Fortnite Weapons Breakdown

A preface before we begin: There is no such thing as the best weapon in the game. However, Fortnite is still in “beta” and Epic Games is still experimenting with weapons and testing.

As a result, they make plenty of mistakes. Mistakes that players of at least 2 seasons will have noticed. For instance: remote explosives, the old grenade launcher with 80 rockets, clingers, p90 or more recently the double barrel, have been changed. All of these weapons were deemed “OP” (overpowered), but Epic Games is quick to balance everything out.

Back to my point: there is no such thing as the best weapon in the game. It always depends on the situation you find yourself in. Examples include: stage of the game (early, mid, late), and playstyle. Other examples include: gaming motivation  (aggressive, defensive, going for the win or kills),game mode (solo,duo,squads), and even where the last zone ends up (hills,level ground,cities). The best weapon for you to choose depends on so many different factors.

Let’s dig in and explore which weapon will help you best, and how to wield them. If you’d like to see our list of weapon grades click here.

Knowledge Is Power: Rifles in Fortnite


A rifle should be your best friend in this game. You always want to dedicate 1 out of 5 slots for your rifle.  Rifles have so many uses, like tagging people far away or putting pressure when someone is healing or reviving his teammate.the rifle’s main use is to open the fight with it. When you spot someone in the distance, and he doesn’t see you, you want get some hits in. Not only do you get an advantage health wise but also it’s a mental advantage too. The moment you get those hits you start rushing and your enemies start to panic!! Keep in mind that there are actually two kinds of rifles: Normal and burst (I don’t count scoped as rifles but as snipers).

  1. BURST: Burst is a better option in the early game, and worse in the late game, for a couple of reasons. It’s a great weapon for mid-range combat and burst rifles are accessible early-on in the game. Furthermore, early game useage hides the burst’s weakness—which is shooting down structures—and long distance fights. Finally, in a competitive environment, like a tournament, you’re always going to lack ammo. Keep in mind that burst rifles waste 3 bullets with just 1 tap!
  1. NORMAL: Normal rifles deal less damage than the burst, but at the same time, it’s more accurate and faster. This helps you destroy buildings easier. But when you use the normal rifle, if you want to get 100% of it’s value, you have to utilize tap firing and crouch peeking!

A word about scar and silenced scar: Silenced scar is more accurate and makes less sound than the normal scar, but it deals less damage and has less spraying power.

Know Your Shotguns


A Shotgun is another vital weapon that you absolutely have to have on your loadout.

  1. PUMP: Double pump is baaack (just kidding). Pump shotguns deal high damage but have a low fire rate, so if you want to fully utilize them, you need two things: First:partner the pump with an smg or dual pistol. Secondly: develop the habit of shoot and build.
  1. TACTICAL: Tactical shotguns are really good in the early game when you don’t have access to many materials,smg’s, or ammo. Pump action shotguns requires these things, so if you’re in a bind, go Tactical. Also, Tactical is the shotgun to go when you are playing vs. multiple people (playing squads as a solo player, for example).
  1. HEAVY: These are similar to pump, with a smaller crosshair, which means they have a higher effective range!
  1. DOUBLE BARREL: SO SCARY from close distance, and you can shoot twice on such small intervals. But the double barrel has a very long reload time, so you have to make up for it with an extra weapon. They can be overpowered if used together with a boogie bomb!

SMGs, Please!


The SMGs purpose in the game is spraying structures at close range, and using them as a switching weapon.

  1. Compact SMG: These have a high fire rate that works great in the early game or for putting on the pressure when you outnumber your opponents. However, It’s a double edged sword because that means you have to reload pretty quick. More often than not, your enemies won’t let you, so be smart about your tactics!
  1. P90: These weapons are similar to the Compact SMG, but have a bigger magazine.

As an aside:Dual pistols are getting more love these days and people use them instead of SMGs. There’s no need to reload them after 2 seconds of spraying, and they deal 40 damage with 1 hit. Also, dual pistols have no distance drop-off, unlike SMGs


Snipers are getting less and less popular these days. People know how to build exceptionally well now, and they don’t leave themselves as exposed.

Especially in the pro scene, where everyone is turtling up. Snipers, in my opinion, are good early to mid game where the zone is larger and materials are lacking. However, in squad mode  things tend to get more chaotic

Carrying a sniper can give you that initial knock to start rushing a team with an advantage.

  1. HUNTING: The hunting rifle’s strength lies in its quickness and its ability to crouch peek utilizing the 3rd person mechanic.
  1. SEMI-AUTO: I’d consider this the poor man’s bolt action, and I don’t like sacrificing a slot for this weapon. If you have nothing else for long range, give it a shot!
  1. BOLT: Bolt snipers deal more damage, but are slower and really weak in solo mode. The reason for this is because good players won’t let you reload the bolt and rush you before that. On top of that, you have to peek and risk getting shot!
  1. HEAVY: The Heavy type of sniper is an awesome weapon to have for a couple of reasons. First of all, it deals 150 damage, which means you can aim for a body shot. This is especially important in the pro scene, because players having 200 health is really rare—especially in the late game. Second of all, it destroys any enemy structure no matter HP, instantly! Last of all, it has less bullet drop than its predecessors.

As another aside: scoped rifles are really only great in squad mode, and it can be really scary, but other than that it’s a really weak weapon.

Make An Explosive Entrance


Epic Games has changed and balanced explosives so many times. It’s only natural. Fortnite is a game where you build stuff, so an anti-building weapon needs to be balanced across the game.

  1. GRENADES: Grenades are my personal favourite explosive because you can easily restock them, they are silenced, and 99% of the time they explode at your feet—not in the air.
  1. CLINGERS: The Clinger is such a fun weapon to use and there are so many tricks to get the most out of it: Example A: Duo mode, early game you grab clingers and your friend has no weapon. There’s a player in the house inside of a room with a weapon. You stick a clinger on your friend (no friendly fire) and he can go in the door. You can literally use your friend as a shield. Example B: Someone is turtled up in a box, you throw a couple of clingers on his ceiling and every time one layer gets destroyed by a clinger, the next clinger is going to fall into that guy’s box. You can do that to your own floors too, with editing, and the clinger falls right through it!.
  1. STINK-BOMBS: Stink bombs are great for end-game fights, where people turtle up. Throw a stinky on their box and smoke them out.
  1. GRENADE LAUNCHERS: This weapon is DEADLY when you are playing squads. It’s also deadly when you use it in a way where the nades are exploding mid-air on impact! Keep in mind that you have to play a lot to figure out the perfect range.
  1. RPGs: RPGs are easy to use, and really effective from mid-range. However,good players can easily block every single rocket and you never know when you will make a huge mistake and blow yourself up!!
  1. GUIDED MISSILES: This weapon is just for scouting in squad mode.

Keep in mind: emote explosives were the most broken weapon in the whole game,and that’s why Epic Games nerfed it 3 times and removed it.

Don’t Forget To Cover Your Bases

Let’s take a moment to do a quick rundown of more items that can help you succeed in Fortnite.


In Fortnite it’s so hard to get out of a fight without getting shot or taking fall damage. Don’t forget the storm! Healing items are absolutely essential, some people even carry two of them.

  1. BANDAGES: Bandages are a great tool to survive the storm because they’re so quick to use. Every squad should carry at least 15 of them at any given time.
  1. MED-KITS: Med-kits heal you fully, but take 10 seconds to use.
  1. SLURP-JUICE: You can use the slurp for shielding and HP, that’s why it is so versatile in any situation. The only weakness for this healing item is that HP restoration takes place over a period of time.
  1. CHUG-JUG: Chug-Jug restores full HP and shield, but it takes 15 seconds to use! That’s why I don’t advise you to  carry a jug unless you have nothing else.
  1. CAMPFIRES: Campfires are a great tool for end-game scenarios and heal-offs. You can stack 4 of them on 4 floors and stay in the center!
  1. MINI-SHIELDS: Minis are the best to have during combat, because it takes only 2 seconds to use one of them, and you can stack up to 10!
  1. BIG-SHIELDS: Sometimes I prefer carrying a big shield instead of minis for two very specific reasons:
  1. Everyone is carrying minis, so you can restock after a fight.
  2. You can use a big shield when you are above 50 shield.
  3. If you get tagged by a rifle and have 160 HP, you can’t use minis, but you can use a big shield instead.

As a reminder: don’t forget about mushrooms and apples, they can really save your life and you know what they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”!

Succeed At Your Own Pace


Mobility items are what makes this game so fast and immersive. While not essential for winning late game scenarios, mobility items give you the edge and the element of surprise in most fights.

  1. LAUNCH-PAD: This is mainly used for two reasons: running away from the storm and getting a better position. It’s not ideal to rush people with it because other players can shoot you in mid-air, and there’s nothing you can really do about that.
  1. GRAPPLERS: Grapplers are a strong item for retaking the highground without having to build. However, you take fall damage when using this weapon so “beeee careful!!!!”.
  1. SHOCKWAVE-GRENADES: I have a lot to say about this specific item.You can use it to rush people or run away from the storm. You can also use it on your feet when someone is boxed in and just scoop in and destroy his box. It’s awesome even in end-game scenarios where you can interrupt heal-offs. Furthermore, bouncers were vaulted, so shockwave is the only tool to drop off heights without experiencing any fall damage!
  1. CHILL-TRAPS: These are great tools for running away from the storm.
  1. RIFT-TO-GO: Like launch pads, its main use is for position and running away from the storm.

I hope this article can help you succeed in Fortnite, and hone your skills. Tune-in next time for more weapon and items tips and tricks.