick for the late game. Also, Gragas seems like a good flex pick for top lane and jungle.


Besides scraping off the gold funneling system, the new patch didn’t change most of the top jungle picks.

Graves and Nocturne are still pretty strong. Kindred is contesting to be the best jungler once again.

Gragas is getting some love since he’s very versatile in terms of his build path. He could go Runic Echoes or Cinderhulk depending on what the team composition requires. He’s got plenty of crowd-control in his kit and he has decent clear in the jungle and to top it all off, a fine pick for contesting scuttle.

Sejuani and Trundle are still decent picks for ganking and providing a solid frontline if playing a tank is more suitable for your playstyle.

Camille is the best early game jungler and an awesome snowballer. Her ganks are unavoidable, once she gets some kills its close to impossible to stop her. Her kit makes her an incredibly op champ in the jungle and her base damage is so high no jungler can win 1v1 early game; which makes her strong enough to challenge for the scuttle crab.

Mid Lane

The queen of midlane Zoe has no intention to take her crown off! Even though Riot tried tweaking her a bit, the nerfs didn’t affect her at all. She’s extremely powerful.

Yasuo is still popular because of his itemization and the benefit he gets from conqueror rune. With Brawler’s Gloves costing 400 gold, he shines like a star with Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer in his inventory.

Orianna can be quite oppressive in the lane and her kit is incredibly good for team fights and bullying your opponent. She also doesn’t have many counters which makes her a great blind pick. Use her spells conservatively and with one good shockwave, you can carry in team fights.

Bot Lane

This is where the party’s at!

Everything can be played here. If you are an old-school marksman player, Lucian or Kai’Sa is the way to go. Although, there are mages are being played a lot in the botlane so you should expect Swain, Ziggs, Vlad, Brand, and Heimerdinger.

Yasuo can be played if the team is lacking attack damage or if there’s a chance to have a synergy with the support.


After Riot nerfing Rakan, he was not a popular pick, but in this patch, he’s back on track.

Morgana is pretty effective against champions that have crowd-control stacked in their kit and now that Rakan’s rising prevalence in bot lane, she’s back to being popular.

Ever since his release, Pyke is heavily favored in the bottom lane because he’s got high damage and he works well in terms of snowballing in team fights. He’s also hard to lock down because of his kit and he offers strong utility and crowd control. Not to mention that he’s a great roaming champion as well, who can also catch enemies off guard.

If you roam to the mid lane, you’ll most likely get a kill and catch them off-guard because of your camouflage ability.