Hearthstone and Strategies for Conquest

Getting to Know Conquest

There are two different tournament formats in Hearthstone: Conquest and LHS (Last Hero Standing). This article focuses on Conquest, its format and strategies for possible lineup creations.

What is Best of 5, 1 Ban?

In a Best of Five Tournament, both players bring four decks, each with a different class and players ban one of their opponents classes. The goal is to win a game with each class. If you win with one class, you must change decks and are not allowed to use the same class again. If you lose, you can switch your class, but don’t have to.

Best of 5, 1 Ban Strategies

Statistics are very helpful in creating a good Lineup. In this article I use HSReplay to show you how to evaluate your statistics. 

Bring Good Decks

The strategy “Bring Good Decks” is literally just that, bring good decks. You play the four decks with the highest win rate and ban your opponent’s top performing deck. It’s a solid strategy because the meta-decks can be played without any special tech cards, so the lineup can theoretically win against any other deck.

This strategy is recommended for players with a lot of experience and deck skills due to the initial planning involved. There are also not many special tech cards in the deck list, so there’s hardly any advantage in mirror matches. Here’s an example from a tier list in February 2018:

In the above example a possible lineup is: Aggro Paladin, Zoo Warlock, Highlander Priest, Tempo Rogue or Aggro Druid. According to the statistics below, the recommended lineup has difficulties against Highlander Priest and so that is the deck you will ban

Hard Counter

 A hard counter is a strategy that is high risk and high reward. Hard counter lineups are designed to counter the most popular decks and deck types. The ban goes to the deck with the statistically poorest match-up referring to your own lineup.

Less experienced players can gain advantage by playing special cards, called tech cards, which counter the opponents lineup. However it’s hard to achieve a win if your opponent is not playing from the popular deck list you prepared your lineup for.

Here’s an example. Aggro paladin appears on the top of the Tier list so it is the deck with the highest win rate. That’s why we target Aggro in our hard counter strategy.

Using HSReplay as a reference our lineup should look like this: Control Warlock (Demon Warlock), Aggro Druid, Big Priest/Highlander Priest/Elemental Priest, Tempo Rogue or Murloc Paladin. The ban depends on your own deck list. Just ban the worst match-up.

Soft Counter

A soft counter is a mix between of strategies mentioned above, your aim is to play meta-decks with tech cards. For example: Highlander Priest with Skulking Ghost to improve a match-up against Jade Druid or Eater of Secrets, so you can destroy the Mage’s Ice Block.

By playing the strongest Meta-decks and tech cards you can improve Mirror Match-ups. Keep in mind however that the tech cards are useless or even disadvantageous if you’re not facing a mirror match.

Onward to Conquest

Hopefully you’ll be able to use the three strategies I have gone through above to improve your approach to playing best of 5, 1 ban format tournaments. The keys to success lay in doing your research and creating a flexible deck list.