League of Legends, ADC Update

Hello everyone! We continue our series about the post MSI meta changes with this article and breaking down the bot lane meta that goes hand in hand with the support meta. What kind of changes we have? What’s strong to play to climb the solo queue ladder? Let’s find it out together.


The queen of Freljord is back to the rift! She was always a situational pick with her utility kit but this time she’s back because of her lane dominance. Now, you can go Arcane Comet in the lane to push and poke the enemy. Surprisingly enough, she also benefits from building Triforce and Essence Reaver. This build path contains a lot of cooldown reduction and mana, so she can spam her abilities in ease.


We haven’t seen Lucian in a while as well, but now he’s making a smooth return with his different build path. He goes Blade of the Ruined King alongside Essence Reaver to reach maximum damage early to midgame. Just make sure to run the rune “Press the Attack” on him because it’s very easy to proc three hits with his double tapping passive.


She proceeds to being popular as she benfits really well with the crit items, her obnoxious waveclearing and poke makes her a terror to face in lane. She fits really well with yuumi as they have infinite harass and waveclear. When it comes to mid game sivir is one of the strongest champs with her 3 item spike, Essence reaver, Infinity Edge and rapidfire cannon. She can also use her ultimate to catch enemies who are out of position and as a tool of engage.


She is still the queen of ad carries with her incredibly strong laning phase, allowing her to play around with her feathers intelligently and manipulate waves and trades, Xayah is already strong on her own but if you power her up with the lovers duo Rakan there is almost no way for the enemy botlane to get out laning phase unpunished with how flexible both champs are. Xayah can use her ulti to stay safe in teamfight or use it as a tool of engage to ensure a root with her feathers. You want to look to go the rune lethal tempo and build essence reaver into rapid fire cannon or phantom dancer depending on situation and finish off with Infinity edge. Xayah already hits her powerspike once she gets essence reaver, from there on she just becomes stronger and stronger. Make sure you play with a duo so you can make use of how strong xayah rakan is together before it gets nerfed!


Ezreal has always been a power house ever since his rework, this champ is incredibly safe to blindpick and can be very terrifying to face if you put it in the hands of a skilled player. Ezreals laning phase depends alot on hitting his qs to ensure getting push or winning trades. The beauty of ezreal is that he can play aggressive but also passive if needed where he can farm safely with q and if something would go wrong he can use his e to get out. You want to look to get sheen on your first back to make sure once you hit a q it will be unforgiving. Yuumi is one of the most popular champs to put together with ezreal as they have infinite poke and sustain together making it obnoxious to play against. Ezreal can also take tp as yuumi can take heal and ignite. You want to look to build sheen into muramana and iceborn guantlet. These are ezreals core items, from here he can choose to either build more ad blade of the ruined king, or go more of an ap heavy way Ludens echo into Hextech gunblade. Look at what your team needs and choose your build path.