Enter the Rift: Rakan Champion Preview

Hey Summoners! With the next patch for League of Legends, Riot Games is planning to do their first double champion release – Xayah, the Rebel and Rakan, the Charmer! These two are designed to be played together and are both seemingly incredible teamfighters whose spells are more effective when used alongside one another. This article will examine Rakan, the support half of this adorable couple. We’ll discuss his abilities and suggest some runes, masteries, builds which might perform well. We prepared articles for each hero of the love-struck duo – you can find analysis and theorycrafting for Xayah at the link here!



Abilities & Analysis


If you ever wanted to make fancy plays as a support, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to do so given the common champion picks. With Rakan joining the League of Legends, this is surely going to change! With a little learning curve and a kit full of mobility, he will speed right through the Rift and into our hearts! But let’s start things slow and take a look at his abilities. His Passive, Fey Feathers, grants him a [33-254] (+90% AP) health shield every [40-16] seconds. Hitting enemy champions reduces this cooldown by 1 second each time. This incentivizes poking despite his relatively poor range and should lead to some crazy lane plays!


Rakan’s (Q), Gleaming Quill, is a long-range skillshot that deals 70/115/160/205/250 (+50% AP) magic damage. If it hits an enemy champion or epic monster, he restores [23-150] (+70% AP) health to himself and any allies nearby. This provides some compensation for his low range and will help sustain him and Xayah in lane. Aim carefully!


With the Grand Entrance (W), Rakan dashes to a location, knocking up all enemies for one second and dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+50% AP) magic damage. This is a pretty powerful crowd control for a Support champ, and should set up followup with other partners or Jungle ganks. It lets you get in free hits to lower the cooldown on your Passive and also synergizes extremely well with Rakan’s next ability…



Battle Dance (E) lets Rakan dash to the side of a nearby allied champion, granting a 50/85/120/155/190 (+80% AP) health shield. This ability has a longer range when targeting Xayah, so you can escape from desperate situations as long as your beloved is within sight! It can also be re-cast within the next five seconds, letting you reposition as needed to shield another low-health ally.


Lastly, Rakan has an extremely unconventional ultimate ability. Using The Quickness (R) grants 50% movement speed for four seconds; during this time, touching enemies deals 100/200/300 (+50% AP) magic damage and charms them for 1/1.25/1.5 second(s). There are a lot of ways to make use of this, like defending teammates as they retreat before yourself departing with Battle Dance! Alternatively, dive in and scatter the enemy as your team aggressively follows up!



Now let’s jump into the Rift with some pros and cons, starting with his obvious strength: his mobility!


Rakan’s Battle Dance – combined with the potent engage from Grand Entrance – give him the ability to quickly dance between the frontline and the backline. Battle Dance can be used as a gap-closer (when allies are near), a disengage, or to keep his teammates alive. His ultimate, The Quickness, also opens up many possibilities for the player; either you want to combo it up with Grand Entrance to catch an enemy out of position or use it to simply peel foes off your backline.


All that said, let’s take a look at his downsides: when playing against Rakan, you really want to punish his laning phase. That’s where his kit has the most weaknesses: his low range plus high cooldowns and lack of AoE result in an inability to really effectively poke his opponents. In lane, he relies on hitting champions with Gleaming Quill to heal his AD Carry, which should be easily dodged by enemies. But what happens if some party crashers (commonly known as ‘Junglers’) join in on the fun?


While being pushed back, the only thing you really need to worry about is a tower dive. Here, I think, Rakan has massive outplay potential if his spells are off cooldown! Having the ability to heal (Q) , shield/reposition (E) twice, and delay the gank with a knockup or charm (W/R), gives him a ton of tools to turn it around. Before diving Rakan, you need to make sure that at least some of his spells are on cooldown! When joined by an allied Jungler, Rakan can quickly set up a double kill due to the movement speed given by The Quickness and the crowd control of Grand Entrance!


Overall, it’s safe to say that Rakan is a Support who will get a lot of opportunities to interact. Mastering him will mean taking advantage of those opportunities very decisively so you don’t get completely run over! Before jumping into runes, masteries and possible builds I want to sum up Rakan’s strengths:


  • High mobility
  • Excellent skills to set up ganks
  • Strong skirmisher
  • Strong teamfighter
  • Good defensive base stats
  • Good scaling with AP and Cooldown Reduction


And I’ll do the same for his weaknesses:

  • Weak laner
  • Short range, high cooldowns
  • Low pushing power
  • Low mana sustain
  • Very susceptible to hard crowd control


Builds, Runes and Masteries


For masteries, I would run a standard 0/18/12 heal/shield Support page with the keystone Windspeaker’s Blessing, similar to Nami, Soraka, and so on.

Meditation helps keep up your mana sustain, Intelligence to capitalize on low lategame cooldowns, and Runic Armor to optimize good lategame scaling. I could also imagine 0/12/18 being viable, going for Stoneborn Pact combined with Ardent Censer, but in my opinion this build will probably turn out to be stronger.


For runes I have some initial ideas to experiment with:


Here’s a basic rune page for when you have to deal with aggressive enemy supports:

  • 9 Armor Marks,
  • 9 Health Seals,
  • 5 Ability Power Glyphs and 4 Mana Regen. Glyphs,
  • 2 Magic Resist Quintessences,
  • and 1 Ability Power Quintessence.


An alternative rune page for a more aggressive playstyle (maybe alongside a stronger lane partner):

  • 9 Magic Penetration Marks,
  • 9 Health Seals,
  • 9 Ability Power Glyphs,
  • 2 Armor Quintessences,
  • and 1 Ability Power Quintessence.


And finally, a rune page for laning against passive enemy supports (like Janna / Soraka):

  • 9 Armor Marks,
  • 9 Health Seals,
  • 9 Ability Power Glyphs,
  • 2 Ability Power Quintessences,
  • and 1 Mana Regen. Quintessence.


I believe the basic build for Rakan will look similar to a Nami’s or maybe Sona’s. The following are suggestions, as I’ve seen a lot of different builds tried out. The inherent versatility of Rakan’s skillset means many things are possible!


I would guess those are likely to be the core items for Rakan, but here are some others you can choose to suit the game:

Athene’s Unholy Grail – Offers good combat stats and another heal with its Unique Passive.

Frost Queen’s Claim

Mikael’s Crucible – Another defensive tool.

Zeke’s Harbinger – Great to snowball alongside an ADC lead.

Knight’s Vow – Especially combined with Ruby Sightstone and Redemption!

Zz’Rot Portal


Final Thoughts


Rakan dashing into Summoner’s Rift brings an awesomely unique playstyle to the Support champion pool. He’s a great all-rounder, since his abilities can be used to be aggressive or defensive as the situation requires. His early weaknesses will be long forgotten once laning phase is over and he dances through chaotic teamfights, always keeping an eye on his beloved ‘Rebel’ Xayah. As a support main, I personally cannot wait for him to be released! Thanks for reading! Now get into the Rift and get ready to explore your own way of playing Rakan!


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