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Explore Explosives with Our PUBG Grenade Guide!

When you’re listening to the battles of Erangel, just one sound dominates: gunfire. For some reason, people tend to forget about the possibilities afforded by grenades! Some players don’t even bother picking them up, especially smokes and stuns. But it needs to be said: ‘nades are one of the most important tools available in PUBG. After some recent buffs, frags in particular are more powerful than ever. In this grenade guide, I’ll offer some tips for using these versatile items – there’s so many next-level plays to consider!

General Tips & Tricks

There aren’t any concrete numbers available, but the effective radius of explosive grenades seems to be between 5 and 10 meters. You can also ‘cook’ your ‘nades by pressing R. You used to pull the pin as soon as you left clicked, but it’s now done manually – don’t forget! It’s wise to cook your grenades slightly before throwing, as this cuts down the chances of the enemy player escaping unscathed. Frags have 5 seconds before exploding, so don’t cook for too long: 2-3 seconds is usually good enough. However every situation is unique, so use your best judgement! On the other hand, Molotov Cocktails will break as soon as they hit the ground; they can’t be ‘primed.’ One final tip: using right-click will throw grenades underhand, which can be very useful when the enemy is in your face!

Frag Grenades

If you’re by yourself and trying to frag an opponent hiding inside a house, here’s a tip. Start by throwing a cooked grenade through one window, then tossing a fast follow-up into the next-closest room. Very often, people won’t hear the second frag… Or they’re just too preoccupied escaping from the first one to notice! You’ll either kill them or leave them wounded enough that they have to heal. Use this time to your advantage! Timing volleys of grenades with squadmates is another nice tactic, but use with caution… It leaves you quite exposed to sudden pushes if multiple people are throwing at the same time.

Frags also have the benefit of pushing people out of cover – sometimes killing them from fall damage! This is especially useful on hillsides, because the force of the grenade will send the enemy flying. Then you’ll have a chance to finish them off with your AR before they find cover… Be ready!

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Stun Grenades

Often ignored, but very powerful! Try throwing a stun grenade first and following up with a frag… Even if your opponent avoids being blinded they won’t hear your second nade over the ringing! I did some testing after reading a rumor that the stun ignores walls and other obstacles – not true. I was able to confirm that the effect decays with distance though. That is, the further away you are, the more minor the effects. And just like in Counter Strike, you can avoid the ‘flash’ by turning away from the grenade. However, you will still be affected by the ringing sound effect unless out of range completely! The effects of this grenade linger for around 10 seconds, so be wary during this time. And a final note: the fuse on the stun grenade is just 2.5 seconds. You don’t need to cook this one for very long, if at all.


Smokes are typically used more defensively than offensively… For example, if you need to push into the safe zone but don’t have much cover or concealment, you can toss a few for a better chance of getting inside the circle. One thing to keep in mind: smokes are client side, so they are affected by game settings and don’t appear at long range. This really needs to be changed, and probably will be soon! Another unusual trick: cook your smokes before throwing. Much like frags, there’s a 5 second delay from pulling the pin to the grenade’s effects – in this case, smoke appearing. Cooking helps disperse the smoke along your throw path, creating a much wider smokescreen if you time it right!

pubg molotov stun frag smoke

Teammates downed out in the open? Don’t leave them for dead – throw smokes to create a visual barrier! This is best when your enemy is a good distance away, but you can pull off some very daring plays this way. I’ve also witnessed a clever use of these grenades in holding a building: popping a smoke in the stairwell. This happened to me once, and we were very nervous about pushing into the upper level blindly. This play can buy you extra time to set up, retrieve a downed teammate, and even mask the sound of jumping out the window to counter-push. At the same time, some players are very gung-ho and won’t think twice about charging into the fog!

Molotov Cocktails

I haven’t used the Molotov much, because there’s not much reason to in the current version. Without hard-and-fast numbers available, I ran a couple of tests myself. Let’s break down what I was able to discover about these less-used grenades.

pubg grenade differences explanation

Molotov cocktails seem to do around 5 damage per second, with this damage persisting for about 10 seconds after escaping the fire. Standing inside the fire spells near-certain death, though you can heal through it if you start first aiding right away. But why don’t people use them? For one, the frag grenade does just about everything better. Field ending and everyone is prone? A well-placed and well-timed frag will take them out in one go. But a Molotov? Your enemies can just stay low and heal through it. The best application is to discourage or injure someone pushing your building. The Molotov has some value in forcing enemies out of cover but, again, a frag will do just as good if not better. Things are constantly evolving in PUBG though, so don’t write this one off. You might be person who finds the perfect use!

Blast Away the Competition!

Now these are just a few tips for the grenades of PUBG, but they aren’t effective if you don’t use them! You should always aim to be carrying 3 – 5 frags, 1 – 2 stuns, and 1 – 2 smokes if your inventory can handle it. Even if your frags don’t kill your opponent, that’s less damage you need to do. And at the very least, you can safely reposition while they’re healing. Thanks for reading, and I hope you learned something to bring into your next match. Remember, it’s often the small things that keep you from claiming that chicken dinner!

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