League of Legends: What to Pick in Patch 8.6

Str8-Up Strats

Greetings summoners! I have prepared a tier list of champions for you to play and climb within solo queue for the patch 8.5! The meta has shifted just a little bit with the current patch, and I have examined top tier picks for you. Read the 8.6 patch notes here.



Sion has a lot of CC with his Q and E. He’s good against AP top laners as he can build banner and roam other lanes with his ultimate. He’s strong in the laning phase because of high base damages. As the game progresses Sion’s CC allows him to become a fairly versatile tank build.


Cho is one of the best scaling tanks in the game at the moment. The more stacks he has, the stronger he gets. He can build various items depending on the enemy team. For top lane, Grasp of the Undying rune serves him well alongside Precision or Sorcery as secondary rune path.


His recent changes made him a viable choice. Swain does fine against most matchups, making him a decent blind pick. He mainly offers a high source of consistent damage because his Q is on a sub 2-second cooldown. A choice with a high amount of tankiness similar to Ryze as the game progresses.


She has a great kit to disengage or engage with her E. Camille’s deceptively tanky and she can lock an enemy down with ultimate which has a relatively low cooldown. Moreover, she offers exceptional wave push as well as true damage.



Kha’zix has some of the greatest gank potential for the early game. He runs electrocute which allows him to guarantee a kill every time he ganks. Not only is Kha’zix’ early game strong, he’s also impossible to track once he hits level 6 with his upgraded ultimate granting him invisibility. His ultimate allows him to hunt the enemy and to catch them off guard.

Once you get duskblade, the damage output is absurd. You should run mobility boots on Kha’zix since he can just sneak from his jungle all the way to the mid-lane completely unnoticed. Run Electrocute as your primary rune path and Sorcery for secondary rune path to gain movement speed in the river.


Sejuani has insane base damage and CC. Always ask for a leash as she doesn’t clear well if you can’t kite the jungle camps. As the game goes, she becomes an unkillable tank. It’s relatively easy to have an engagement with her. When playing Sejuani, the main goal is to gank the lanes that can snowball with high kill potential.

She can dive into the enemy team and hit her ultimate on a carry target. If you are comfortable having your passive stun the enemy, hold onto your ultimate till your passive stuns. This way you can create a CC chain on the enemy. Aftershock is the main rune path for her.


Now that he’s buffed, Olaf clears jungle pretty fast with his high base damage. He’s one of the best junglers for ganking. Making the use of the rune path Predator, his ganks are almost impossible to avoid. You should max Q for early game damage and once that fades out, you can use the damage you have on your E. In a CC heavy meta, his ultimate shines out.


Anivia, Veigar, and Cassiopeia

After the new Seraph’s Embrace / Tear of the Goddess changes, Anivia and Cassio became top tier picks in mid-lane. They have a lot of CC to lock an enemy down with high damage scaling into the late game. Against AP mid-laners, Veigar could use abyssal mask alongside tear to survive the laning phase and get into the late game.


Ahri’s on the rise because she is a high mobility AP carry with exceptional pick potential. She has decent wave-clear and a good chance to snowball games with electrocute as her main rune and ignite as her summoner spell. Ahri can also build Gunblade to add burst to her combinations. She’s not banned much so there’s a high chance you can pick her in solo queue.


Orianna is one of the best abusers of Aery. You can easily farm with her and harass the enemy with her Q and W combination. Her ultimate is usually game-changing, so best is to ball your engaging tank and try ulting more than one person to get the best result. Remember to be patient with her ultimate.

AD Carry


Xayah’s clearly the queen of the marksmen pool.  She has enough wave clear and innate CC with her ultimate and her feathers, which grants her sufficient self-peel. She scales really well into the late game. The best support to go with her is Rakan, because they have immense pressure from level 1 and onwards.


He’s a top tier pick right now because of his kit. Varus can dominate the lane with his range. He can trade well with his E in laning phase. After Guinsoo’s Rageblade changes, it’s enough for Varus to have a power spike. His ultimate is great for CC during team fights.


Because of her auto attack range and her positional traps, Cailyn has a lot of pressure throughout the laning phase. She can get headshot procs off of the turret, which assists her to get the first turret pretty fast.


Tristana was sitting on the throne for quite some time but they’ve nerfed her early game power. She’s still doing well once she gets over the early game. Her kit has self-peel with her W jump and her ultimate which makes her a great pick for solo queue. If you play Tristana, you don’t have to be that reliant on your support to peel for you.


Ezreal is a safe pick for solo queue. Kleptomancy made him viable in the pre-season. He has the best 2 item power spike with Manamune and Trinity Force. If the enemy is full AD team, he can build Gauntlet to be a bit tanky.

Support / Tanks

Tanky supports have a lot of HP compared to poke/sustain supports. Most poke/sustain supports get eliminated easily if the team fight is coordinated well. Tanky supports survive to tank and peel.


Braum has a lot of peeling and disengaging with his ultimate. His CC is very reliable thanks to his passive.


Alistar has a great engaging tool with his pulverize and headbutt combination. He can lock his targets down fairly easy.

Tahm Kench

Not only can Tahm Kench peel for his teammates with his W, he also offers CC with his Q. His ultimate works very well to flank enemy to surprise them with an engagement.

Supports / Others


Rakan goes very well with his dynamic duo partner Xayah. He’s mostly an engager with his ultimate and Grand Entrance (his W) but he can also be a peeler for his teammates with Battle Dance (his E).


Morgana’s the Punisher for melee champions in lane. If timed correctly, her Black Shield (her E) prevents the enemy team from engaging on the AD Carry. She is a lane winner and she doesn’t scale well into the late game like other supports so when she’s picked, the focus should be on winning the lane. Morgana goes very well with Caitlyn because of Dark Binding and Caitlyn’s trap interaction. She could be a lane bully if you put two points in W in the early game with Aery and Scorch.

Janna & Lulu

Janna has one of the best kits to peel for the teammates because of her E shield and her ultimate. After the pre-season, most people started to max Zephyr (her W) to poke in lane because of her aery and scorch proc. Lulu also works pretty well at peeling with her Polymorph and her ultimate knock up. She does what Janna does with her E, except her shield cooldown is way lower in early levels.