The Importance of the High Ground

I Have the High Ground!

What Do I Do With It?

Highground has always provided a strategic advantage. The benefits of using the high ground are many, including a better angle on your opponent. This does, however, give them a greater chance of hitting your head; but we will delve deeper into that later on.


Highground allows you a better vantage point on your opponent. Having it allows you to fire on them at a better angle, including over cover. High ground also makes it easier to observe your opponent’s movements.


The enemy has a higher chance of hitting your head depending on distance and angle. This does not mean that the enemy will be mechanically capable of a headshot, only that he has the chance to do so. Higher ground provides you better cover which when used effectively mitigates much of the risk that comes with it. The enemy has a 0% chance of hitting parts of you that you don’t expose.

How to Get the High Ground

The quickest way to get high ground is to build a ramp. Build a wall in front of the ramp which can serve as cover if there is a risk of you getting shot. You may find yourself being shot at from other angles; if that happens, use walls to cover those as well.

If you are still not high enough, build yourself a tower, but don’t go more than three high. When you do go higher, plan an escape route in case it gets shot down.

Taking and Fighting the High Ground

Highground Vs high ground fights, at close enough proximity, can be solved by rushing or by peak shooting. When building with wood, you can damage it a bit so you can see through the holes and line up a shot while the other guy is peaking. If you are unable to land a peek shot, build over to their side. If building to the enemy’s side is too risky, it is better to adapt strategies used for countering the high ground.


Countering high ground can be a difficult task. In order to do this, you need to make sure you have an ample supply of materials available for use. To counter an average player’s high ground, upwards of 300 material can be used; if they’re actively trying to prevent your counter. While they have high ground on you, it is important to make sure that they cannot freely fire on you as you are building up to them. Because of this, it takes 2x the normal amount of material minimum.

This is because you are not only building up to them but also covering the angles they could shoot you from. While they are looking down on you, you are at extreme risk of being on the wrong end of a headshot.

Ramping to the Enemy

Using one ramp to is a straightforward way to take the high ground from another player, especially if that player is inexperienced. Two ramps is a more advanced way which adds another layer which the enemy must break and provides more security, at the expense of time and material.

Using two ramps protected by two walls uses four times the amount of material that you would normally use. While costly doing so makes it nearly impossible for a single enemy to break your ramp before you get to them. The cost of the walled ramps is justified because of the added security and near guarantee that you will reach the enemy player.

While the cost continues to increase the more ramps and walls you add, for an advanced player, this is a strategy well worth the labor. Spending the time and material needed to build a double ramp, double wall structure also mitigates many of the risks of fighting the high ground.

One On One

An ariel 1v1 is exceptionally difficult to pull off, especially if you’re against a top caliber player. When you’re in the 1v1, you’re racing to panic the other player and cause them to make an error. In these build battles, there are two factors that matter, accuracy (weapon accuracy and building accuracy) and materials.

Remaining calm during these battles is your number one priority. Keep building up and let the opponent make a mistake. Remember that they will also be looking for ways to get a shot off of you and panicking falls right into their hand.

Don’t trade shots for HP if you can help it. Trades are never in your favor and put you at unnecessary risk. Instead, look for the best ways to modify your structure and box the enemy in. Leave them only one way out and when they take it, fire your shots.

If you ever get trapped during a build battle, it’s important to escape and retake the high ground. Breakaway by building up with two ramps. One covering your head, and one to run on. Once you’ve gotten a decent distance away, you can rotate and start aggressing again.

Following these tips and strategies will very quickly allow you to become a master of the high ground and dominate your opponents. Good hunting.