Gamer Sensei Launches Lesson Notification Bot

Many of us here at Gamer Sensei have consistently heard from our coaching community that automatic notifications would help with promptly responding to lesson requests, scheduling, and could even improve the overall student and coach experience. We’ve taken this feedback seriously and we’ve got exciting news to share with you:

We’re launching the Gamer Sensei Notification Bot today!

This is a Discord bot that will ping students, coaches, or both when lessons are scheduled, new times are proposed, and when lessons are confirmed.

Important Note: If you have the Discord App on your mobile phone so you can get notifications on the go as well!

What notifications look like

Currently there are 3 distinct notification messages: lesson proposal, lesson time counter proposal, and lesson time confirmation. These messages will show up as a private channel, direct message from the bot to you.

How to enable these notifications

There are 2 steps you will NEED to take to enable the bot:

1: On your Gamer Sensei dashboard, under the “Contact Information” section, enter your Discord username. Please make sure to enter both the username and the assigned 4 digits after the # sign, like below:

2: Join the Gamer Sensei Discord server via this invite link:

That’s it! Next time there’s a lesson request for you, you will get a DM from our bot.

Other Commands

Currently there are 2 commands to further interact with the Notification bot.

In the direct message channel with the Notification bot, you can “snooze” the bot by using the mute! Command (ex: @GSNotification mute!)

To reactivate notifications, you can issue the unmute! Command (@GSNotification unmute!)

Future of the Notification Bot

There are many more notifications and functionality in the works. For example: being able to type responses to the bot to instantly confirm or propose new times for lessons, and notifications on discount offers just to name a few.

If you notice any bugs or encounter any bot glitches, or simply have some feedback, please contact us via Discord, or via email