Diamonds and the Rough: Best & Worst Class Cards of Un’Goro!

It’s been a crazy few weeks… Now we’re into the early stages of the Un’Goro meta, and there’s a lot of interesting cards being played that were overlooked in early set reviews. While some of the strongest cards are obvious, there are sleepers here that you might actually have flipped past in your collection without a thought. As always, there’s too much to address in just one article so I’ll be looking at just the best and worst class cards for now. Let’s get started!

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Best Card: Verdant Longneck

File:Verdant Longneck(52583).png


This one might come as a surprise! A solid 5/4 body with Adapt, plus being a Beast makes this unassuming common one of the best cards in Aggro Druid. This list was pretty weak before Journey to Un’Goro, but seems like a decent tier two choice at the moment. This dinosaur combos well with Elder Longneck, Giant Anaconda, and Celestial Dreamer, plus is a great setup for Menagerie Warden the following turn!


Worst Card: Jungle Giants

File:Jungle Giants(55538).png


The Druid Quest is decent, but tough to accomplish considering the need to play lots of late-game minions. So far nothing competitive has emerged that makes use of this card: you would need to rely on ramp considering that decent 5-Attack creatures usually cost at least 5 mana. This sort of slow and uninteractive deck will struggle against common aggro lists like Zoo Warlock, Pirate Warrior, and Quest or Miracle Rogue!




Best Card: Crackling Razormaw

File:Crackling Razormaw(55500).png


A 3/2 body for 2 mana is already really good at grabbing board control early. Being a Beast and coming with Adapt for a buddy makes this card far better! It’s already being seen in potent Midrange Hunter decks… We haven’t seen a ton of aggro, but this card is certainly fit for that variant as well!


Worst Card: Terrorscale Stalker

File:Terrorscale Stalker(55505).png


With Sylvanas rotating out of the meta, there aren’t too many neutral Deathrattle minions. In general, this card is worse than Spiritsinger Umbra since you need a Deathrattle already on board to get value. Definitely keep an eye on the Stalker though, the next expansion could bring us more tools to work with!




Best Card: Primordial Glyph

File:Primordial Glyph(55552).png


This card has already been seen in many different Mage decks, including Tempo, Combo, Secret, and Freeze variants. There are a lot of good spells for each situation, like burst damage (Fireball, Frostbolt), mass removal (Flamestrike, Blizzard), or safety (Ice Barrier, Ice Block). Most cards that you Discover can be used right away or within the next turn given the cost reduction. It’s also good when Mana Wyrm or Sorcerer’s Apprentice is already on board for huge tempo!


Worst Card: Pyros



All the new Mage cards are pretty good, so it’s tough to pick Pyros as the worst. Still, I think it takes this spot because it never has any interaction besides its body and is very slow to get full value at 6 and then 10 mana. It should be played as your lowest priority if you don’t have cards to cycle, set up Secrets, or play other minions. Elemental Mage is playable in the meta and this card shines there, but it’s just not as powerful as the combo decks.




Best Card: Hydrologist



So far the new Paladin cards have been very disappointing. However, we do have a lot of support for support for Murloc Paladin, and Hydrologist is a great roleplayer for that deck. It has a solid 2/2 body with a Discover Battlecry that keeps you ahead on tempo. Expect to play a lot of games involving this card!


Worst Card: Lost in the Jungle

File:Lost in the Jungle(55495).png


This card is pretty close to unplayable, because the 1/1 bodies are just too easy to deal with. It’s very hard to justify playing a card of this sort unless you’re really going all-in on aggressive strategies. Buff Paladin and Murloc Paladin are the two main variants in the metagame, and this card just doesn’t fit either of these decks. We’ve seen some hints of a future theme deck around Silver Hand Recruits, so maybe this card could be viable someday – but not today.




Best Card: Shadow Visions

File:Shadow Visions(55463).png


This is a strong card when built around, since you’re almost guaranteed to discover a removal spell like Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Death, or Dragonfire Potion. It’s best on turn two with nothing else to play, unless you’re really desperate. If you are running combo Priest, you can also use it to dig for the Inner Fire, Divine Spirit, Silence, or Purify that will spell victory!


Worst Card: Binding Heal

File:Binding Heal(55540).png


This doesn’t take the title of absolute worst Priest card, since it’s still a lot better than Flash Heal. Don’t mistake that as a reason to run this card in any deck! It’s extremely situational and will rarely prove its worth (although it combos well with Northshire Cleric and Wild Pyromancer). The only way this card should ever be seen is randomly from Lyra the Sunshard!




Best Card: The Caverns Below

File:The Caverns Below(55481).png


This is a card that went through a dramatic re-appraisal: it’s super easy to complete the Quest because you can combo a Swashburglar or Novice Engineer with effects that return a minion to your hand. The lists making their way around Legend contain six cards (Shadowstep, Youthful Brewmaster, and Gadgetzan Ferryman) that can do it. With a perfect draw, it’s even possible to complete the Quest on turn 4! In my opinion, this deck might even be strong enough that a nerf is necessary; in any case, Cavern Rogue is tier 1 for now!


Worst Card: Obsidian Shard

File:Obsidian Shard(55587).png


Another fine card without a home. Since Burgle is out of the standard format, I don’t expect much from this. Besides that, weapon cards have not been seen in Rogue for quite a while. Maybe this mechanic will get more tools in the next expansion?




Best Card: Kalimos, Primal Lord

File:Kalimos, Primal Lord(55473).png


This is definitely the best Shaman card, since it has good stats for 8 mana and the Invocation Battlecry gives you lots of options. All four of the Invocations are fantastic in different situations, and we’re already seeing this card in pretty competitive Control Shaman lists. All other things being equal, the Air Invocation is definitely the strongest!


Worst Card: Air Elemental

File:Air Elemental(55549).png


Creatures with just 1 Health are weak in general, but especially in this meta. This little guy is good at avoiding death by Mage’s Hero Power, but it still dies to a lot of spells, weapons, and minions. I’d consider it totally unplayable in Constructed, but maybe worth a glance in Arena.




Best Card: Ravenous Pterrordax

File:Ravenous Pterrordax(55510).png


This is another awesome common that’s already seeing play. It fits naturally into the Zoo Warlock deck, as you have lots of expendable minions to eat in exchange for double Adapt. This is a really good 4-drop considering it’s already a 4/4 – it gets even better when you’re chowing down on a friendly Devilsaur Egg!


Worst Card: Chittering Tunneler

File:Chittering Tunneler(55571).png


This card is tough to evaluate: the Discover effect is good, but if you want a pricey spell like Twisting Nether then be prepared to pay a lot of life. In a Zoo or Control deck, you’ll want to use your Life Tap often and probably can’t afford this much pain. Lastly, there are basically no cards that care about this being a Beast. Another one for the next expansion?




Best Card: Fire Plume’s Heart

File:Fire Plume's Heart(55523).png


This Quest is excellent, as the weapon and Ragnaros Hero Power are both incredibly powerful and synergize well with a defensive decklist. There are lots of great Taunt minions in the game now, especially with new additions like Direhorn Hatchling. This is the card that really makes Taunt Warrior!


Worst Card: Tar Lord

File:Tar Lord(55535).png


Yeah, an 11 Health body is impressive, but it can’t really kill minions when it’s your turn! In my opinion, this is way too slow to play considering that your opponent can usually deal with it with spells. It does make a certain sense in a Taunt Warrior deck, but there are better Taunt minions in the game and this one shouldn’t be played much.
That’s it for my look at the best and worst class cards from Journey to Un’Goro! We still have a lot of time to explore what’s possible in the metagame, but there are plenty of cool skill-testing decks available at the moment. I hope you discovered an interesting idea or two, and avoided the unhappiness of including mediocre cards in your new lists! Stay tuned for more Un’Goro content soon!

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