Upcoming Hearthstone Expansion: BOOMSDAY PROJECT!

A New Expansion is Coming: BOOMSDAY PROJECT!

Early next month the newest Hearthstone Expansion “Boomsday Project” will be available for you to play!

The Boomsday Project expansion will add 135 cards for you to play and figure out! This expansion’s new themes are the long-awaited Legendary Spells and a new keyword: Magnetic.


With the new expansion, there will also be 4 new challenges. We don’t know much about these yet but the official Hearthstone website mentions the 4 themes:

Lethal: Destroy the enemy Hero.

Mirror: Create a perfectly mirrored battlefield.

Board Clear: Clear the battlefield of minions.

Survival: Survive the enemy Hero Power.

New keyword: Magnetic

“Magnetic” minions can fuse with other mechs, to combine stats and other keywords.

To fuse, play the magnetic minion to the left of the minion you want to fuse with. These minions can be played normally on an empty board or on the right side of a mech if you don’t want to use the fuse effect to play around a certain board clear.

New Effect: Omega Cards

These cards unleash a powerful effect when you play them at 10 Mana.

Legendary Inventors

Dr. Boom has surrounded himself with some of the finest(and most unhinged) scientific minds of Azeroth and beyond, each putting their own spin on the Boomsday Project.


Let’s be lab partners! Project cards grant a powerful bonus for you and your opponent!

Pre-Purchase Deal

This prepurchase is a lot different and in my opinion worse than earlier expansions.

Rather than the 70 packs for $50 offer from the last few expansions; it’s back to 50 for $50. There is also a more expensive option of 80 packs for $80 which comes with a golden legendary from the new expansion as well as the exclusive Mega Jaraxxus Hero portrait.

First look at the new cards (6/135)

Omega Defender

The first card of the Omega theme is Omega Defender. While this card itself isn’t all that spectacular, I’m sure we are all very excited what other cards Team 5 has in store for us with this theme!

Biology Project

This is the first card announced for the Project Theme. The power level of this card is genuinely insane and has a lot of potential to make Druid even more oppressive than it already is.

I for one am very much looking forward to what this card will allow Druids to do!

Myra’s Unstable Element

The long-awaited first Legendary Spell of Hearthstone! I am very excited to see how it finds its place into the game.

With the options we have right now, the card doesn’t do anything but I’m sure Team 5 has something waiting for us. 

Spider Bomb

This is the first introduction of the Magnetic Keyword we’ve seen so far, and on quite a good minion no less.

While there aren’t a lot of good mech’s available in standard as of now, there’s bound to be some in the upcoming expansion.

Electra Stormsurge

This card might just be the best card of the expansion.

Its outright power might just make Shaman the best deck in the meta again; for both the wild and standard format.

The flexibility of this card for control or aggressive use is something rarely seen in Hearthstones history and I’m very much looking forward to see where this card finds its place.

Stargazer Luna

It has a unique effect that brings a new way of thinking into the game.

This card could see a lot of play in a deck that also uses Aluneth. Having a secondary way to draw will make a deck that is extremely consistent and very scary.

I love how Team 5 is expanding different effects into the game to add a new level of depth!

More News to Come

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all info about the Doomsday Expansion over the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not check out some of my other articles?

Until next time,

Arend “Tsukaime” Zijdenbos