Five Tips to Start Your PUBG Match Right!

Get More Kills with These PUBG Tips!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a true test of your wits and skills – you’ll want every advantage you can get before bailing out over Erangel… Here are five pro tips that you can bring into your next match and use right away!

#1: Know Your Limits. How Far Can You Go?

When you load into the game, you’ll want to figure out where the plane is traveling to and from as soon as possible. You have some immediate choices to make, and you can only travel a certain distance after bailing out of the transport!

Method A: If you keep your aim high at the horizon and don’t pull your chute, you’ll keep your speed high and can travel approximately 1.5km (one-and-a-half yellow squares on the map).

Method B: If you chute immediately and take the long way, you’ll waste more early time but travel roughly up to 2.2-2.5km (two-and-a-half yellow squares on the map) from the plane’s path.

Check out this example image courtesy of… Yellow shading represents Method A and dark blue shading represents Method B.

PUBG plane parachute


In this example, if the plane is following the yellow line between L and M exactly, the following are true:

  • Using Method A, we can travel as far north as the southern half of Georgopol, or as far south as the bottom of Quarry.
  • Using Method B, we can travel as far north as the northern half of Georgopol, or as far south as the lower tip of Primorski.

#2: Be Aggressive… Be Be Aggressive!

When the game starts, what’s the thing that people are looking for the most? Guns. Armor. Healing.

Well, then what’s the fastest way to get the best loot? Kill players and take it! I’m not saying you should immediately launch a never-ending murder spree… Rather, when the game starts it’s best to focus on taking out whoever’s closest to you. If you get lucky and find a quick shotgun and armor, stop looting and find your enemies! If you can snag a quick kill or two, you’ve now cleared out a little space to loot safely, as well as benefiting from whatever spoils they had. This works especially well in squads because people tend to land a little bit away from their teammates, so you can utilize the “lure” of a downed teammate to pick off the rest of their team.

#3: Locate a Vehicle (if possible)!

When you’re parachuting down from the plane, take the time to look  around for an initial vehicle. You always want to have a getaway if the zone turns out to be a good distance away. It also means that if you land nearby, you can use the vehicle to run people over! That’s a quick and easy way to start the game with a few kills. But be mindful of the first two tips!

#4: Know The Blue Zone – Your Best Frenemy!

Many new players freak out as soon as the blue zones start, as if it’s going to disintegrate them instantly. Fortunately that’s not the case: the first few zones don’t do much damage. In fact, it’s much less painful than you imagine!

You really should worry about the fourth circle… it’s the one that will definitely kill you if you’re out of position! The fourth circle does 1% of your health every second in damage, so make sure you’re prepared to travel… If you’re not near the safe zone, get hoofing it! Without a vehicle or ample med supplies, you will die. Below is a summary of the circle’s behavior and timing thanks to reddit’s /u/Fugglet.

pubg circle blue zone

As you can see, you don’t have to fear the first few circles! The damage really skyrockets around circles 5 and 6. At that point you absolutely NEED a vehicle. In terms of squadplay, after circle 4 you should be prepared to leave your teammates behind if they’re downed. Unless they happen to be very close to the safe zone, it’s not worth trying to revive them. During circle 5, you can use a stim for full effect (like pills, energy drink, or adrenaline shot), and once circle 6 hits you will need to first aid very frequently!

If you want to have a good game, you’ve got to take constant note of your position relative to the circle, your options for a vehicle, and current med situation!

#5: Shoot Right. Adjust Your Firing Mode!

When players first pick up a cool new gun, the firing mode is often the last thing you think of… But if it defaults to single fire, this can cause a lot of problems in those crucial first moments! Take the two seconds to adjust the firing mode before or after you reload: it could save your life. Just imagine a scenario where you find an UMP and someone rushes you with a melee weapon… Feeling safe? You hear one bang and that’s it, you’re dead! Why did you only fire one bullet? You forgot – or didn’t know – to switch your firing mode from single fire to full-auto! Get into the habit. Make sure you’re on the right firing mode before you engage!


There you go: five tips that will help you help you start your next round right!

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