Attack Moving & Efficiency: Improve Your Micro Game

“Attack Moving” is one of the most basic concepts you’ll have to grasp in League of Legends, and yet it’s surprisingly complex! Whether Attack Moving when you shouldn’t or not doing so when you should, it’s easy to make minor misplays… and for them to snowball into a lane-losing disadvantage! Working on your Attack Moving decisions will, without a doubt, elevate your play in many common situations.


Before we get started, I’d like to address a few common misconceptions. First off, that only ADCs make use of Attack Moving. It’s true that ADCs need this skill the most, but I’ll show examples of how all roles can use this technique to their advantage! Second, we should define what exactly “Attack Moving” is. For whatever reason, some people believe “Attack Moving” is synonymous with “kiting.” In reality, “Attack Moving” is the command used to perform the action of kiting!


With all of that out of the way, let’s get into it!


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How to Attack Move

The default Attack Move command is the ‘A’ key. By pressing A and then left-click, you’ll create a pointer you can place onto the ground. If there’s an enemy nearby, your champion will automatically attack the closest target. If there’s nothing to attack, your champion will move to the targeted location, but will stop and attack if an enemy comes in range while en route.


I highly recommend turning on Smart Cast for Attack Move (see my guide to LoL Settings here), as it removes the need to left click. This makes the technique much simpler in tense situations!



Using Attack Move in Real Game Situations

There are three primary reasons to use the Attack Move command: when kiting, when chasing into brush, and for quickly targeting in special circumstances. Let’s break down an example of each!


Attack Moving to Kite

Kiting is by far the biggest reason to use Attack Move in League of Legends. Advanced ADC players use the command naturally, as it’s like a staple for the role. Overall, the technique makes kiting much easier. It reduces the number of individual actions it takes to attack and keep moving.


Without Attack Moving, you would need to move your mouse to the enemy champion, right-click, then move it back in the direction you are running and right-click to set a new movement target. This complexity is prone to errors, and with enough attack speed you’d probably be missing out on damage too!


By contrast, with Attack Move you can keep your cursor positioned over the direction you’re retreating. By right-clicking, you can easily command your champion to attack the closest target. In this way, you never have to move your mouse back and forth. This reduces the time between each command and makes it less likely that you’ll make a mistake!

League of Legends


Attack Moving Into Brush

When you expect an enemy champ to be hiding in a bush, Attack Moving is especially helpful! By using the Attack Move command, your champion will run toward the brush prepared to attack the moment an enemy unit is visible. This is a huge help against enemies who try to “brush juke” you. This also gives you the quickest possible attack in the case of a high-stakes duel situation. Try to make a habit out of using Attack Move when checking brush!


Attack Moving to Target Quickly

I find myself Attack Moving in a lot of instances where I just want to attack whatever’s closest to me. For instance, Attack Moving helps a ton when last hitting minions, assuming that you’re conscious of positioning. This saves time, and since I don’t need to move my cursor around I can keep it in a safer location – like towards my tower for a speedy Flash in case of a jungler gank!


Attack Move


With good reflexes, you can also reliably attack wards and get in all three hits before they go invisible. Another example would be if you’re pushing an enemy turret but kiting back a bit. It could spell disaster for you to click on the ground accidentally next to the turret! By using Attack Move, you won’t have that chance for failure. Learning good farming patterns and how to respect zone control in lane (guide here) is an advanced subject… With help from your coach you’ll be able to integrate this information to Attack Move seamlessly!


Attack Move… with Caution!

One note: Attack Move does not replace your right-click command. There are countless scenarios when right-clicking is a much better choice than Attack Moving. It’s critical to keep in mind that Attack Move orders your champion to attack the closest unit. That means you could accidentally attack minions during a gank, or a Control Ward in a team fight!


Practicing Using Attack Move

It’ll take time to build up the habits to use this command effectively. You’ll almost certainly find yourself forgetting to Attack Move when it matters most, due to the intensity of the situation. I suggest practicing in a bot game or sandbox mode to get it down and then bring it in a game.


Attack Moving


Keep in mind that you can also rebind the Attack Move key to something other than ‘A’ if it’s more comfortable! As an example, renown ADC player – Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng of Team SoloMid – is a player who rebinds the command to his right-click. He also made his normal right-click into shift plus right-click instead.


Eventually, you’ll be using it correctly while kiting, face-checking brush with finesse and knocking out those wards the moment your opponent places them! If you’re having issues with incorporating the command into your play, I suggest reaching out to your coach to help you get on track. Practice makes perfect! Best of luck on the Rift.


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