Common Mistakes Made in Overwatch

9 Common Mistakes Players Make

Overwatch has a great deal of complexity in it. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. The complexity of the game is only enhanced when you add the human element. Good players find a way to play up their strengths while taking advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses. To help you become a better player here are some common mistakes to avoid.

1 –  Standing Still

Standing still may help your aim, but it helps your enemy’s aim too. You can lose a great chunk of health if you take a hit and could die instantly if shot by a charged sniper. When you see someone standing still, take advantage of that moment to get a quick kill off.

2 – Making Plans Around One Hero

The worst mistake you can make is having a plan which hinges on a single hero or ability. When that key aspect fails, the entire plan falls apart. Going orisa to pull off a Bastion’s pirate ship and missing the pull every time isn’t effective. Make sure that plans used have viable failure routes so that if/when it does fail your team has a contingency.

3 – Assuming Theory Works

Overwatch has many factors and one of those is that the enemy will counter in ways you haven’t thought of. Take for example telling your McCree to set up a high noon after a shatter, but your McCree and Mercy become spawn trapped by an enemy Soldier.

Whether through a gap in skill or simple circumstance, sometimes your plans cannot be executed. When this happens you should consider swapping to something that will work with this new set of circumstances. Teammates with lower skill levels than others are very common. A good player will play around these weaknesses.

4 – Swapping

When thinking of swapping, consider this: if you have a 70% win rate on Tracer and someone with 30% asks to play her, don’t give it to them. Playing to your team’s needs also needs also means not working against them.

5 – Not Swapping

It may seem odd given what I just said but it’s true. When your team is lacking in DPS, switching should be considered. Failure to play to the team’s needs is one of the biggest reasons games are lost.

Both swapping and not swapping are highly situational. Knowing when to swap and when not to is what separates the good player from the bad.

6 – Not Using Team Chat

99.99% of the games in which teams communicate go smoother than when they don’t. If people are toxic, warn them, then mute them but give them that warning first. Many games are lost because of miscommunication.

7 – Misusing Your Ultimate

Misusing an ultimate is the biggest mistake that a player can make. Using blade when they have trance or using visor when they have beat or D.Va in mech are all mistakes and the list goes on. A Grandmaster player uses their ults to best counter those of the enemy.

8 – Not Coordinating With Your Team

Coordinate with your teammates to attack an objective.Use the tanks as a meat shield if you have low health. Plan cooldowns to better enhance play. Ask for a matrix, ask for Lucio speed etc. There is a reason Overwatch is a team game.

9 – Complaining

Always remember overwatch is a 6v6 team game. Even if your teammates aren’t as skilled as you, the enemy can be in the same boat. A good player looks for ways to work around their team’s weaknesses, not complain about them.

“Look for teammates to help, not for enemies to kill” – PvPTwitch