Your to-go guide for Patch 8.19!

Greetings, summoners! Since the Worlds 2018 is on, we are seeing different play styles with meta swings from competitive to solo queue. In this guide, I am breaking down what the good picks are for climbing the ladder. Hope you enjoy!




He’s as always been a menace in the toplane and a great champion for solo queue, with the recent buffs he received, he will be an unstoppable force in the toplane. Use his oppressive kit to punish the enemy. His ultimate has a great snowballing potential in team fights if he gets ignored.



Sion is one of the most perfect champions for solo queue ladder. He’s great at shoving waves and roaming with his ultimate. He gets extremely tanky in late game and once you have vision control, you can set up great picks with his Q stun. His ultimate has a relatively low cooldown for perfect engaging scenarios.



Ever since the buffs granted her high base damage and innate tankiness, she’s been a top tier pick in solo queue. She’s good against most picks in meta (such as her w countering Gragas or Irelia engages if timed right). Her ultimate is very effective in getting rid of the enemy front line in the team fights.




If you want to climb fast as a jungler, you should look to main these champions in the current meta:

Graves, Kha’Zix, Xin Zhao, Camille, Lee Sin and Kindred. These champs are excellent gankers and once they start snowballing, they become very hard to stop and can easily take over the game. There aren’t really any limits in the jungle right now, anything can be played. Just make sure to level 2 gank every game if you want some early kills, especially on champs like Graves, Xin and Camille. Taliyah is still a strong jungler but with all the recent nerfs she’s become a lot harder to get rolling with.


If your team composition requires a tank in solo queue or you like playing tanks in general, you should definitely pick up Gragas and Skarner. Their ganks are impossible to avoid with the predator rune. Also, with Gragas, if your team requires an AP source of damage, you can build him full AP and one shot anyone with your skill combination. You should look to build Runic Echoes into Zhonya’s Hourglass then it’s situational – mostly depending on enemy team composition or your composition needs. If your team needs a tank, look to buy Deadman’s plate or Spirit Visage. If you want to go full AP, you should go Rabadon’s Deathcap into Void Staff.



The man without the cigar is really broken right now with dark harvest, he is probably the best jungler at the moment. His kit allows him to farm quick and also deals tons of basic damage. The smokescreen slow is great for getting picks or deceiving the enemy during team fights.  



Kha’zix is also one of the most frustrating champions to play against in solo queue. He can have pressure all around the map and he can get many picks with his stealth. He also works well with Dark Harvest. Most pro players play him with lethality to be able to one-shot squishy targets.





This goes without saying but Yasuo is one of the best champions to have an impact on in solo queue. He can cast his ultimate with multiple people and his windwall is too strong for denying projectiles like Nami’s Tidal Wave. Once he gets two items, he can go to a sidelane to split push and take objectives, drag attention and duel people.



Irelia is still the main! Since her rework, she’s been under the spotlights. She works great with conqueror and her ultimate is very effective at catching people off-guard in team fights. Due to her dashes through minions, she could be annoying to play against in the laning phase. To avoid her stun, keep an eye at where the first mark of her E is.



LeBlanc changes welcomed her back to middle lane once again. She’s great at clutch escaping due to her passive and assassinating people with her combination of skills. To gank her before level 6, you should make sure she uses her W dash so she has no escape. Luden’s Echo is a pretty good item on her since she can clear the wave with it decently.


AD Carry


Everyone can agree on Kai’Sa is still sitting on the throne. Her versatile building path is for what your team needs – if your team requires AP damage then you can build Guinsoo’s into Nashor’s tooth, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Rabadon’s. Berzerker Graves is a must on her because of her attack speed scaling. If your team requires AD damage, then Stormrazor and Guinsoo’s are the way to go.



Lucian has seen the light of the day with his recent buffs. His mobile kit functions very well at all-ins and his scaling into the late game is pretty decent. Since he can build the Black Cleaver, he’s got more HP and survivability compared to other AD carries.  



Draven has become one of the most intimidating picks for solo queue. Due to his passive, once he gets a cash-in, he can snowball the entire lane and most possibly the entire game. The conqueror rune is great for him to work with. He becomes a scary monster in the late game as well. But mind you that Draven takes a bit of practice to learn, especially catching his axes and positioning.





Alistar has been a top tier pick for many patches now. He’s very tanky cow that can both engage and disengage with his kit. He can also peel well for the carries in the team. His sustain is pretty decent throughout the laning phase against other tanky supports. Utilizing Aftershock, Alistar is able to dive hard into the enemy backline, Isolating squishy targets for his team to follow up on whilst being tanky enough to remain a disruption and a nuisance after his initial combo.



Thresh is one of the champions that got his fair share for the buffs. Since Nami got meta, Thresh has been a great pick against squishy sustain supports like her. He has the pick potential that no other support has because of his hook and his flays. He functions well with aftershock because he tends to go all in after hitting the hook. If your lane falls behind, you can always buy mobility boots and roam mid lane to get the gold lead.


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