The Easter Egg Hunt… for Promo Codes!

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

We’ve created our very own Easter Egg Hunt for you guys:

Over 50 Easter-related promo codes are waiting for you to find right this second. These codes will grant you anywhere between 200 – 20,000 FREE BONUS POINTS on top of any Sensei Point bundle you purchase!

Some codes will work for the first 100 people to guess and use them, others will only work for the very first person!

  • All codes are Easter-themed
  • Code format: no spaces, all CAPS, and between 3 and 15 characters – e.g. “EASTEREGGHUNT”
  • Enter promo codes at Point Bundle Purchase screen from your Wallet on your profile, or when making a booking with a coach – look for the “I have a promo code” button underneath your bundle selection!
  • Promo codes accepted until the clock strikes 12, Easter night! (aka 12 am 04/17/16 Eastern Time)

Happy hunting!

-The Gamer Sensei Team