Learning to Play DPS

A Guide on Being the Best DPS You Can

I would say that 99% of my games are lost because of lack of damage that is being dealt to the correct target. There is an emphasis on the word correct here as we will go over that in our later points.

If you don’t play dps it is important that you learn. You can practice your aim with a program called Aimtastic. Gamer Sensei also has their own program “Range Royale” in development. You can apply for the beta if you’d like. 

Programs like these are a great way to train your aim without actually affecting your stats in-game as it is just raw aim. Hitting your shots is crucial to playing DPS. Having raw aim allows you to carry more. There’s a difference between carrying and fragging. Practicing raw aim also allows you to win more of your 1v1’s.

In a McCree vs McCree fight, or a McCree vs Tracer fight, It is really important to be able to hit your shots. Overwatch is a complex game that has countless variables and factors. However, if there’s one thing that everyone can improve on it’s hitting more shots. Consider using one of the programs I mentioned for practice.

The Difference Between Carrying and Fragging

Carrying – Doing a lot, this doesn’t have to be public.

Some examples of this can be getting a kill on Zarya three fights in a row when she has graviton; or forcing a C9 to happen. Even back capping a point can be defined as carrying. This can also be killing a high nooning McCree or a Pharah while your team is in a graviton.

Fragging -Doing a lot, and it’s public

These are those montage ready moments such as Dragon Blading the enemy team and killing 2-3. More examples would be hitting a big D.va bomb that kills both supports, hitting a Mei ultimate on the entire team or a big Zarya-Hanzo combination.

These frags have a huge impact on fights, however, may not have the biggest impact when it comes to winning the game. Sure trancing to save your monkey may be a great idea; however, if they have a Zarya-Genji blade, and you don’t have trance, you won’t survive.

Fragging is temporary and immediate while carrying is more permanent and long-term. 


Find the spots that give you the highest risk/reward for these heroes and abuse them. There are many guides for the best spots online but one of the best ways to learn proper positioning is through trial and error. This allows you to create your own formula suited to your own playstyle. 

Playing a Tank

Yes, this includes Brigette. Bridgette is pretty OP at the moment, with the highest 1v1 potential in the game. Teams that don’t run her are playing with a handicap at the moment.

This is honestly the season to be playing tanks. Tanks are so good at the moment that we aren’t even playing overwatch anymore; we are playing WORLD OF TANKS.

Zarya has graviton, in a tank heavy meta. Graviton helps to focus damage and a good combo is key to winning games.


As always, communication is key. Telling people the enemies’ position is a huge piece of information that can lead a team to victory.  Just saying that someone is behind can save your Zen or healer. When you have an effective healer, it lets your team play more aggressive and take more poke damage so keeping them up is crucial.

Telling people if they have ultimates that can counter the enemy will never be poorly received.

Combo Ults

Using Hanzo and Zarya’s ultimate is staple Overwatch since it’s inception. This meta too, many fights are determined by the Hanzo Zarya combo. This combo is even more effective by using a damage boost.

The most common damage boost comes from Mercy, however, there are other boosts. Using Orisa bongo’s is a viable way to increase damage; so is using the nano boost from Ana.

Highnoon and Shatter is another staple ult combo in Overwatch. This combo is a great way of breaking the enemy team’s shield.

If you think you’re not good at aiming, why no apply for the “Range Royale” beta and start practicing now? You can apply for the beta by following this link