Hearthstone Meta Report: May 2019

Check out the latest meta report by our great Hearthstone Sensei, Meati.

Deck Winrate Proportion of the meta
Pirate Rogue 53% 20%
Control Warrior 52% 10%
Bomb Warrior 51% 10%
Hand Mage 52% 7%
Bomb Hunter 54% 6%
Mecha’thun Warrior 51% 1%
Zoo Warlock 52% 5%
Token Druid 52% 10%

1. Pirate Rogue

Pirate Rogue is the most popular and powerful deck, making up ~20% of ladder games. More aggressive versions featuring cards like Lifedrinker, Hench Clan Thug and Shadowstep are objectively better than versions featuring the Burgle package (Blink Fox, Hench-Clan Bugler and Underbelly Fence), so if you want to win more, play an aggressive version like our featured Pirate Rogue.

Pirate Rogue deck code:AAECAaIHBowCsgLIA80DrwTn+gIMtAHtAssD1AXuBogH3QiGCe/xAtWMA4+XA4mbAwA=

2-3. Control Warrior & Bomb Warrior

Warrior is the only class with a positive winrate against Pirate Rogue, so naturally makes up another ~20% of ladder decks, split roughly equally between Bomb and Control Warrior. Control Warrior is favoured vs Bomb Warrior and Pirate Rogue, so tends to be a slightly better choice overall. Some players include Azalina in Bomb Warrior to make the matchup vs Control Warrior more favourable.

Control Warrior deck code: AAECAQcKnwORBpAHze8CnfACkvgCjvsCoIAD0pgDhp0DCkuiBP8Hm/MC0fUC9PUCg/sCnvsCs/wCkp8DAA==

Bomb Warrior deck code:AAECAQcEmu4CkvgCoIADm5QDDUuiBP8HnfACm/MC0fUCg/sCnvsCs/wC9YADl5QDmpQDkp8DAA==

4-6. Khadgar Dragon Mage, Mech Hunter, & Mecha’thun Warrior

Warrior has several bad matchups, including Hand Mage (~7% of ladder decks, ~70% winrate vs Warrior), Mech Hunter (~6% of ladder decks, ~65% winrate vs Warrior) and Mecha’thun Warror (~1% of ladder decks, ~75% Winrate vs warriors).

Khadgar Dragon Mage deck code: AAECAf0ECMUEkAe+7ALL7AKJ8QKggAOWmgOKngML3gX7BuEHjQjO7wLD+ALbiQPoiQPsiQPolAODlgMA

Mech Hunter deck code:AAECAR8GrwTZB9sJ4fUCvPwCoIADDJcI4PUC4vUC7/UCufgCmPsCqPsC9v0C1/4CiYADzIEDtpwDAA==

Mecha’thun Warrior deck code: AAECAQcIS7QD/ASQB7j2ApL4AvH7AqCAAwsWogT/B7II+wyd8AKb8wLR9QL09QKe+wKSnwMA

7. Zoo Warlock

Zoo Warlock is the most aggressive deck on the ladder. It is unfavoured vs both Rogue and Warrior, but beats up almost everything else, making up ~5% of ladder decks. Rafaam is a great inclusion to Zoo Warlock on ladder because it is a single card which offers a massive boost to winrate vs Warrior.

Zoo Warlock deck code: AAECAfqUAwKPggOXlwMOMNMB8gH1BdkHsQjCCJ7xAvb9Avr+AtyGA8SJA4idA7WfAwA=

8. Token Druid

Token Druid is the least polarised deck choice on ladder, with a 45-50% winrate vs both Rogues and Warriors. It is slightly favoured vs most other anti-warrior decks, and so is a popular choice on ladder, making up just over 10% of the meta.

Token Druid deck code: AAECAZICAtaZA8mcAw5A/QL3A+YFxAbX7wLf+wL2/QL6hgO0kQPDlAPOlAPKnAPTnAMA

9. Nomi Priest

We have 7 decks making up ~70% of the meta: Pirate Rogue, Control Warrior, Bomb Warrior, Hand Mage, Mech Hunter, Zoo Warlock and Token Druid. The remaining 30% of ladder is made up of less refined decks. Nomi Priest is difficult to play and mistakes are punished harshly, so it doesn’t perform well statistically. However, several players have reached high legend ranks with the deck, and it certainly has the highest potential of these ‘other decks’. Check out our version of Chef Nomi priest, inspired by Deaddraw’s list, which he used to hit #1 legend on 2 servers.

Chef Nomi Priest deck code: AAECAa0GBKCAA5eHA9KZA5ibAw3lBKQH9gelCdIK8gz7DL3zAtD+AuaIA+uKA+qMA7CRAwA=

10. Big Shaman

Big Shaman is another deck which has been piloted to top 10 legend by BoarControl, but is still relatively unrefined. Check out our version of Big Shaman, inspired by his list.

Big Shaman deck code: AAECAaoIBiCn7gKggAOMhQPFmQODoAMMlQGUA/4F/wWyBp/9AoqFA72FA62RA4qUA4+UA8SZAwA=

11. Midrange Hunter

Midrange hunter was the best deck in the game before the release of Rise of Shadows. It has lost some of its most powerful cards, but is still a solid deck, finding a home in many of the lineups seen at the Hearthstone World Champsionships last month. Check out this version of midrange hunter, which Fled used to hit #1 legend.

Midrange Hunter deck code: AAECAR8ElwjtCe/xAvmWAw2oArUD3gS7BdsJgQrJ+AKghQOkiAOwiwPmlgOenQPHnQMA

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