Druid in Standard: Everything you’ll ever need to know and more.

Today we are happy to share with you, the all you need to know guide to Druid. Brought to you by Meati, Sipiwi and myself. Druid has long been one of the best classes in Hearthstone and this expansion is no exception. Today we want to help you learn more about Combo druid and the variations on it. Sipiwi and Meati have put on insane results over the past months both reaching top 10 legend and even finishing in the top 100 and top 25 respectively last month. In the latest Hearthstone expansion provided a few new tools to make Combo Druid become a more mainstream deck. Dreampetal Florist reduces the cost of a minion in your hand by 7 which makes the combo much easier to pull off. The other tool is Flobbidinous Floop which really took the deck to a new level.


Decklist explained.

All Druid decks currently should use the same shell of 19 core cards. From there, there are four paths you can take. The paths we’ll be explaining today are the three of the main four builds in Malygos and Togwaggle Druid and the hybrid list used by Hunterace at the Fall Preliminaries. Alternatively, you could build the deck as token druid which also uses the same 19 core cards but has a very different playstyle.



For Malygos Druid you include the combo package of 6 cards. Two Moonfires, Flobbidinous Floop, Twig of the World Tree, Alexstrasza and of course Malygos. This leaves you 5 slots to play around with and improve the matchups you face.


For Togwaggle Druid you use the core and add the combo package of 6 cards. Two Naturalizes, Twig of the World Tree, Dreampetal Florist, King Togwaggle and Azalina Soulthief. This leaves you with 5 slots as well to play around with.



Meati’s Thoughts on Tech Cards

1) Mind Control Tech is the best choice statistically. It’s great vs Druids, Quest Rogues, AND Deathrattle Hunter which are some of the decks worst matchups.

2) Naturalise is the 2nd best choice statistically, providing high-tempo removal. Particularly good vs Druids on the turn after they cast Ultimate Infestation, as the mirror match usually ends in fatigue and milling cards is a great way to get ahead in the value battle.

3) Ferocious Howl is the 3rd best choice statistically, helping you cycle through your deck to find your good cards faster.

4) The Oaken Summons package could be considered. Though this is mainly recommended for a King Togwaggle build of the deck. This is to avoid losing out on your Flobbidinous Floop in a build of Malygos Druid.


Besides these Malygos Druid also has the option to combine the packages together.


  • Dreampetal Florist is a tempting tech card for Malygos Druid but isn’t recommended without running the full hybrid package. It makes your combo much easier to pull off but in the pure malygos version can’t be recommended as it doesn’t improve your rough matchups enough.
  • King Togwaggle and Azalina Soulthief synergizes well with Dreampetal Florist and are really good choices against opponents who can armor out of range of your combo (Druid and Warrior).


Sipiwi’s Choice

Deck code:


I have always been a fan of decks that try to survive and win in the late game rather than decks that go for a fast win. Togwaggle Druid is exactly this deck, and it is even more interesting because the way you win is different each game. You have several different combos (swapping decks, bursting with fatigue damage, simply surviving) and you will have decisions even after you pull of your combo because you don’t win on the spot.

It is a downside that you don’t win on the spot like Malygos Druid, but the deck is still one of the best (the best?) decks in the game because of how few combo pieces the deck has. It is very consistently surviving and removing the opponents’ threats.

I really like the list that uses Mind Control Techs and Giggling Inventors. These cards are harder to use than Oaken Summons because you can set them up, play them for tempo, or hold them back to gain more value. They also give Flobbidinous Floop more options, which makes the card a lot stronger.


Meati’s Choice

Deck code:


I love this deck because of its insane power level, high skill cap, and versatility. Powerful midrange decks with OTK combo potential have always been the best decks throughout Hearthstone’s history (Patron Warrior, Raza Priest, Combo Priest) and Malygos Druid is no different.


Defining the win conditions


Common variations of this combo are:

1) Malygos + 2 Moonfire = 12 damage
2) Floop Malygos + 2 Moonfire + Swipe = 21 damage
3) Malygos + Break Twig + 2 Swipe + 2 Moonfire = 30 damage
4) Malygos + Break Twig + Floop Malygos + Swipe + 2 Moonfire = 36 damage



Togwaggle druid has 3 ways to win:

  1. Full combo. This requires King Togwaggle, Azalina Soulthief and an activation of Dreampetal Florist or Breaking Twig of the World Tree ideally you use a Naturalize with this to copy more resources with Azelina Soulthief.
  2. Togwaggle and two Naturalizes. The main moment to do this is when you have drawn every card from your deck. This gives you 15 damage burst which is often how you’ll end the game against classes like Warlock or Hunter who put up too much pressure for you to use the entire combo. Alternatively, you can fill up your opponent’s hand and then use King Togwaggle to complete the switching of decks if you have few resources remaining in your deck.
  3. Tempo playing Azalina. This one is the hardest to pull off correctly. A helpful tip is to make sure they have drawn more than you, consider if you can combine it with naturalize, look at how many cards he has in hand, and decide how strong your hand is.
  • Realise you are behind in a game and that you’ll likely lose if you don’t do something soon.
  • Use up the resources in your hand up aggressively to get ahead on board or mana.
  • Play Azalina Soulthief when the board state is the best it will be for you and try to win with the resources your opponent’s hand will give you.
  • In some matchups, this is your main win condition because the deck has great answers to itself. Token Druid is an example because they will often hold back Swipes and Plagues.


Sipiwi’s thoughts on Togwaggle druid

Togwaggle Druid is easy to play but very hard to master. It is easy to ramp and play your Ultimate Infestation and this will win a lot of games. But even the most skilled players struggle to gain the last percentages out of this deck. Why is it so hard?


It is hard because you have to understand how far you can push things which takes a lot of experience to get right. Cards such as Spreading Plague, Mind Control Tech and your other removal tools will get a lot of opportunities to be used. It’s up to you to figure out if you can afford to use your cards in certain situations. How many more turns do you need to pull off the combo? Do you have enough life to survive the combo turn itself? How do you best set up for it while also winning the game later on?


To end this we want to give you a recommendation we hope you follow up on. Be sure to give the deck a try. Once you get the hang of it you have access to one of the best decks in Hearthstone right now. If you want more tips and tricks check out my other Hearthstone posts here.


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