Battlefield of Eternity: A Heroes of the Storm Map Guide

To reliably win in Heroes of the Storm, you’ll have to understand more than just heroes… Each map also presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities! In this map guide, I’ll break down what every player needs to know about one of the coolest battlegrounds in HotS! Battlefield of Eternity (BoE) is a Diablo-themed map where players find themselves in the middle of the Eternal Conflict… The goal is to aid one of two mighty Immortals locked in a fearsome duel! After defeating the enemy Immortal you’ll have help from your own in sieging the enemy base. Blue team, representing heavenly forces, must assist the angel Ilarian. Conversely, Red team and their hellish followers are affiliated with the demon Beleth. Let’s take a look at the critical features of this map, plus some tips and timings to keep in mind!


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Battlefield of Eternity


Battlefield of Eternity: an Overview

This map is defined by two similar lanes at the top and bottom of the map. This leaves a huge area in the middle where fights for the objective take place! It’s worth mentioning that the center, where Immortals spawn, has quite a few different obstacles. The smoke vents and tight spots create really exciting situations during rotations and when fighting for objectives. There are also four mercenary camps on the map: Impaler camps next to the lanes and two absurdly powerful Fallen Shaman spawns near the walls of each base.

Map Objectives

The key to winning on Battlefield of Eternity is (appropriately) the Immortals! These powerful beings spawn in the middle of the map in one of the four circles (shown in the image below). The Immortals spawn at in these circles randomly, but you can always be sure they’ll be on opposing sides to each other. The game notifies you that it’s almost time at the 1:30 mark, then you’ll have 15 seconds to prepare. At 1:45, it’s showtime as the Immortals take their spots!

Immortal Spawn

Immortal… For How Long?

Despite a spectacular display of Magic Missiles, Ilarian and Beleth deal no damage with their harmless fireworks. Still, they are not defenseless and will occasionally defend themselves with one of two abilities:

  • A wide melee attack that damages, stuns, and knocks back nearby heroes inside the circle.
  • A ranged attack that creates several unsafe areas outside the ring, which explode after a  short time. This deals damage and stuns heroes for a short duration.

Besides these basic attacks, the Immortals have a few other quirks to be aware of.

  • When an Immortal’s HP reaches 50%, both will charge at each other – then, after a few strikes, they will switch spots randomly and face the heroes once more.
  • The encounter ends when one Immortal loses all HP. The victorious Immortal will then prepare to push the enemy’s strongest lane. (E.g., if the enemy team has no bot Fort and the top Fort is still standing, the Immortal will head to top lane.)
  • The remaining health of the victorious Immortal is added to his HP pool as a shield that grants a ranged attack while it lasts.
  • Periodically, the Immortal will use attacks from the previous stage.
  • While pushing, the Immortal will ignore enemy heroes and minions, focusing instead on sieging enemy structures.
  • The Immortal deals a significant amount of damage to structures.
  • Once slain, there is a 1:45 break until the next Immortal encounter begins again.
  • Finally, Immortals count as Monsters – so they take additional damage from abilities and Talents that provide such bonuses.



Laning & General Strategy

The typical lane setup for Battlefield is the so-called 1-4, which means you put your best solo laner on top to 1v1 and skirmish 4v4 in bot lane. As always, you’ll need to make proper decisions for the situation: don’t commit to risky plays if you’re not sure that your team can handle it. Above all else, don’t die just before the objective! That is the absolute worst scenario your team can encounter.


Use the time between Immortal spawns to pressure the enemy team by pushing and taking mercenary camps. The timing for the Fallen Shamans camp is particularly crucial, but will be discussed later in this map guide.


After the objective announcement, head straight for the Immortals. Here is where the primary uncertainty that many players have about this map arises – should I defend or should I attack? Of course, both are quite plausible choices! Your team needs to answer a few questions that can help you decide:

  • Do we have enough damage to outright race the enemy Immortal?
  • Are we strong enough to defeat the enemy team under our Immortal?
  • Is our composition resilient enough to delay enemies while we take down their Immortal?

If you can answer all three of these questions, then you can determine the optimal approach. Here’s some analysis of the different strategies:

Offensive Style

Also known as “racing,” this style focuses on taking the enemy Immortal down ASAP. Even if you lose the race, the enemy Immortal will be weaker, and will spend less time in his ranged form with the shield.


Cons? Well, you might lose your Immortal… But it won’t be that harsh because the enemy Immortal will be weaker too. However, be wary of enemies ambushing you if they decide to defend! Don’t let them win the fight with the element of surprise: instead, retreat, regroup, and try to retake an advantageous position. Patience, my friends!



Defensive Style

This is high-risk, high-reward tactic and you need to feel completely confident to pursue it. You should be 100% sure that you can halt and defeat the enemy team! After all, you can’t defend when you are dead – especially when an (almost) full-shield Immortal will be knocking at your door. Especially if playing from behind, this can be extremely risky!

Mixed Style

This is another possibility which requires a lot of confidence in your team. Assign part of your team to defend and delay, while sending some solid DPS to damage the enemy Immortal. This strategy carries the same risks as the defensive style, and by splitting up you won’t be able to confront the enemy team at full strength… Use with caution!


What Next?

Awesome, you slew the enemy Immortal! But now you face another dilemma… Do I push with the Immortal, or do I split push the other lane? I strongly recommend having your solo laner split push while the rest of the team supports the big guy to ensure constant pressure.


Never leave lanes empty before at least Level 13 – 16, except during Immortal fights! If you lose the Immortal race, defend as four and focus down the Immortal’s shield ASAP with ranged abilities. During this time your solo laner should soak XP from the other lane. Of course, if it’s still early game and there’s no urgent need to defend the Keep, adjust your actions accordingly!


Hero Selection

While picking heroes for Battlefield, you’ll want characters who can dish out massive damage to a single targets to help melt the Immortal (Valla, Greymane, and Li-Ming to name a few). Try to have a solid solo laner: Sonya, Alarak, and Tyrael are good choices. Not to mention, heroes with Talents and abilities that increase damage done to Monsters are also ideal here. Sylvanas is a noteworthy option due to her Trait that disables enemy structures. This provides a ton of pushing power for your Immortal by rendering Towers, Keeps and Forts unable to shoot!



As previously mentioned, there are four mercenary camps on Battlefield of Eternity. Two of the camps have Impalers who are, frankly, not very impactful. Instead you should focus on the Fallen Shamans, which are quite useful with proper timing. Left alone, Fallen Shamans can take down a Fort or Keep quickly and efficiently!


Many players have less-than-ideal habits: taking the Fallen Shaman camp after the Immortal is slain is a huge mistake! Many heroes can clear these mercs with little to no effort. The optimal moment to capture this camp is at the same moment that Immortals spawn. This way, you can contest the objective while ensuring the enemies are too busy to deal with the Fallen Shaman push.


When done correctly, this will put the enemy team in a 5v4 situation as they have to send someone to defend. Accordingly, if you spot an enemy Fallen Shaman pushing, kill him right away! Remember to attack the Shaman himself and not the hounds, or he’ll resummon them. In the case of Impalers, just kill them between objectives for some extra pressure. If you can coordinate it, the perfect scenario is sending them along with your Fallen Shaman mercs!

Fallen Shaman

Closing Tips

  • Don’t overcommit to risky plays! Consider your choices and try not to die in vain, because the map’s main objective is frequently active. Losing the objective is very impactful, especially late game when the Immortals hit like a truck.
  • Make use of the battlefield’s tight spots, impassable terrain, and smoke vents to surprise enemies and make effective use of your abilities.
  • Pay attention to the timers! Knowing what to do and when is key on this map.

    Immortal Spawn Time: 1:45
    Immortal Respawn Time: +1:45 after death

    Impaler Camp Spawn: 2:00
    Impaler Camp Respawn: +3:00 after capture

    Fallen Shaman Camp Spawn: 2:30
    Fallen Shaman Camp Respawn: +4:00 after capture


  • During the draft, choose heroes who can DPS down the Immortal quickly and ensure you also have a solid solo laner.
  • Immortals always use their melee AoE attack upon first contact with an enemy hero after they spawn! Approach while mounted and retreat to bait it, then re-engage after.

That’s all for now! Armed with the information in this map guide, you should be prepared to dominate the Battlefield of Eternity and bring an end to the Eternal Conflict. I hope you enjoyed this article, and that it helped you better understand the unique objectives and strategies available on this map. Thanks for reading – see you in the Nexus!


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