How to Stop Getting Pressured & Clear the Ball

How to Stop Feeling Pressured By Your Team

I can safely say that one of the most uncomfortable and annoying moments in Rocket League is when you’re constantly being pressured in your own half and you just can’t get it out.

Your boost is constantly low, you’re frequently jumping around trying to make uncomfortable saves, and every touch you make just seems to be hit straight back by the opponents.

Well, worry not my friend, because I am here to help you.

Boost Managment

Okay so the first thing you want to be aware of when under pressure is your boost management.

Now boost management is its own guide entirely, but for now, we will focus on managing your boost under pressure.

A big reason why some teams can pressure really hard is because they’re constantly taking your boost. There’s four boost pills you need to focus on when under pressure. Your two back boosts and the two mid-boosts.

A lot of people will default to their back boosts when under pressure because it’s near their goal and it feels safer. However, the two mid boosts are actually more important to control.

When players are pressuring and rotating back to third, they always head to the mid boost. If you can make sure you constantly control those mid boosts then you force your opponents to travel all the way back to their own back boosts and that relieves a lot of pressure.

They could always just get pads and ignore the pills but a lot of players default to going all the way back.

Getting the Mid Boosts

Now at this point you may be wondering “how do I get the mid boosts when I need to be defending my goal?” You know when you go for a clear or a block as 1st man and you land away from your goal towards the half way line? Get that mid boost and then head back to help defend.

If you’re not doing anything and have a couple seconds to kill because your teammates are back, then quickly grab the mid boost. If you’ve got two teammates back in defence doing their job then spend a couple of seconds filling your tank.

You get 100 boost and that’s 100 boost taken away from your opponents. It’ll do wonders in the long run when you can actually get to the ball before your opponents and get a solid backboard clear.

Just grab those mid boosts baby; own those boosts, never let an opponent get them. You also want to make sure you control your own corner boosts, so grab those whilst you can as well, unless a teammate really needs it and he’s heading there.

A Good Offence

So, now that you have boost how do you get that ball out of there and start some offence? Here’s how.

A huge part of dealing with pressure is to be patient and buy time.

You know how your teammate is grabbing that mid-boost; well, give him the time to do so by not smacking every ball away every chance you get.

If you manage to get control of the ball, stick it in front of you and dribble like you’re walking the dog.


Invite players to 50/50 you (it’s best not to do this directly in front of your own goal). Then you can 50/50 them or even fake them. Faking opponents on defence is incredible effective. So many players don’t do it, but it works so often.

An opponent flies past you and then you can just dribble the ball and flick it all the way across the field.

As long as you’re slowing down the game and buying time for your teammates to collect themselves and get some boost, then you’re off to a great start.

Unless you know you can get an incredibly powerful clear towards the opponent’s own backboard, just ease on the gas a little.

More Ball Clearing Methods

Another method of clearing the ball is to spread out.

As mentioned in my previous guide, don’t all bunch up in goal doing the same thing. Send one person towards the ball, have someone covering that back corner/backboard and someone covering that goal.

If you also have a boost from my fantastic boost management tip prior, then your team will be golden. You’ll be pressured for 3 seconds and then you’re blast it back and counter.

Play Like a Team

Okay so you’re spreading out, you’ve got a boost, you’re slowing down the game and inviting the opponents in, but you’re still getting pressured! Well, here’s another method then you greedy Gary.

Rocket League is a team game, so make sure you pass that ball out of defence.

A lot of the time you simply cannot generate the power to clear the ball on your own. Honestly, even if you could, most of the time it just gets sent straight back by their third man. To get past this you need to pass the ball.

Pass the Ball

Remember how that 1st man was getting the mid-boost? Well here’s another reason to get it: pass to the person who just got that boost, and he can redirect it towards goal!

Whenever you get the mid-boost take a look back and see what’s happening. If it looks like a teammate can get a clear, then stay upfield as a passing option.

As the player clearing the ball; look out for your teammate downfield so you can pass to them.

Of course if your teammates look like they’re getting trampled then just rotate round and help them out.


Hopefully now you can improve at getting that ball out of your defence and start scoring more goals, because that’s what we all want after all.

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