Ask the Pros: League of Legends, Jungle Meta

Ask the Pros: League of Legends

 Welcome! In this Ask the Pros interview on Gamer Sensei, we ask pro players and coaches questions related the jungle role and its current meta. Today we have Roccat’s head coach Fredy122, Red Canids’ coach Brokenshard, WAR Dan (ex FNC Academy player), Royal Bandits coach Blumigan and Rawbin IV (ex-BJK player, now jungling for Baskonia) answering our questions regarding the jungle role and how to improve.

Q: What do you think about the current jungle meta?

Blumigan: Right now I think playing jungle is pretty fun, it’s really diverse. It gives room for both carry junglers and tanks, but time will tell.

Brokenshard: Current jungle meta is very varied, at least in solo queue. Lots of different rune set ups and experimentation is leading to different picks being figured out.

Dan: I think the current jungle meta is interesting because I feel it’s not fully figured out. People are still defaulting to Sejuani and Jarvan due to the time investment they put into the champions at the end of season 7.

I personally believe Sejuani is still in a more than fine spot, but Jarvan will fall off like Graves did at the start to mid of season 7.

The good thing about since dramatic changes to the runes is that a lot of niche picks are currently viable that previously wouldn’t be considered.

Rawbin IV: I like the meta because it’s very versatile. You can play both carry junglers and tanks because aftershock is such a strong rune for the tanks, like Sejuani and Gragas. Since my favorite champ is Jarvan IV, as long as he’s taking place in the meta I’m very happy.

Q: What are your predictions for competitive play?

Blumigan: My guess is that Jarvan and Sejuani will still be main tank junglers, but with Lee Sin/Kha’Zix/Nidalee also seeing a lot of competitive play. Also, we don’t see any Ivern or Nunu right now.

Brokenshard: In competitive I still believe junglers like Sejuani and J4 to be king, followed by Xin Zhao and potentially Kha’Zix, and of course Shyvana.

Dan: My predictions for competitive play is that the meta will start off with a lot of Electrocute using junglers.

However as the understanding of teams develops over time I think at least western teams will default to using more Aftershock jungle picks such as Sejuani, Rammus and Warwick.

Rammus and Warwick seem especially strong on this new patch and in many situations can provide far more than other typical junglers.

Fredy122: The jungle meta in competitive right now hasn’t changed much since worlds, Jarvan and Sejuani are still top tier with a few others like Shyvana and Kha’zix are good in some circumstances. I don’t think much will change until a few more patches come along

Rawbin IV: My favorite champions in the jungle are Jarvan IV, Gragas and Xin Zhao. I like them all because they are really good at dominating early game and you can easily snowball with cheesy ganks. All of them have great ganking tools.

Q: What are your favorite solo queue champs?

Blumigan: My favorite champions to play are Varus, Lee and Thresh. In the jungle, I think Ivern is super fun for solo queue but he’s not a viable pick at the moment.

Brokenshard: My favorite solo queue jungler is Xin Zhao, you just wreck people in the 1v1 and snowball hard.

Dan: My favorite solo queue champions are electrocute using junglers such as Lee Sin, and Elise because the way to win from jungle in solo queue is to repeat ganking and applying a large amount of pressure.

I also believe playing these champions over less mechanically demanding champions helps you develop as a player faster, which is why I invest the majority of my time into them.

Fredy122: My favorite solo queue champion is Renekton because of my LCS past.

Rawbin IV: My favorite champions are Kha’Zix, Evelyn and Kayn (Shadow Assassin). They are really strong picks in high elo (from diamond 1 all the way up to high challenger, around 600-800lp) because these champions are all good at catching people off-guard and have the potential to one shot carries and tilt your opponents.

What runes do you like the best?

Blumigan: I think Kha’Zix, Lee Sin and Jarvan IV all work well with Electrocute alongside Sudden Impact and Zombie Ward for vision control.

Brokenshard: For runes I would generally avoid most of the Sorcery keystones since they’re really strong for laning, but not so much jungling. Xin/Shyv should go Press the Attack due to relying on attack speed. Kha’Zix/Lee Sin/Jarvan IV should go Electrocute due to being easy to proc and burst damage. Sejuani and Rammus should go Aftershock for obvious reasons.

Dan: My preferred runes at this moment in time are Electrocute and Aftershock. These are the two that are most commonly used in jungle in this meta.

Rawbin IV: For my favorite champions in the jungle are Evelyn, Kha’Zix and Kayn. I like going Electrocute and Sudden Impact for the bonus lethality. All of these 3 champions benefit from it.

Fredy122: I like playing any champion (in toplane) that can use Grasp of the Undying because it rewards pushing the lane and fighting a lot which is fun to me. I normally go Resolve tree and change the second tree depending on who I’m playing, although I’ll sometimes go Sorcery as a primary to get Comet or Aery’s.

Q: Any advice for people trying to climb through bronze/silver/gold/plat to diamond?

 Blumigan: My advice for people that are trying to climb in the ladder is to spam the same champion. Don’t play high mechanical champions like Riven. Play simple champions like Annie, Ziggs and Caitlyn that can easily win lane and take objectives.

Brokenshard: I’d advise you to watch a lot of streams, record your games and learn about basic things such as last hitting, when to back, when/where to ward, etc. These things can put you in advantage against your enemy untill platinum elo.

Dan: I would give the following advice: play a consistent amount of games per day; this helps with individual improvement. Watch replays of your own games and note down individual errors. Also watch pros from all regions. But the biggest advice I can give is, don’t talk to people in solo queue it’s pointless and even if you start off writing positive comments, it usually doesn’t positively influence the game, so stay away from the chat besides writing timers.

Rawbin IV: I would recommend that if you want to climb you should learn to play one champion in every role, and on your main role focus on the three strongest meta champions. Just grind as much as you can. Also, watching high elo streamers and pro players really helps. Looking at what pro players build to see what to build on your champ is really good as well. Don’t flame or blame in solo queue or try to tilt your team, always try to be optimistic. You can’t win all games but for sure you will win more with a positive attitude.

Fredy122: The best way to climb is to choose two roles to main in solo queue, and then pick one champion for each role and master them so that you understand the best way to play them. This way you can easily outplay people who are off-role or just haven’t mastered what they are playing.