Announcement: Refer a Friend and Earn Free Lessons!

Hey Gamers: tired of carrying those low-ELO pals? Want your whole team to get on your level? Now you can double up on the coaching and score free Sensei Points – just by referring your friends! Here’s how it works…



You give your (noob) friend a custom link, where they can register an account. That friend gets 1500 free Sensei Points to ‘git gud’ with professional esports coaching! Meanwhile, you get Sensei Points for every person who registers with your code… and even more when they complete a paid lesson! Find your personalized referral link and the full list of rewards by navigating to the new ‘Get Free Lessons’ section under ‘Lessons’ on the Dashboard. Alternatively, just click right here or go to



Once there, look for your ‘Share URL.’ This is the custom link that we need to track your rewards – if your friends don’t register with this URL, we won’t be able to connect them to your account!



And make sure you use your personal link when referring friends to Gamer Sensei… not the example pictured above! Otherwise, that’s it: go get those free lessons!

As always, reach out to us using the green ‘We’re live now. Chat with us!’ button in the bottom-right corner of your screen or on Skype at ‘gamersenseiapp’ with any feedback!