Boomsday Has Arrived!

The Latest Expansion for Hearthstone is Here!

The newest Hearthstone Expansion, The Boomsday Project, if finally available for everyone to play!

Today we will be taking a look at all the cards we haven’t covered of this new set. I’m very excited about the cards we’ve seen so far, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with all of you today!

Let’s have a closer look and find out what Team 5 has in store for us this time!


Tending Tauren

Higher cost minions like this can actually be great now with the cards printed this expansion. I’d imagine this card finds a place in most token druid decks and might just see play in different decks as well based around the Treant synergy we have seen in the previous look over.

Juicy Psychmelon

Juicy Psychmelon is a contender for the worst card design in Hearthstone yet. I don’t want to say this but this card makes me feel Team 5 is just so out of touch with Hearthstone.

This card is so unreal overpowered for Wild and most likely for standard as well once the right build is found for the deck. I just don’t understand who approved this card and how it ever got through testing.

Dreampetal Florist

Following the theme of busted Druid cards this expansion, here is Dreampetal Florist! Just one more tool that allows you to do stupid combo stuff in Hearthstone. While I very much believe combo druid did not need more tools, I’m excited to give it all a shot.

Floop’s Glorious Goop

Another druid card that probably shouldn’t exist. The stuff this card can allow you to do is insane. This card will be included in nearly every druid deck that will be made while it’s available in standard, and even longer in Wild.


Secret Plan

Secret plan is not that exciting. It might find its place in a hunter deck based around the hunter spellstone, but it will mostly just perform as a worse copy of Tracking in a deck like that.

Bomb Toss

Bomb toss is just an average hunter card. I don’t think it’s good enough to be played in most hunter decks, but it might find a place in some.

Cybertech Chip

I like it. The card helps with one of hunter’s main weakness which is card draw if mech hunter is good enough cybertech Chip is certainly one of the cards you’ll want to include.


Which leads us to the next crazy hunter card, Venomizer. This card on its own is quite powerful. But has some crazy synergy with a card coming up later.

Fireworks Tech

Crazy good. It’s looking a lot like mech hunter is blizzards’ main push this expansion, and i think it’s getting very close to becoming a great deck. With a lot of the neutrals still unknown it is hard to say if there is enough support for it but it’s starting to look up for the hunters among us.

Goblin Prank

More unique effects in the theme of Flark, Goblin Prank is a very great card. Obvious synergy with the Egg/Deathrattle hunter decks already out there, love it.


Necromechanic is amazing. Right now already there is a tier 1 hunter deck, the Deathrattle/Egg hunter and a card like this will just further improve the strength of this deck.

Boommaster Flark

This card is just great. It has some exciting uses with the old GvG card, Mimiron’s Head. While it requires the use of Emperor Thaurissan to get the combo in a single turn, this is a great new combo for wild players to test out. Besides that, the card is just quite good.

There are a lot of synergy cards in hunter that work well with death rattles and the other mech synergy we have seen as well this expansion makes Boommaster Flark certainly one of the better cards of the expansion.

Flark’s Boom-Zooka

I’ve spent a few minutes now thinking about how to describe this card in a positive way but I just can’t. The cost of this card is insane for the effect and I can’t imagine the death rattles making this card good enough.


Shooting Star

This card is just great. Its effect is alright as it is but scales amazingly with Spellpower. With the number of synergy cards printed for mage in this expansion, this will just be a natural fit into the spell/aggressive mage archetype that will exist after the expansion is released.

Research Project

A cheaper Arcane Intellect with a down/Upside? More support for the Aggressive mage deck, some potential use in the control mage deck as well. Very cool!

Cosmic Anomaly

A better version of Evolved Kobold. Extra stats and elemental synergy are sure to give this card some extra strength. It wouldn’t surprise me if this card would find its way into the before mentioned Spell/Aggressive mage deck.

Astral Rift

Astral Rift is another card I like. As I’ll explain further there is a lot of synergy for a low-cost mage archetype and I feel this card might find its way into a build of that deck.


Meteorologist is great. Its main use would be in some kind of slow Control Mage deck, but I like the design and the love for the archetype.

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy is AWESOME. The card design is great, though I’m quite unsure about how good it actually can be. It can be picked up from Primordial Glyph, it can create some cool new exciting things for Hearthstone. Besides that, it had the single best announcement video to date. 



Glow-Tron is just great. This card can find a place everywhere, from Mech Paladin to Odd Paladin, this will see a lot of play!


Mechano-Egg is cool. While in most classes I would consider a 0/5 for 5 mana unplayable but Paladin actually has a lot of ways to work with this card. Stuff like the many ways of Redemption effects or other buffing effects such as Spikeridged Steed.

Shrink Ray

I’m not a fan. The cost of this card is just far too high for me to ever consider playing it.

Glowstone Technician

I wish I had something good to say about this card but I just don’t. Handbuff paladin isn’t going to happen. Blizzard, let’s move on.

Prismatic Lens

A 4 mana Draw 2 that has very creative deck building options has me very excited. Most notably would be the return of Murloc OTK Paladin, or maybe some entirely new deck we haven’t even considered!

Crystalsmith Kongor

I love design like this. A cool effect on a decent minion that allows for cool things to happen. People have already tried experimenting with decks like Control Paladin and forms of Deathknight Paladin since they printed the card, and this could just be what the deck needed to become playable!





Topsy Turvy

A 0 mana swap will obviously see a ton of play. Many different uses in many different decks, great design. Possibly too strong? We’ll have to wait and see!

Test Subject

Hard to say what I think about this card. On the one hand, I really think your minion just gets silenced a lot and this is useless. This card might just be the best card in the set. With the spells priest has this card can do so much. Things like power word: Shield or even going for Divine Spirit and inner fire combos this card can have a near infinite amount of uses.

Extra Arms

Extra arms is most likely just bad. The mana cost of both this and the More Arms card is just too high for what priest can afford throughout most of the game.

Power Word: Replicate

This card honestly scares me. My least favorite deck in Wild is Big priest, and I’m afraid this card might make that problematic deck even stronger. I have a hard time finding another place where you would want to play this card besides maybe on Zerek if you can get away with that consistently enough.

Zerek, Master Cloner

This card is cool. There haven’t been to many minions printed this expansion that requires a silence so this card might actually see some play in a variety of priest decks. Looking forward to trying it out!





Crazed Chemist

Crazed Chemist is arguably a bit too expensive but I could see it work. If a deck like Egg-Rogue would ever exist a card like this could be a good contender to be included.

Violet Haze

Violet Haze is just continuing the trend of bad death rattle effects for rogue. Until actual good death rattles get printed for standard, this card will just not be able to see any play.


This card is…. Just not very good. It seems to be a reference towards one of the known Hearthstone players, Bunnyhoppor, but besides that, this card isn’t very exciting.

Blightnozzle Crawler

Blightnozzle Crawler is quite interesting. Opinions are quite varied on this one and I think it might have some potential in a more aggressive build of Rogue. I don’t see this card finding a place in a deck like Miracle Rogue due to their main 4-Mana card, Fal’dorei Strider just being too powerful.

Necrium Blade

Necrium Blade, this card is just good. With the stats of a Fiery War Axe and the potential for a great effect, this card will find its place into a deck somewhere I’m sure.

Academic Espionage

Academic Espionage is nuts. While some people have disagreed with me on this one, I believe this card is just great. Play it somewhere in the mid-game and draw some cards like Rogue does and this card will do great things for you!

Necrium Vail

If this card was in any other class than Rogue (or druid) I would be very excited about this, but death rattle rogue will never be good enough for this card to see active play.

Myra Rotspring

I really have a hard time judging this one. Its effect looks strong but its mana cost is quite high. Without playing it I feel the main issue is that you often will have to decide between a better minion in your hand or if you want a better death rattle on your minion leaving you with a bad decision to make nearly every time you play this card.


Elementary Reaction

I think it’s cool, but I’m just having a hard time finding a deck that would want to play this. With it being 2 mana I think Even-Shaman might just be the best candidate for this card.

Beakered Lighting

While its overload of 2 might cause some issues. Despite that, I can see people playing this card in most any version of Shaman. With the natural synergy with the Spell Damage totem, this card scales really well throughout the game.

Voltaic Burst

This card is cool. Just a decent anti-aggro tool for shamans. Synergy with Flametongue Totem if you are playing that in your deck. Looks good.

Storm Chaser

Less exciting than some of the other shaman cards we’ve seen so far, but this card is just good.

Shudderwock Shaman already played Sandbinder in the 4-Mana slot before and this card is much better. Draw Volcano much more consistently is going to improve the matchups against aggro quite a bit.

Omega Mind

Omega Mind is cool. While I don’t think many of the Omega cards are very good, I like the design of them, this one included. This cards’ main use would be in the late-game with a card like Volcano or Lightning Storm. I would be surprised if it doesn’t see play, but It’s also not game-breakingly strong.


Thunderhead is just another card with Synergy for a more aggressive build of Shaman to make a return. The effect Thunderhead has is just very powerful.


Very cool, it makes me think of Ancestor’s Call but for Standard. While the card likely won’t be any good, I liked the design of Ancestor’s Call a lot, and I am interested to see if Malygos shaman may be able to make a return to the meta!

The Storm Bringer

Even if you only have 2 minions on the board, this card will do great stuff for you! It brings back all kinds of options for the Evolve Shaman archetype. I’m excited to see what people will come up with!


Spirit Bomb

Spirit Bomb is amazing. Generally, you don’t mind losing some health points, and now with the Spellstone cards existing this card is even better. Great tool, great design, will see play!

Doubling Imp

Doubling Imp is just cool. I think this card is just good enough to find its way into zoo, at least in standard.

Soul Infusion

Soul Infusion is another just fantastic card. Whether your playing Zoo or a different type of Warlock deck this card is great.

Nethersoul Burster

Nethersoul Buster has some cool synergies. With the later mentioned Crystallizer and cards such as Kobold Librarian I could see this card finding a place in Zoo. Looking forward to trying it out!

Void Analyst

Void Analyst is neat. I’d imagine this card is too weak for Zoo to play, with how powerful Keleseth is in that deck, but I think this card is good enough to find a place in the Wild Renolock lists. I like it.


Ectomancy is weird. This card could find its place in many different places, A more Zoo oriented Demon warlock, Renolock or even Cubelock could possibly use a tool like this.

Dr. Morrigan

While Dr. Morrigan is probably just not good enough, I like the design of it. It has the potential to build some cool warlock decks down the line and I’m just happy it exists. Would not recommend crafting it for a while though.

The Soularium

This card is amazing. With a variety of uses ranging from Zoo to Control warlock, this card is awesome. This is what I want Legendary Spells to be. Powerful, Flexible and super interesting to use. Looking forward to it!


Rocket Boots

More neat warrior cards coming up! First is Rocket Boots, great effect, drawing a card back is a nice bonus. Will definitely see play.

Weapons Project

Weapons Project is sweet! A great anti-aggro card and much better weapon-counter against the Twig Druids, Love the design of this one.

Omega Assembly

Another just good card for mechwarrior, while you likely won’t want to use this card until you reach 10 mana, this card is strong.


More mech Warrior support, you guessed it.

Security Rover

Did I mention Mech-warrior yet? Well, here is another great one for the collection! There is so much support for this new archetype it seems unlikely there won’t be a build of Mechwarrior taking over the ladder next expansion.

The Boomship

Warriors legendary spell is quite interesting though it feels a bit out of place with the rest of the cards announced for warrior. It opens up some cool mechanics for the niche archetype of Big Warrior, but besides that, I have a very tough time fitting this card in.




A lot of the commons are awful filler this set, but Explodinator is surely not. While the stats on this card are hugely underwhelming, that isn’t the point. The main use for this card would be to play this into Fungalmancer in aggressive or midrange board focused decks and it does that job very well.



Galvanizer. Mechwarper 2.0. As I’ve mentioned before with the Gang up Reprint, this scares me. At its time Mechwarper was one of the best cards in Hearthstone and this reprint has the potential to be as powerful. Not even starting about what this card can do combined with Mechwarper in Wild. I can only hope Team 5 has done enough testing with this card and that it won’t break everything.

Missle Launcher

Missile Launcher, this card is actually crazy. While it’s stats aren’t anything exciting, it’s synergy with another card from this set for the Hunter class, Venomizer, creates an 8 mana 2 card full board clear that leaves behind a 6/6 minion that will clear the board the following turn if not dealt with. This kind of power is unmatched in Hearthstone and might just make hunter a top contender of the new expansion.

Replicating Menace

Replicating Menace is cool. While its stats aren’t anything to write home about, death rattle effects that summon minions have historically been great and I don’t expect this to be an exception to that.

Mechanical Welp

Mechanical Whelp. This card I just don’t understand. It isn’t good, it doesn’t do anything special and probably just shouldn’t have been printed. Bad, Boring and doesn’t allow for any creativity.

Arcane Dynamo

Arcane Dynamo is…. Interesting. While its stat line is incredibly underwhelming, I think this might actually find its way into some control decks. This one might surprise people.

Spark Drill

Spark Drill, this card is neat. It can just be used as a removal card for classes who don’t have access to any alternatives.

Spark Engine

Spark Engine is just underwhelming though I think it might see play due to it being a mech. All of these cheap mechs add up to make Mimiron’s Head a reality!

Unpowered Mauler

Unpowered Mauler is pretty bad. The requirement of using a spell to be able to attack is just not realistic for most decks in Hearthstone.



Crystallizer just doesn’t make much sense. I get the design behind the card but I just have a hard time thinking of what deck would actually want to play this? Control warrior likes the card for Shield Slam, but it has many better ways of achieving the same thing?

Priest can heal some with this but they don’t really want to play more bad 1 mana cards? Warlock might want this, there is some synergy for it out there? We will have to wait and see.

Augmented Elekk

While I’d imagine only Rogue would want to play this card, it’s very good. With the earlier mentioned Fal’dorei Strider being the most obvious synergy in Rogue.

Atar Aligner

Glad to see team 5 decided to stick with the theme of unplayable epic cards, A lot of dust we won’t have to spend to get those this expansion. The name says it, for this minion to have any effect in any game the stars have to align, and even if that were to somehow happen this card would still not be worthwhile.

E.M.P Operative

What Golakka Crawler and Hungry Crab should have been. High mana, very specific target removal that doesn’t just pure win you the game on turn 1 or 2 if you happen to queue into the right matchup. I’m disappointed they gave it an Epic rarity but you can’t have it all.

Seaforium Bomber

Seaforium Bomber is added to the list of unplayable epics. It doesn’t do anything well, Its stats aren’t anything to write home about and once more I just don’t understand why it’s even being printed in the first place.


Holomancer, I just don’t understand. What problem does Team 5 have with good epics this expansion? This is miserable, unplayable garbage.

I just don’t know what to say anymore. Why can’t we have good epic cards? The only place this would ever see play is if aggro druid can somehow make a return abusing some of the extra mana tools made available for druid this expansion.



This card is exciting! Ever since this card got announced people have been theorycrafting what kind of deck would want to play this, the Main contenders seem to be Druid, Warrior and Rogue. We will have to wait and see which of these decks becomes the best version of Mecha’Thun!

Harbinger Celestia

Harbinger Celestia this card is very interesting. While it has some obvious downsides with a card like Doomsayer hard countering it. There are some really cool scenarios this card can create.

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