League of Legends, Jungle Update

Greetings, summoners!

The jungle was the most important role in MSI International Tournament as it impacted all the lanes and sustained map control. The synergy in between jungle and the laners shaped most of the early game heavily while contesting for scuttle crab or vision. In this article, I am going to break down how MSI influenced the current meta with the most important picks and explain how they can influence the game.


The first reason why she got heavily contested was the change of Conqueror. It’s easier to stack conqueror as well as her fury alongside the changes to her ultimate which now makes it nigh on impossible to dodge. She can pressure the map with ganks in the early game, and her early game damage is relatively high which makes it easier for her to clear jungle fast and affect the lanes with her ganks. Her mobility with tunnels makes it easier for her to show jungle pressure and rotate around the map. Hail of Blades is a very good keystone to take instead of conqueror and the easy build path of Black cleaver into Guardian Angel provides an easy and cheap path to power spikes.


The queen of the jungle was one of the most contested picks during the tournament. She has quite a lot of damage early game for a tanky jungler. Her kit is full of crowd-control; this includes Arctic Assault knock-up (Q), Winter’s Wrath (W) slow and Permafrost stun as well as her passive. The most important thing in her kit is her ultimate because if landed properly on an important target, it can be a game changer. She’s the perfect jungler to be on the front line engaging. You want to try and pick her with other melee champs in your team to make use of her Perma Frost passive (E). She builds Warmog’s because of the innate HP, it’s easier for her to reach 3000 maximum health to proc Warmog’s passive. After building Warmog’s, you would want to build Gargoyle Stoneplate to make sure you have that extra tankiness which makes her nearly impossible to kill. She can kite around during skirmishes and get the Warmog’s passive on, which makes her really hard to kill.

Jarvan IV

There are many reasons why Jarvan IV is really strong. His bad jungle matchups such as Nidalee and Graves don’t have a place in the current meta anymore. His build path is very versatile, you can play him with electrocute as a damage dealer and gap closer or you can just simply play him full tank with the conqueror rune. He has a lot of possibilities. His ultimate is really good into the meta picks for immobile bot laners such as Draven and Sivir. His clear is really fast and he has the possibility to threaten enemy with level 2 ganks and buff steals. His level 2 is very strong with his E-Q combo, which is perfect to gank a lane early and blow off enemy summoners.


He clears the jungle faster and he counters most of the meta junglers. You want to look to use the rune conqueror to make sure you’re uncontested in skirmishes throughout the game. This champ basically goes where he pleases, if it comes down to a 1v1 there are not many champs who are able to contest him after 6. He has a lot of threat on lanes which influences matchups. He can easily dive into the enemy team with his ultimate which grants him immunity against cc and extra AD. He can also contest around the map. If the enemy is hit with an axe, Olaf’s early damage becomes consistent with the slow that comes with it.


This funky spider is the best at the early game as she can duel very well from level 3 onwards, with almost no jungler being able to contest her early game and once her jungle item is completed it is an absolute nightmare to face her in a duel. She can threaten basically all the lanes in the early game with her early potential to dive because her kit allows her to get out of a burdened situation. She’s not a good pick if fell behind, so it’s better to make use of her early game. She can do well with AD heavy compositions as an AP jungler.