League of Legends, Support Update

Greetings, summoners! In this article, we continue to break down the perfect picks you can play in solo queue. Most picks we have are tailored by the post MSI meta. So let’s look at what the pros have been playing as support so you can pick up some of these strategic picks to increase your chance of climbing.

Sona – Taric

The gemstone king has taken over the support role alongside his favourite buddy Sona. Sona could harass enemy laners with her Hymn of Valor (Q) ability as Taric farms the lane up until Sona has the Frostfang mission completed. Their healing combined is very strong and their crowd-controlling abilities such as the Taric’s stun (E) and Sona’s Crescendo (R) can be game-changing. While they might not be the strongest duo in the early game, it is for sure not to be underestimated, Tarics early power can carry on the early laning phase while both of them combined to become an unstoppable force in the midgame. Now this combo can be a bit hard to pull off in solo queue so I recommend you play with a duo, if you do!

Tahm Kench

Ever since the rise of engaging supports like Nautilus, this mighty frog has been showing his face on the rift again. If timed right, his devour (W) skill can save a teammate from a crucial situation, which can turn the tides around. He’s also naturally tanky while having sustain with his (E). Tahm kench is especially good into aggressive melee supports, where he will usually outtrade them with his unforgiving kit, he can use (Q) to poke out his opponent and If they play too aggressive he can devour them and most likely result in a kill. His ultimate can be used to catch people off guard and outnumber them. It’s also really strong to rotate around the map late game. In team fights, you want to keep track of your carry’s to make sure you can save them from sticky situations and turn the team fight around.


Lux was one of the new supports that has been receiving a lot of attention in the bot lane. Lux’s biggest problem used to be that she was not tanky enough and would get one shot by basically everything. But now with aftershock and the recent buffs to her kit and especially shield, she is hard to face against. She has almost no counters in botlane and she’s one of the few supports whose kit is so efficient, it allows her to harass while also being able to all in with her ultimate and binding (Q). If you get hit by binding in the lane, it’s very likely that you get comboed and one shot, so try to play around her spell cool-downs.


Yuumi has been a genuine nightmare ever since she came out. Her kit was laughable when you first heard about it but now she is probably the strongest support in the meta. Her constant poke in lane (Q) which makes it nearly impossible to dodge since its a manual skillshot with your mouse makes her extremely hard to lane against. If you combine yuumi with marksmen like Ezreal and Sivir, the poke can become overwhelming and the sustain/peel is hard to beat. The most advantageous part about Yuumi is that you don’t need Flash summoner spell since you can just (W) your allies to get out of crowd control. So instead of flash, most people use Exhaust which helps her peel her allies even better.


He has flexibility compared to most supports. His Q helps him sustain himself and his marksman in the lane, also his ultimate and his W spell helps him be a reliable form of engagement for your team. The shielding from his E ability means he can also hold his own against ranged matchups without simply being forced to engage to have any space in the lane like an Alistar has to. It’s a really flexible champion that can be played in multiple ways as you can jump in when you want and if it doesn’t succeed, you can always jump back with E and shield your marksmen. It also helps that Xayah is in a really good state right now as she is one of the marksmen that can make use of Essence Reaver. The lover’s duo is always a good pickup and can get you many wins in solo Q.


Karma is probably in her best state right now, she’s a lane bully while also having a good peel, it makes it incredibly difficult to stand against her in the lane as she has so much flexibility with her spells. Mantra Q is a good way to poke out your opponents in the lane, and if the enemy has poke/engage she can always shield herself and her marksman, If she wants to set up ganks she has w to root her opponent. There is almost no scenario where Karma is not good and this is the reason she’s one of the most contested picks in both competitive and solo Q, She adds a lot of utility to any team. No champion will not appreciate her shielding and the movement speed is a strong tool for repositioning. The buffs to her, however, have made her really oppressive to lane against due to the mobility difference. An extra second of speed and 10% more slows makes a big difference when running down the enemy bot lane or kiting strong engagers like Thresh.