Duo Tactics: 4 Quick Tips to Improve!

Study Up & Hone Your Duo Play!

Every PUBG mode requires a different approach if you’re aiming for a high finish… And the duo queue is one of the most competitive! When you’re out in Erangel with just one buddy to cover your back, you’ve got to make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t wind up dead to miscommunication or other simple mistakes – keep these tips in mind and you’ll be ready to fight until the finish! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Duo Tip #1: Make a Plan – Together!

How many times have you died because your partner wasn’t covering the angle you expected? You’ll run into problems if you’re both fixated on the same tree, rock, or other piece of cover. Try to spread out – just a bit – so you each have separate cover and a different view of any incoming enemies. It’s also crucial in duo mode to decide where you’re heading and what your game plan is. You need to determine whether you want to be more aggressive or passive… Do you go for the risky high-loot areas right away? Or stick to a lower-loot area so that you both stay alive? With that in mind, you then need to determine if you’re going to follow the sound of bullets or if you’re going to play the edge of the circle as it comes in. A great strategy is to get some good loot from a less popular area and then kill your way into the loot you need.

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Duo Tip #2: Support Each Other!

When playing in duos, make your weapons of preference known. If your partner leans 7.62mm and you’re a 5.56 player, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding enough ammo. On the other hand, if you’re using the same ammo type make sure you’re constantly doing ammo checks! It’s also important to distribute meds evenly: you don’t want to make a daring attempt to rescue your downed teammate only to hear “Can I get a first aid? I don’t have any.” If you’re still under fire at that point, you’re probably both dead! The issue is that you now have to look at your inventory to drop loot instead of killing the people who downed your teammate in the first place. In the worst case, they might even be repositioning for a better shot while you’re messing around in your bags… Make sure you know what your partner is short on, and split up the loot as best you can. The same applies for scopes, attachments, armor, backpacks, helmets, and every aspect of loot in duo mode! You should be calling out things you need as well as what you find, so your partner knows where to look and vice versa. Remember to use the INSERT key on your keyboard to instantly mark the location of a juicy item for your pal!

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Duo Tip #3: Coordinate, Coordinate!

Are you having a hard time figuring out when to push? Do you often get killed while trying to pick up your partner? Well PUBG is a pretty intense game! You won’t have any suppressing fire and you’ll be bombarded with grenades and bullets if you choose the wrong moment for your play. In duos, you need to know how to shoot… but also how to position yourself and when NOT to pick up your downed partner. So how do you manage all that? You’ll never really “know” until you’ve got more than a hundred hours in the game, but some tips will help speed up that clock. One of the most important is that if you don’t have a long distance scope (at least 4x), you’ll want to avoid combat until you’re within about 150 meters. And unless you’re certain you can get a kill solo, make sure that you’re both coordinating fire. You don’t wanna miss a critical shot and give away your position for no reason! Now on to the advanced final tips…

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Duo Tip #4: Be Ready to Make the Sacrifice!

Firefights are especially skill-testing in duo play… After every few shots, you’ll want to move to get a different angle on your opponents. If an enemy goes down and you know where the other is, you can be a bit more aggressive to take down the remaining player. Another option is for one of you to slow push closer while the other offers covering fire. This is just basic positioning, but it’s surprising how few people know it! Lastly, it’s all about knowing when NOT to go for the revive on your teammate. Some times to avoid picking up your partner include: the first time they go down (they have a lot of time before they bleed out), when they’re downed out in the open, when they’re still being shot at, and when they’re outside the safe zone.

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You always want to make sure that you can see where the other enemies are when your teammate goes down. After you know where they are, find a safe position and grab your buddy. If you can’t do that, don’t pick up your teammate – finish the enemies first. When your teammate is crawling around outside the safe zone, you need to think fast. If it’s the 4% zone but they’re right near the edge, you might still be able to save them. If this isn’t the case, DO NOT PICK THEM UP. The 4% per second damage circle is brutal… You have to be willing to fight on alone, because you’ll take 40 damage minimum to revive. In this situation, consider shooting your teammate so you can salvage their armors and other supplies. This might seem savage, but this is the Ultimate Life or Death Fight!

That’s it! Go get ruthless!

This should be enough information to jumpstart the process of improvement, so get out there and eat some chicken!

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