Dreamhack Denver Winner: Team Gamer Sensei

We did it: the Dreamhack Denver Winner is Team Gamer Sensei! And we didn’t just win, we dominated the entire event!

Dreamhack Denver was Gamer Sensei’s debut as a competitive team. We selected three of the Top Hearthstone coaches on the Gamer Sensei platform. And – for the first-time ever in the history of Hearthstone – we also created a dedicated team coach, who was also a top Gamer Sensei instructor.

Dreamhack Denver Winne: Ike Takes Down the Tournament

Our Results: Dreamhack Domination

– Team Gamer Sensei’s Ike took 1st Place, running the event as the only undefeated player at unbelievable 13-0.
– Our Sensei’s Rosty took 3rd Place, losing in the final playoffs to – you guessed it – his own teammate Ike!
– And Team Gamer Sensei’s Luker also had a commanding performance, easily finishing in the Top 50.

We’re so proud of our entire team! In addition to doing an amazing job of representing Gamer Sensei, they played like true champions. And most importantly, they dominated the event with an unprecedented performance!
Dreamhack Denver Winner: Our Team Gamer Sensei

How did we win? The players credited their performance to the personal and team coaching provided by Gamer Sensei’s own FKIShadow, who led the team tirelessly to victory. Because of his guidance, our team’s performance was the single best showing for a new Hearthstone team, ever!

Dreamhack Denver Winner: Wrapping Up

Overall, it was an unbelievable event for Gamer Sensei. And we’re proud to showcase the amazing talent we have on platform. In addition, we thank you all for being part of the Gamer Sensei family! Now it’s time to keep an eye on Team Gamer Sensei, as we’ll be dominating more events soon!

And don’t forget, everyone of our team members are coaches on Gamer Sensei. So you too can grab lessons with these top pros, here:
Get coached by IKE here.
Book ROSTY here.
Learn from LUKER here.
Book head coach FKISHADOW here.