Boomsday Project First Look

A First Look at New Cards

On August 7th the newest Hearthstone Expansion, The Boomsday Project, will be available for everyone to play!

I’m hyped about the cards we’ve seen so far, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with all of you today!

Let’s have a closer look and find out what Team 5 has in store for us this time!


Biology Project

What a great way to start off the card review, Biology project is incredible!

While there is some debate on just how powerful this card is, everyone agrees that this card will find its way into your favorite druid deck.


A good effect, some synergy with some of the other cards printed in the set, excited to see if it will be good enough.

There are a lot of Druid cards we haven’t seen yet. There have been talks of more synergy for early and mid game druid decks this expansion; so it might be even better later on.



Next up is Mulchmuncher, a card that might surprise everyone.

Team 5 has confirmed that living mana and other treant spells such as Force of Nature will work with this card.

All of this combined with some of the new early game mechs might bring a unique aggro druid archetype back into the metagame.


Dendrologist is…not great. While its stats are fine, the effect isn’t too spectacular.

If the aggressive mech druid deck exists, this will probably find its place? But besides that, this card is just nowhere near good enough compared to a lot of the neutral 2 mana cards that exist.


Spider Bomb

The first introduction to the Magnetic keyword.

It has an awesome death rattle. Magnetic is a great bonus.

This and some of the other mech cards that will be released this expansion mean good things for the midrange hunter archetype.




Celestial Emissary

This card is incredibly exciting.

An awesome card for Tempo mage, Reno mage,orr Jaina mage. This is the kind of card I personally love to see.

It has some unique synergy as well with a card we will see up next.

Unexpected Results

Unexpected Results is another fantastic card.

A unique effect that can be very powerful. Its ability scales with spell damage.


Another very cool effect. A kind of spiteful summoner, but with fewer deck restrictions.

I can only imagine this card will see a lot of play in a deck like Reno or Control mage.

Excited to give it a try, expecting this card to do good things!

Stargazer Luna

I love how many new effects have come into Hearthstone over the last few expansions.

Stargazer Luna is the first card to use the position of cards in hand.

Expect this card to find its way into a very aggressive Tempo mage deck with Aluneth. Having this as a backup could make the deck a lot more consistent than ever before.


Autodefense Matrix

I’m always excited for more secrets for paladin.

While this card likely won’t find its way into most paladin decks, it might just be what secret paladin needed to make a return in Wild.

Another place this might find its way into could be a death-knight paladin deck; which is closer than many people believe to becoming a good deck.



Get ready for the return of the Annoy-o minions! There isn’t much to say about this card outside of it just being very strong.

Magnetic seems to be a great effect, and its stats and divine shield/taunt make it a good minion on its own.

The main thing I’m excited about is that you can now hear the attack sounds of your opponent’s minions.

Annoy-O-Module and Annoy-o-Tron both have some of the greatest sounds in the game for the purpose of well, annoying your opponent!

Kangor’s Endless Army

This is the second legendary spell to have been revealed.

I have a hard time seeing this card as good; but since it’s a legendary spell you would have to imagine there is a way to build your deck to make this card worthwhile.





Dead Ringer

Solid. Not much more to say about it.

It seems Blizzard wants to really push the quest priest/death rattle priest archetype this expansion with this and some of the other support cards coming up for it.

Omega Medic

A very interesting card.

While I don’t see this card making its way into any standard list, I would quite like to play a card like this in Wild. Namely in Reno Priest.

Some people have already been playing around with the reno priest archetype since the nerfs, and I believe we’re getting quite close to building a successful version of the deck once again.

Reckless Experimenter

Did I mention Quest priest yet? This card is crazy and I love it!

Death Rattle has obvious synergy with this card.

This card does some really great stuff and it will be very exciting to see how people end up utilizing the effect of this card!




Lab Recruiter

Basically, gang up, but different.

I’m always scared of reprinting effects like this. It might have unintended side effects in wild.

I’m also very excited to see how this card can be used with the other rogue cards, most notably the Legendary spell.

Myra’s Unstable Element

Which leads us to the legendary spell.

This card has some very cool playstyles with cards such as Dollmaster Dorian.

People theorycrafted things like Gang up (or Lab Recruiter) on a minion such as Ragnaros and then to use Dollmaster Dorian and the legendary spell to draw the entire deck and get 3 1/1 ragnaros’ into play!

I think it might be awhile before we find the right way to build a Myra deck, but i’m sure we’ll find something amazing eventually!


Menacing Nimbus

One of the most boring cards of the set.

Its effect isn’t strong enough for the amount of stats you lose because of it.

Likely won’t ever see play. Let’s not spend more time on it.

Electra Stormsurge

This is my personal favorite of the set.

The card by itself is strong. It doubles effects such as Volcano or Lightning storm and will be a solid inclusion into most every shaman deck you put it in.

But that is not why I am so excited about this card. In wild, there have been some people experimenting with a reno shaman based around Shudderwock, and I believe this card might just be what the deck was missing.


Demonic Project

A combo disruption for standard.

Wild also loves this card as it just straight up improves renolocks matchups across the board.

Omega Agent

Another card made for Renolock.

I don’t see many other decks wanting to use this card. It’s likely too slow for Cubelock and Zoo, and is odd-cost so can’t be played in Even Warlock.

I think this card is great. Renolock games often go quite long and this card is effectively a 5 mana 12/15 which is kind of unreal.


Beryllium Nullifier

My main issue with this card is its absurd mana cost.

Mechwarrior, if it will be an archetype, looks to be early game centric.

Maybe this card can be a 1-Off if there is enough support for this deck to be midrange oriented with something like the legendary mech card Zilliax (we’ll get to it later) and corpsetakers?

We will have to wait and see how it turns out.


While this card is likely terrible, I’m very excited about it.

The effect will force players to think more about how to develop their board; much like Meteor does when you play against Mage.

It adds another level of depth to the game which rewards the better player more often.

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

This card is going to be very fun, though I doubt it will be good enough to see much competitive play.

I see this card as the Yog-Sarron of this expansion where it is purely made to excite the casual player; which is a good thing for the game.

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius’ hero power is crazy! It does a wide variety of things that change every turn.





Decent stats and magnetic.

I would be surprised if this card doesn’t get included in some build with mechs but it won’t be the star of the show.

Upgradeable Framebot

This card is stupid good.

It’s a huge pile of stats early game with a ton of synergy for every class with Mech’s.

This card will be a staple of every deck that includes mechs, and even some that don’t. It’s just that good.

Faithful Lumi

On the theme of overpowered neutral cards, here is Faithful Lumi.

Not much to say about this card besides it being an auto-include in every deck with mech synergy.

The buff effect is extremely strong. The card has infinite synergy in both standard and wild and will see a ton of play throughout the first weeks, or even longer if a mech deck sticks around past that.

Omega Defender

A card you’ll be sad to get in a pack.

This card is so unrealistically bad I don’t see why they printed it.

Then they made it an epic for some reason. Bad filler, nothing good to say about this card.

Weaponized Piñata

Love the fortnite reference, love the art.

I’ll just end it there.



This is a fun combo do everything card.

Whenever you play this card having a different mech on the board, you are going to be happy!

Great synergy with other mechs, does some crazy combo stuff in wild and allows you to bring corpsetaker in a lot more decks than before.

Whizbang the Wonderful.

Wonderful! This is the perfect new player card.

If you don’t have many cards in your collection, Whizbang will allow you to play one of his decks every game.

I love this card. I’m going to very much enjoy the inevitable tavern brawl of Whizbang vs Whizbang decks. Great job Team 5!

I want to thank you all for reading this far if you did, and I hope you got some ideas about the new expansion!

Make sure to be on the lookout for the next part of this review on the 6th of August, a day before the expansion launches for you to play!