December Fortnite Weapon Grades

Welcome the Gamer Sensei December Fortnite Weapon Grades list. This list was put together with the help of three of our best Fortnite coaches. We will be updating this list each month to reflect the latest patch changes. 

WeaponRarityGS GradeShinshi GradeAllou GradeConvertible Grade
Assault Rifle LegendaryS+SS+S+
Submachine Gun p90 LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Heavy Shotgun LegendaryS+SS+S+
Double Barrel Shotgun LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Heavy Sniper Rifle LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Rocket Launcher LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Grenade Launcher LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Heavy Assault Rifle RareS+S+S-S+
Heavy Assault Rifle EpicS+S+SS+
Heavy Assault Rifle LegendaryS+SS+S+
Pump Shotgun LegendaryS+S+S+S+
Pump Shotgun EpicSSSS+
Assault Rifle EpicSSSS-
Suppressed Assault Rifle LegendarySS-S-A+
Submachine Gun p90 EpicSSSS-
Double Barrel Shotgun EpicSSSS-
Heavy Sniper Rifle EpicSSSS-
Rocket Launcher EpicSSSS-
Grenade Launcher EpicSSSS-
Stink BombLegendarySSSS+
Suppressed Assault Rifle EpicS-S-SA+
Heavy Shotgun EpicS-S-SS-
Grenade Launcher RareS-S-S-S-
Assault Rifle RareA+A+A+S-
Pump Shotgun RareA+A+A+S+
Hunting RIfle RareA+AA+A+
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle EpicA+A+A+A+
Assault Burst Rifle EpicABA+A+
Submachine Gun RareAAAA
Pump Shotgun UncommonAAAA
Assault Burst Rifle LegendaryA-A-A-A+
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle RareA-A-AA-
Assault Rifle UncommonA-A-AB
Hunting Rifle UncommonA-A-AA-
Hand Cannon LegendaryB+S+CB-
Hand Cannon EpicB+S+CC+
Assault Rifle CommonB+BA-B
Scoped Assault Rifle EpicBCBB+
Submachine Gun UncommonBBBB
Suppressed Pistol EpicBBBA+
Suppressed Pistol RareBBBA-
Minigun LegendaryBBCB
Minigun EpicBBCB
Scoped Assault Rifle RareB-CBB-
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle LegendaryB-BCB-
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle EpicB-BCB-
Tactical Shotgun RareB-A-C+B-
Tactical Shotgun UncommonC+BCC+
Assault Burst Rifle RareCCA+A+
Assault Burst Rifle UncommonCCCC
Submachine Gun CommonCCCC
Tactical Shotgun CommonCCCC
Pistol UncommonD+DDB-
Six Shooter RareD+DDC+
Six Shooter EpicD+DDB-
Assault Burst Rifle CommonDDDD
Six Shooter UncommonDDDC