Alternative Game Mode Ideas For Hearthstone

For a long time now Hearthstone has felt stale to people when the meta settles in. Today I want to share some ideas about how Team 5 could change up the feel of the game without just printing more cards.


Blitz Mode

Blitz Mode is an idea that has been around since early Beta. The idea is limiting the amount of time you have per turn to 15-30 seconds rather than the current 75 seconds. By limiting the time it makes both players have to think in advance and the impact it could have on the game could be very positive. Though I would only implement this game-mode as A tavern brawl or temporary event to shake things up.

Forcing people to think on their feet and stay far more engaged with the game should make for a very different experience and I believe it would be very interesting to see which players can play the best with the limited time available. One thing that would have to be implemented is a way to skip or speed up the animations. That should allow some more playing room and not limit which decks are available to be played in the format.


Increased Mana from the Start.

Start your game with 3 mana instead of 1. With this idea, there are two directions Team 5 could take this. One option would be to just keep the maximum Mana at 10 which would limit the possibilities slightly but keep it more in touch with what Hearthstone is right now. The other option would be the more interesting one to me. By increasing the maximum mana to 12, this would allow for all sorts of new combo decks mainly for the Druid, Warlock, and Priest classes as well as create some fantastic options for Rogue. Through the use of Malygos with other combo tools.

For Example Priest could in one turn use Malygos, Radiant Elemental, Mind blast and two Holy Smite’s for 22 damage from hand. Or take it even further and combine it with cards such as the Spellstone for incredibly high damage combinations.

Rogue would also be very interesting in this game mode since it would have access to numerous combinations of damage far exceeding 200 damage with the right setup. Through the use of Malygos, Kobold Illusionist and Necrium Blades. Though this might be more inconsistent and overkill compared to the other combos out there. But it would be so much fun!

Besides the extra options for combo decks, it would also allow for much more powerful aggressive style decks. Being able to play three 1-drops in Zoo Warlock on your first turn or start of the game with a vicious fledgling in Odd Rogue would create for much different builds of the deck to see play.


Limited Mana Mode.

The same way Team 5 could increase the mana they could limit the mana by a lot. For example, if a tavern brawl limited the game at 5 mana very different decks could shine as Genn and Baku wouldn’t be available for us, the same way many of the overpowered druid cards aren’t available either.

Mainly this would cut out expensive board clears, ranging anywhere from Starfall and Spreading Plague to Flamestrike or Blizzard of the Mage class. Every deck would have to establish different win conditions and some of the older archetypes could make a return.


Short Deck Mode.

In card games, the amount of cards you include in your deck has always been a point of discussion. With Hearthstone forcing you to use 30 cards this is one point that has always been limited. Other card games allow you to decide the number of cards you want to use yourself which generally is very different between the more aggressive style and control style decks. Control tends to lean more towards playing as many cards as you can while keeping the tools consistent for when you need them.

A Tavern brawl or limited event where you could choose the number of cards you include in your deck could be very interesting. A very powerful aggressive style deck would have a much more consistent early game draw. Potentially a deck that plays a strong combo such as King Togwaggle with only 15 or 20 cards in the deck could be incredibly fun and powerful to play around within this kind of format.

What game mode would you like to see Team 5 experiment with? Let us know! Also, check out my other articles here.