The Better Mentality Wins

The Right Mentality is the Difference Between Winning and Losing

Greetings, summoners! We’ve all been frustrated while playing League of Legends for various reasons. Some games make you want to rage-quit and surrender due to gold deficits or losses of multiple objectives. Having teammates that are on tilt can work to compound the problem. Mentality matters, so the real question is: What is there to do when you feel frustrated?

Focus On Learning

You should have a short-term goal while climbing the ladder, such as reaching platinum elo by the end of the season. Your long-term goal should be to improve yourself and learn more about the game. Therefore, improving is the key to success.

You need to acknowledge your errors and learn from your own mistakes. You should not be afraid to give yourself constructive criticism. If at any point in the game you were caught out due to warding or made an error judgment, you should review the replay of the scenario to determine whether you could have made a different/better decision given the information you had.

Reviewing the replay alone is not enough though. You must be critical of your own play if you truly wish to improve. Keep in mind never to be too harsh on yourself as well.

How To Lose Before You Begin

The human psyche is fragile and easily swayed by emotion. It is imperative that you master your emotions, calm your mind and not allow in-game decisions or plays to alter your state of mind. Your mental state can be influenced by the decisions or plays of other players and because of this, every decision you make thereafter will be influenced by your psyche.

When your psyche is off balance, this is what is known as being on tilt.

When you play in a rage, you only burn yourself.

Tips For Preventing Tilt

Think about all the times you’ve won when victory seemed impossible and lost when you were ahead. Nobody is perfect when playing solo queue. After all, solo queue is about who can take advantage of their enemies mistakes more often.

Studies have shown that listening to background music while performing cognitive tasks can improve your performance. So make a playlist that puts you in a good mood!

If you are on a losing streak, it may be time to take a break to repair your mental state. You may not believe that you have been affected by your losses, but you will never know until frustration adds up and it is too late.You would be surprised how many severe losing streaks and the loss of elo a short break can prevent.

Go for a walk, take a shower, run errands, pet a dog or anything else that helps you relax. Coming back to the game after you’ve rebooted will help your progress significantly. 

Healthy Interaction

If you find yourself getting upset by what’s going on in the chat, it’s best to mute it and not engage. If the conversation is one way, they will be much less likely spam hateful or rage-filled commentary. Don’t mute the pings, however, because you can gather information from your teammates on the enemy team’s location.

Don’t start playing if you have anything pending. If you’ve ordered food or have any errands to run that will make you want to speed the game along, do not play ranked.

Educate yourself! Once you learn what to build or how to play in tough situations you will be more comfortable making a play. Knowledge brings self-confidence.

Be prepared to lose. Statistically, even if you had a seventy-five percent win rate, you are expected to lose one game out of four. So don’t be flustered when you lose a game simply focus on improving.

Learning Improves Skill

Consistency is important. Think of solo queue as a place to practice mechanics, learn basic knowledge and apply to decision making and shot calling. Whatever the result may be, being consistent with an ideal mindset helps.

For any gamer, being in the wrong mentality is a recipe for disaster. Follow these tips and remember that the right mindset is just as important as skill for success and improvement.