Five Underrated PUBG Drop Locations

Try these drop locations in your next match!

At the start of every PUBG match, you have to make a critical decision – one that will shape the entire game! There are so many drop locations, and differing plane paths mean you’ll never encounter the same situation twice. Some players try to avoid densely-populated areas, whereas for others that initial bloodbath is half the fun! I’m not here to tell you either is correct… If you’re ready to try something new though, here are five underrated spots to loot high-level gear and get early kills!

#5 – Quarry

pubg quarry

If you think looting Quarry is hard, you’re in for a rude awakening… It’s not even the toughest spot on this list! The real challenge to Quarry is knowing where the loot is. I often see players missing out on quality gear just because they don’t know where the spawns are! One quick and easy tip: those stone slabs are very important! They house a lot of great items but are easy to walk by without noticing. The main reason that Quarry is underrated is because it has three levels and the lowest floor is densely-packed with items. On the second level and third level, loot is a bit more spaced out. Maybe RNG was on my side, but I’ve landed in Quarry dozens of times and have always found decent loot! It’s risky in solo play, but Quarry works very well as a starting spot for duos and squads.

#4 – Zharki

zharki pubg drop locations

At the map’s top left is Zharki – a great starting area, though you’ll have to be brief. If you stay too long, you’ll almost certainly be outside the first blue zone! Zharki offers some solid loot, so it’s unlikely you leave with less than a full level 2 loadout. That should even hold true for your whole squad! Still, be careful: other people will land there. Maybe not a tlot, but there will be other players nearby! Your top priority in Zharki should be locating a means of escape, whether Dacia, UAZ, or boat. It’s smart to have one person look for a vehicle, but make sure a teammate helps find them some loot! It also just so happens that we have an in-depth guide to dominating in Zharki, so give that a look!

#3 – North Georgopol (aka North George)

georgopol georgy drop

Here’s another great spot that generally doesn’t have too much competition. How could anyone forget the north side of Georgopol? Don’t make the mistake of heading south to the crates, hospital, and apartments! The north side has over 20 different apartments, a prison, and many other lootable buildings. And there’s rarely more than a single squad worth of enemies landing here, so getting loot shouldn’t be too hard. There are a few different apartment complexes, so I recommend that you loot one thoroughly before moving on.

North George has a major downside though: there aren’t many vehicle spawns in the area! If you’re lucky, you might not have to travel… But it’s pretty brutal if you need to move out and can’t find a car! On the other hand, you can be confident in leaving here with a level 2 loadout and good weapons. Plus your teammates won’t be dead within 10 seconds of landing! We’ve also got a guide to Georgopol; read that here!

#2 – Ruins

ruins drop plane

Some of these drop locations are underrated because players just don’t wanna take the time… Ruins is a great example! It offers some great gear, but the loot is split across many different spawns. The major downside is that this area sits between South Georgopol, School and Rozhok. Depending on how the circle moves, you’ll probably encounter enemies passing through! Remember to hit the TAB key while you loot, because you might walk over things that you can’t easy see. This often happens with very small attachments like suppressors and compensators. But as you’ll rarely see players and there’s decent loot, you’ll probably leave here with at least one good weapon and a level 2 armor or backpack. I can’t recommend dropping here with a squad, as there isn’t enough consistent loot for more than a duo. But Ruins ties in well with the next spot: you can either begin here and move there or vice versa!

#1 – Water Town (aka Atlantis)

pubg best places drop

The lost city isn’t lost after all! Water Town (hereafter Atlantis) offers some good loot, but it’s a hassle… Some of the loot is in buildings, some is on top of them, some is on crates… It’s crazy – and that deters other players! Atlantis is a great spot for solos and duos once you know what you’re doing. It’s actually quite fun – because the water makes you slower, you can pretend it’s lava and make a challenge out of staying dry! The same suggestion I offered for Ruins is helpful here: open your inventory with TAB while exploring flooded houses. Underwater loot is hard to spot!

Atlantis is a parkour lover’s dream. You can run from building to building, making cool jumps and grabbing gear without ever touching the water. You’ll easily spot incoming players because of your elevation, and you’ll leave with good (though not great) loot.

There – 5 Drop Locations You Need to Know!

Players underrate all of these drop locations, in my experience – especially Quarry! Sometimes you need to challenge yourself with tough loot areas, so you can become faster and more efficient overall. These locations might be you and your friends’ favourite places to go, or they might be super easy for you to loot, but this isn’t true for everyone. It took a good while before I was able to loot them as well as I do and without any hesitation, so make sure you keep at it. You might have never found anything good at these spots, but that’s RNG, so maybe the next time you want to get out alive, you think about what I’ve told you and give these drops a shot!

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