Five Solo Tactics You Need to Know to Dominate PUBG

Here are five tried-and-true solo tactics for scoring your next free meal! Let’s face it: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all about victory… nothing more, nothing less. Nail-biting shootouts can only you take you so far when what you really want is that sweet, sweet chicken dinner (preferably seasoned with the salty tears of your fallen foes).

Solo Tactics #5: I AM THE HOLLOW MAN

This first solo tactic is critical to understand, as even experienced players mess this up… They play PUBG like the goal is to avoid dying! Truth is, PUBG is actually two completely different games in one: the early game, in which your goal is to quickly get as much as you can in terms of gear and kills. And the late game, in which your goal is to play more conservatively – as now surviving is much more valuable. Why? Well, in the early game there’s a ton of chaos; even experienced players can die to a room full of randoms. In the early game, you’ve also invested very little time into the match itself. This means if you die, your total cost is low – at most you’ve thrown away five minutes before the next respawn!

If your goal is chicken dinners, this means the early game should be played extremely aggressively. Drop into risky areas with better gear, seek early shootouts, and don’t be scared to make some crazy plays! If you die, then you haven’t lost much. It’s only once the dust settles that you should begin to play conservatively and take more calculated risks. This isn’t an endorsement of going “full Rambo” – that almost never works. But it’s critical to play the early game aggressively and don’t get bogged down in your late-game mindset. The worst that can happen is a fast respawn, so try to lose the fear of early engagements.

Solo Tactics #4: BAIT-AND-SWITCH

So many PUBG players treat their inventory like a dragon’s hoard: items go in, but never come out! But your inventory is a resource, just like everything else. And even something as simple as an energy drink can be used to kill. Wait? What? Time to go full Bear Grylls, because trapping is the way of the future. Find an area with good sight lines and drop that First Aid or stim on an appealing resting place – a table, for example – where it might have spawned naturally. Then watch and wait, little spider… Sooner or later, someone will see that valuable healing item and cruise on by for a pick-me-up. That’s when you score the easiest headshot of your PUBG career! Combine this solo tactic with The Hollow Man above. Play aggressive early so you have excess resources, allowing you to leverage creative advantages like this during the mid-game on. You’ll be surprised how fast you climb in rank!

Solo Tactics Vehicles


Solo Tactics #3: NO REST FOR THE DEAD

There comes a point in PUBG when it’s time to stop looting corpses. For real. As you near the final 25, the arena is small enough that gunfire attracts a lot of interest. It can be hard to break the habit of that tantalizing corpse-grab, but it’s time to stop scrounging from the dead. It’s just not worth it! By this point, you should have close to the best equipment and plenty of ammo. It’s not worth throwing away your potential dinner for another shotgun, so don’t do it. There are obviously exceptions, like if you’re in dire need of healing items. But otherwise don’t subject yourself to unnecessary risk. Whatever that player had, it’s not worth dying to claim!

Solo Tactics #2: THE SURVIVORS

Have you ever made it into the top ten, only for your nerves to kick-in big time? We all have! No matter how skilled a gamer you are, you’re still gonna feel adrenaline’s sweet kick. Often this is more a curse than a blessing… it’s easy to throw a match you could have won because the endorphin rush caused overeager, sloppy play. PUBG is such a big and open world, even as the blue closes in, most of this pressure is artificial. 

Here’s a pro solo tactic: when you find your heart rate spiking near the end of a map – stop. Find a protected space and take a few seconds to do the following: 1) Take a deep breath. 2) Readjust your hands and your sitting position so you feel as comfortable and alert as possible. 3) Double-check that health bar. If it’s not full, make it so. 4) Breathe one more time. This sounds a bit ridiculous. But the fact is, for the vast majority of players, a little ritual like this can promote clarity, focus and insight – and avoid silly, last minute mistakes.

PUBG Solo Tactics Hallway Shot

Take the time. You’ll be thankful.

Solo Tactics #1: LAST MAN STANDING

And here we are. Just you and one more warrior. This last solo tactic will help you with that final kill between you and that metaphorical roasted bird. At this point PUBG changes again: the final duel is all about information! The player who best knows where their opponent is will almost certainly triumph. This means you should be asking yourself just one question: “How do I use information to my advantage?” This is about more than map awareness. It’s about selectively providing information to the enemy.

As an example, you can fire a couple of shots randomly. This is a terrible idea in a typical PUBG match, as it’s effectively shouting “I AM HERE!” to a proverbial army. But in the final duel, this can be a legit strategy! Choosing to reveal your location can lure the opponent into an unfavorable engagement. Maybe it’s a structure you’re particularly confident about fighting in. Maybe it’s because you suspect the enemy is closing in and you want to bait out premature fire. The point is to provide information to your opponent to provoke an outcome. Another tip is to throw a frag grenade to your right, start counting, and on 3, make a beeline for your left. The sound will distract your opponent to his left while you approach on the opposite side!

Try out these suggestions. Not all the time. Not every time. More often than not you can get lucky, and score that headshot from distance. But often is not always. Think and you will win more. There are definitely way more tactics to score that banquet for one. Keep playing and see what works for you!

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