A Deckbuilding Journey: Wild Odd Paladin

Odd Paladin has been a tier 1 deck in wild for a very long time. But it’s not getting the recognition it deserves. Today I want to share with you how to build your odd paladin deck to compete with the best!


Odd Paladin Core

The wild version of Odd Paladin just has access to so incredible cards there isn’t much room to play around with, but the flexible deck slots that it has are very important. I won’t go over the core cards too much as they are all very self-explanatory in that they are just great paladin cards. The one I do want to mention is the inclusion of Loatheb in the core as I and many others believe the card is incredibly underrated by many who play this deck on ladder.


The main reason Loatheb is often not included is that many standard players play Odd Paladin in Wild due to the overall low crafting cost of the wild cards of the deck excluding Loatheb.


Deck Tech Decisions.

There are many different ways you can fill up the remaining deck slots.




Avenge or Competitive Spirit can both be used very well in your build of Odd Paladin. While they serve vastly different strategies the strength of including these in your build can improve the deck a lot. Another card people sometimes include is Noble Sacrifice though I don’t like that as much as the other options.


In the 1-Mana slot of minions there is a world of possibilities. Ranging from a build with Mech minions like Glow-Tron and Mecharoo, to elementals such as Fire Fly and Glacial Shard. Other inclusions I could recommend are Dire Mole, Acherus Veteran or even the spell Blessing of Might can be considered.




In the weapon slot of the deck, there is an argument to both Rallying blade or Unidentified Maul. The decision between these two cards mostly lies in what kind of decks are common in the meta. In a meta with a lot of odd rogue or control style decks Rallying blade will vastly outperform Unidentified Maul, but if you face a lot of other token style aggressive decks Unidentified Mauls effects can work in your favor as well.


The 3-Mana slot is heavily contested for minions. The most popular options are Stonehill Defender and Raid Leader. Some of the lesser known options are Blood Knight or Owl which I personally prefer due to the situational strength.

Another great option is Void Ripper. The only matchup you really want this one for is Druid, but it helps so much getting through your opponents Spreading Plagues.


There is only one spell you want to play at 3 mana which is Divine Favor. I didn’t include it into the core as there are a lot of builds that don’t include this card anymore but it has long been a staple in most paladin decks.




In the 5 mana slot, there are 3 main options.

  • Leeroy Jenkins. The best finisher this deck has to offer but doesn’t help out as much with your overall gameplan. Shines in matchups such as Renolock which is notoriously bad but has a place in the deck in certain metas.
  • Fungalmancer. One more board building tool, my least favorite of the three options. I included it here since many builds do play it though I believe it is mainly the standard players visiting Wild that do.
  • Giggling Inventor. Arguably the single best card in Hearthstone right now. While the 5 mana slot is quite saturated in Wild, most decks will find a place to include this happy girl.




Even though 1 copy of Vinecleaver is already included in the Core of the deck there are times you’ll want to play two of these. Mainly in the matchups that will go long such as against druid or warlock having these extra threats in your deck can be greatly beneficial.


As for minions, there are once again 3 main options, there is, however, the option to play none of the 7 mana cards in your list instead.

  • Corridor Creeper. While nerfed a long time ago by now, the card is still decent in even paladin. Having no trouble making this 0 mana it really improves the aggressive matchups you might be facing on ladder.
  • Dr. Boom. The old school favorite Dr. Boom is a card you can only play in very few decks at the moment, but paladin is one of them. A great threat against all midrange opponents and often unexpected by your opponents.
  • Stormwind Champion. A pick also coming from the budget players but has since been included by many of the high ranked wild players. It has a similar style to Dr. Boom but it is a must-remove which many decks have a lot of trouble with. Protection against swipe, possibly defile and other clears makes this card a great inclusion in many builds of the deck.


Completed Decklist

With Odd Paladin being played so rarely I wanted to leave you with the most popular build on Hsreplay. The deck features the list I would recommend everyone to start out with and build from to your own preference.


I want to thank you all for reading this far and send you off with the recommendation to give this deck a shot. It has long been one of the most consistent decks out there and I believe it will help you climb to the highest ranks of Wild once you get comfortable with the deck. For more find my next article here on Gamersensei or on Twitter at @HSCoached