Why Get a Coach for eSports?

Why Get a Coach?

If people have weekly lessons for an instrument or a fitness coach, why don’t more people have an eSports coach? Today, many people play competitive video games, and it has a hefty fan base. We’re seeing a market around esports on the rise. Many businesses’ are seeing the opportunity esports provides and several colleges have already taken the steps towards developing a varsity esports team.

Everyone’s had their struggles with video games, whether it’s a boss battle or winning a competitive match. I first started playing League of Legends in 2014. Due to my relative newness and lack of guidance I was stuck in Silver for almost 700+ games. I had developed a playstyle and habits that I couldn’t fix on my own.

Eventually, I found a coach who allowed me to see things which became obvious when pointed out. Soon, I realized how easy it was to climb the competitive ladder when you have a coach that has the ability to bring you from point A to point B. Sure, a coach can’t exactly boost your elo for you, but they serve as a catalyst to the player.  

What is a Catalyst?

What exactly is a catalyst to a player? A catalyst is something that speeds up the process. Now how exactly can a coach be a catalyst? When someone is stuck at a rank or elo rating, there is always a cause. This could be a mental block or a bad habit that has been developed over time. Coaches can help identify issues that a student may think is perhaps second nature.

It’s important to have someone pointing out issues or a player could be wasting a lot of time grinding games out with the same mindset. When this happens, players become “hard stuck” at a certain rank/elo.

What makes the coach have the ability to teach you? All the coaches at Gamer Sensei are immensely experienced with the game they coach under. They have a wealth of in-game experiences to draw from and know their sport like the back of their hand. With their knowledge, they can make mock situations to test a player’s decision making.

Learning From Videos Doesn’t Work

Coaches provide more information than watching a generic YouTube video. They can provide exclusive information that suits the player, not just a general audience. Videos may not always be reputable, and while there are many higher ranked players who can produce videos to a fanbase, but it may not be the most optimal information/advice. Rank doesn’t determine the quality of the deliverance of information.

While coaching, I always look for a player’s weak spot. I watch their replays or do a 1v1 mechanical analysis to better help my students. Coaches enable you to push your boundaries far as possible. Through a coach, players are exposed to new environments, where a higher level of thinking is employed.

This allows a coach to show exactly what a student is doing wrong and how to fix it. For example, some players build up bad habits over time that they cannot fix on their own because they are unable to see the full picture that having a coach allows for.

Coaches like me will be able to point out mistakes and ingrained bad habits and set a goal. Consistent actions will eventually become a good habit, and helping students form good habits is a part of what coaches do. Bad habits must be discarded and heavily deterred, as it is easy for students to relapse into long practiced habits that negatively impact their gameplay.

There is a Right Coach for Everyone

Ok, I’ve given a lot of background information, but how can I know it works for everyone? I’ve coached hundreds of students over a four-year span and what sticks out the most are the students with the drive to improve. It’s important to understand that purchasing one lesson and doing nothing else will NOT improve a player. Students will need to review all the notes provided by a coach, and actively practice the information given.

There are a lot of small things that separate a higher elo player from a lower elo player, but one of them is the ability to change their bad habits. Aside from the most visible areas, coaches can also give an assortment of small tips that many players would never realize. For example, if I had a student who was a Twisted Fate main, I would advise them to back at level five, so they’re able to have the mana and items to roam once they hit six.

The Results Speak For Themselves

In my own experience, I’ve noticed that almost every student who has taken a lesson with me has improved. It may be hard to believe that hundreds of players can improve from taking lessons with a coach. Here are the results of my students from 2014 to 2015; they speak for themselves.

Overall, it’s important to understand that players with the drive to improve should find a coach to optimize the speed of their climb. Whether you want to climb in rank, improve in gameplay or increase decision making speed a coach will help get you there at a pace far faster than if you went at it alone.  

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