Even Paladin: A Deckbuilding Journey

The Most Powerful Paladin Archetype in Recent Times

With the nerfs coming later this month, I wanted to share one of the most powerful Paladin archetypes of recent times; Even Paladin. This is the last chance to play it before its power level is significantly reduced. Let’s get into it!

Deck Core

Even Paladin is quite a flexible build. There are 14 cards I would put into every build of the deck. That leaves a lot of room to fit the deck to your own wants and needs.

The main cards the deck is built around are obviously the Genn Greymane and Call to Arms. Due to the nature of the deck only running even cost cards, it makes the power level of Call to Arms significantly higher. This is because it pulls three 2-cost cards from your deck.

Other notable cards are Blessing of Kings and Truesilver Champion, which have always been consistently seeing play in all forms of Paladin. Also included is arguably the strongest Paladin card, Sunkeeper Tarim.  Next up, one of the best clear combinations, Equality, and Consecration. Capable of clearing almost any board and great when used separately, these cards have to find their way into the core of most mid-range Paladin decks.

Making it Your Own

There are a ton of slots available to make Even Paladin your own, with a huge variety of options.

Two Mana

Starting off with the 2 mana slot, include seven or eight more 2 mana cards on top of the Knife Jugglers. This makes our early game and Call to Arms as consistent as possible.

Draw Options: Loot Hoarder and Bloodmage Thalnos. The ability to gain card advantage with Call to Arms is great for your slower matchups. I would recommend playing these in combination with more late-game tools so you don’t run out of resources.

3 Health Minions: Vicious Scalehide, Amani Berserker, and Plated Beetle. The purpose of these cards is to improve the strength of your early game and to contest the early turns in matchups such as other Paladins, Hunter, Mage and Odd Rogues.

Other options are cards like Dire Wolf Alpha or Acidic Swamp Ooze. These aren’t played as often as the other options, however. The Swamp Ooze is great in the Paladin Mirror and can save you from difficult situations. Such as against Mage or Warlock with their respective legendary weapons.

Another option is to opt for the “Dude” package in Even Paladin with Drygulch Jailor’s and the Lightfused Stegodon. Though I have yet to see this outperform the other options mentioned above.

Four Mana

The 4 mana slot of Even Paladin is much more contested and as such has fewer tech slots due to very strong class cards. Of course, there is always space for the Spellbreaker as your silence of choice due to its Even mana cost. Many lists include one or more of these due to a large number of warlocks out there. This could very well be changed to another option for tournaments with the option to ban a class.

One of the 4 mana slots I did want to mention was the inclusion of Saronite Chain Gang, in combination with Val’anyr. First popularised before the release of the Witchwood expansion by Ike, it has since made its way into many players’ builds of Even Paladin.

This combination of cards gives you a large amount of value due to the potential repeated buffs if the targets aren’t silenced; which Saronite chain gang makes more difficult. Saronite’s Battlecry Effect; summon a copy of this minion, will also copy any buff effects it has gotten in the player’s hand. As such it will create multiple effects of Val’anyr.

Six Mana

Up at 6 mana, we have some more space to move around. For more aggressive decklists, cards like Avenging Wrath can be extremely powerful. It works very well with the earlier mentioned Equality as well. A card like Argent Commander was used for a while in very aggressive lists. It has great synergy with cards such as Val’anyr and Blessing of Kings.

An honorable mention goes out to Spikeridged Steed, while I would love to play this card in an even paladin deck, with the current amount of silences that are being played this card just isn’t effective enough.

Eight Mana

Last up is the 8 mana slot. While the most popular list of Even Paladin doesn’t play an 8 mana card, there are many lists that would gain a lot of strength from playing top end cards.

My picks for the 8 mana slot would be one of these three: The Lich King, Tirion or the Silver Sword. Each has their own time and place to shine. Look at what you are facing and decide!

Sample Deck Lists

1. Narra’s Even Paladin

The most popular list right now. Built very aggressively with all of the offensive tools, this deck is trying to pressure your opponent as much as you can as soon as you can. It has a larger weakness against a class like Priest but overall, is very well suited against Quest Rogue and other lists.

2. Magkey Dude Even Paladin

The next list I want to share with you is Magkey’s list which he brought to the Americas playoffs last weekend. It was the best performing slower Dude Paladin list I have seen so far. Having an edge in the slower matchups makes this a list worth considering!

3. Muzzy Even Paladin

Last up is Muzzy’s Even Paladin list from the Americas playoffs. The list features a combination of the Dude Paladin deck and the more aggressive build of Even Paladin, as well as the featured Vicious Scale Hides. This is one of the decks sure to get you higher up the hearthstone Ladder!


Even though Paladin will take a hit in the nerfs hitting later this month, I wanted to share this deck to give you a chance to play it to its full potential.

If you got this far, I want to thank you once again for reading. Which list do you like best? Let me know on Twitter

Until next time, Arend “Tsukaime”