Gamer Sensei Acquires

Adding League Coaching to Gamer Sensei

At Gamer Sensei we’re always focused on delivering the best possible League of Legends coaching experience to our students. In an effort to expand our League of Legends offerings we’re very happy to announce that we’ve joined forces with the fantastic team behind!

What Does this Mean for Existing Gamer Sensei Customers?

If you’re a fan of League of Legends looking to get better, this is the best possible news: We’re adding new coaches and combining the talent behind the sites to provide the ultimate professional League coaching experience.

What Does this Mean for Students?

The website will be merged into Gamer Sensei soon – but don’t worry! Everyone with an existing account on prior to this announcement will receive an email invite from Gamer Sensei to join our site. The account migration process is simple and should take most people only a few minutes. As a bonus for moving your account, we’re also granting a free $5 credit to each account that moves over during the first two weeks of migration. That credit can be spent on lessons with any Gamer Sensei coach.

If you have pending lessons on the website you should complete them there. Going forward you can create new bookings directly at with your migrated account.

In addition to a shiny new migrated account with $5 in it every Gamer Sensei customer gets access to:

  • Professional customer service.
  • Advanced Sensei search & scheduling system.
  • SenseiConnect – our custom lesson-conferencing software.
  • International & digital payments with over 700+ methods supported, including Bitcoin.
  • Subscription and discount booking options.
  • The ability to earn FREE lessons via our referral system
  • Access to our community on Discord

How do Coaches Migrate?

Professional coaches (those who charge for their services) will receive an invite email just like students do. Start by completing the migration steps. Our coach managers will review your application. If you are approved to coach on Gamer Sensei, we’ll activate your account. Once you’re activated simply set up your Sensei Profile to start accepting students! Make sure to review the Terms of Service – you need to agree to those terms in order to begin coaching with us.

Volunteer coaches will not be able to migrate to Gamer Sensei as pro coaches. While we appreciate the role played by volunteer coaches in the community, we simply can’t provide the level of support and service we do without charging for lessons. If you’re a free coach who would like to convert to Pro/Paid coaching please contact and we’ll help you get started. If you’d like to stay focused on free or peer-to-peer coaching we suggest looking at opportunities to mentor other league players on open community sites.

Other Questions?

Hit us up at, or find us on Discord!