Fantastic Attachments and How to Use Them!

There are over 30 weapon attachments in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and in the heated panic of Erangel it can be difficult to find the time to read the descriptions and stats of each one!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most useful and popular PUBG weapon attachments and how they differ from one another. Any attachment is better than no attachment, of course. But if you have the choice, it helps to know which one is optimal for your current loadout and weapon.

Muzzle Attachments

All muzzle attachments have their place… No one is better than any other, the decision depends on your current situation in-game!


The heavy hitter of muzzle mods, the compensator’s main use is to reduce the recoil of your weapon, while doing nothing to make your weapon more stealthy. This is perfect if you plan on getting into a lot of action and want your weapon to be as accurate as possible.


As you might expect, this reduces the sound of your weapon but does little to improve its accuracy. Different weapons still have different suppressed sounds and some are louder than others, so a suppressor can’t hide all the info. If you plan on sniping from afar, this is vital for giving you a few extra seconds before your enemy realizes where they’re being shot from!

Flash Hider

Halfway between a compensator and a suppressor, this attachment improves your weapon’s accuracy, but not as much as a compensator. It also removes the muzzle flash from your weapon, so it can confuse your opponent as they struggle to narrow down your position without a visual clue.

attachment guide


Used only for the S1897 (pump-action) and S686 (double-barrel) shotguns, the choke can turn your shotgun into a make-shift sniper rifle. Shotguns are already lethal at surprisingly long ranges, but with a choke attached it’s a force to be reckoned with! The choke reduces spread by almost 20% and increases the speed at which shots travel (aka muzzle velocity) by over 15%.


Foregrip Attachments

There are two types of foregrips in the game, angled and vertical. While they both reduce weapon recoil pattern by 20%, they do in different ways… and this can affect which weapon you want to use them on. There’s plenty of debate about which is “better” but since they operate differently it’s really about using the one most suitable for your weaponry!

Vertical Foregrip

The vertical foregrip reduces (appropriately) the vertical recoil of weapons, meaning you don’t have to pull your mouse down as much to counter the “bounce” of a firing weapon. This is perfect for guns that have lots of vertical recoil (and usually single-shot or burst-fire), like the SKS.



Angled Foregrip

The angled foregrip focuses on reducing the horizontal recoil of a weapon, not the vertical. Because horizontal recoil is more difficult to control (compared to vertical recoil), the angled foregrip is best used on weapons that use full-auto fire modes, such as the UMP9 or SCAR-L.


Sights and Scopes

Very few of the weapons in PUBG have effective iron sights, so grabbing a sight is practically vital to surviving any encounter.

Red Dot & Holographic Sights

One of the biggest matters of personal preference in PUBG is the red dot versus holographic sight. At the end of the day, you should use the one that feels most effective for you. For me, that’s the red dot sight!

The red dot attaches to nearly every weapon in the game, but most importantly it’s physically smaller than the holographic. If you compare the two, the holographic takes up valuable space on your screen. There could be enemies lurking behind the frame! Add in the simplicity of a single red dot over the busy holographic, and I think there’s no contest.

Remember, using your ‘hold breath’ key while aiming down the sights with these two attachments will also provide you with additional magnification for a short time.



4x ACOG Scope

This magnifies by four times (duh!) and can turn even an UMP9 into a makeshift sniper rifle.

The 4x ACOG scope is incredibly versatile due to its usefulness at long, medium, and close range. By contrast, a 15x scope is definitely limited to long-range encounters! If you’re unfortunate enough to only have a Level 1 backpack and are torn between grabbing a 4x or an 8x scope, it’s likely that the 4x is your best fit as it can be used in more circumstances.

4x scope

At the same time, lots of people have issues with the 4x for the same reason as the holographic – it’s too busy! Add in the inexact nature of the crosshair and there are definitely reasons to give this one a pass.

8x CQBSS Scope

The strongest scope you can find without chasing down care packages, and the perfect pairing for any sniper rifle. The only drawback is that it makes close-quarter fights difficult due to the strength of the magnification. You may find yourself having to hastily swap out the sight for a smaller one to take the fight at close range.


Any magazine attachment is better than no attachment, but it’s still helpful to know what impact it can have. Quickdraw mags will provide your weapon with a 30% increase in reload speed, which is great for those extended firefights.

The extended mag increases magazine capacity, usually by an extra 10 rounds (a massive benefit for sniper rifles). However this can be as massive as a 90+% increase in ammo capacity, like with the Vector.

PUBG mags


By and large, an extra 10 rounds is more than enough to kill another player. If you have the choice, extended mags should be taken over quickdraw.

Extended Quickdraw Mag

This is really what you’re after. Any mag is better than no mag, but this is the holy grail for any weapon. You get the benefits of both extended mag and quickdraw mag with no drawback!

Stock Attachments

Bullet Loops

This attachment is only used on shotguns, but like the quickdraw mag it decreases reload time by 30%. Reload time is less impactful for automatic weapons, but here it can be the difference between life and death!

Cheek Pad

When using assault rifles and SMGs you’re not really going to notice weapon sway. But at the extreme ranges of sniper rifles, it can have a dramatic impact! Equipping a cheek pad removes weapon sway almost entirely, so you’re the only person to blame for missing that shot!

There you have it: the most popular and effective attachments in the world of PUBG! Now you’ll know which ones should have you dancing with delight… and which to leave inside that horribly carpeted bedroom.

Still not satisfied?

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