Bombs’ Build Orders: Zerg 2-Base Roach + Ravager

Hey guys! This is Bombs reporting in with my StarCraft II guide to the Zerg All-Purpose Build Order (2-Base Roach + Ravager). I’ll walk through the key details and main points to be aware of. This is a 2-base playstyle that gets early Speedlings then techs to Roaches and Ravagers for a powerful timing attack at 4:30. It’s effective, safe against most build orders, and can crush the enemy with ease. Here’s the video!

The Build Order

Core Concepts

  • Get a safe expansion early.
  • Tech quickly to Roaches.
  • Attack with your Roaches and Ravagers before your opponent has enough units to hold!

Important Details

  • Keep using Inject with your Queens while your forces cross the map. Spending all your Larvae is critical for reinforcements!
  • When using this build vs. Zerg, you can substitute a Baneling Nest for the Roach Warren and attack with a Speedling / Baneling mixture instead.
  • When you attack, make sure you focus Corrosive Bile from your Ravagers on tech units like Siege Tanks, Sentries, and so on.

Good luck on ladder! If you want help mastering this build, make sure to check out my profile.


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