Feature Announcement: Connect your Gamer Sensei profile with your Steam, Riot, or Battle.net account!

Hey Gamers! The Gamer Sensei team just released a new feature that allows you to connect your Gamer Sensei profile with your Steam or Battle.net account: the ability to connect with your Riot Summoner account is coming soon!


For Gamers

Connecting with Steam, Riot, or Battle.net is always optional. The features are here to make your life easier and help us offer you an enhanced learning experience! Connecting with your gaming account automatically populates your Gamer Sensei profile with the games you play, as well as any identity information which you are already sharing publicly. In upcoming feature releases, we’ll leverage these connections to match you with your perfect Sensei, measure your skill growth over time, and help you seamlessly connect across platforms!


For Sensei

Connections with Steam, Riot, or Battle.net are now required. For active Sensei coaching Steam or Riot titles, we have already connected your Gamer Sensei profile with your in-game account. All you need to do is verify the connection on your Sensei Dashboard. For Sensei coaching Blizzard titles, please link your Gamer Sensei profile with your Battle.net account by navigating to your Sensei Dashboard and clicking “Connect with Battle.net.” We’ll use these connections to highlight your most impressive in-game statistics and better inform our Sensei search algorithm!


Look for options like these “Connect … ” buttons on your Dashboard to get connected!

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