Bronze to Diamond: A LoL Student Montage!

League of Legends is incredibly deep and complex… Consider it all: lane matchups, how to earn gold, the ‘mental game,’ knowing when to group and when to split. And then there’s all those champions to learn and master! If you consider it simple, you’re probably pretty familiar with LoL already. With so many factors to understand, self-improvement can be a slow and painful process – so student Enrix got coaching from three different Sensei to cut out that wasted time! In his very first season, he climbed from Bronze to Diamond! Now that’s impressive! You can see the awesome montage of his plays below:

The three Sensei who helped Enrix achieve this incredible feat? Moriarty, Turkish Coffee, and Roniwan. Check out their profiles and try a lesson if you’re ready to rank up quick! And now that Enrix is in Diamond, he’s working on the next step… Watch his ADC Montage right here!

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