Lethal Loadout: The Best PUBG Weapon Combinations!

Build A Battle-Ready Loadout!

PUBG has a lot of weapons, but the selection still isn’t as broad as some titles. Nevertheless, they each serve a specific purpose and have their place in the game! Some weapons are useful in more diverse circumstances than others, like assault rifles, but there are moments when every gun shines – or sucks. This is why you can carry two primay guns in PUBG – together, you can create a loadout to suit your needs! In general, you should look for a weapon combination that can handle as many situations as possible. You need options at extreme, medium, and close ranges with only two weapon slots! So while rocking two assault rifles might look cool, it limits the environments in which you’re likely to succeed – a kitted-out SCAR can’t match a shotgun blast to the chest if you’re taking fights in very close quarters!

Let’s look at three great loadouts, including their advantages and limitations!

Assault Rifle and Bolt-Action Sniper

For most people, this is their goal loadout – and with good reason! Bolt-action sniper rifles have the ability to kill most players in a single well-aimed headshot. This is invaluable in Solo games, as constantly changing positions means you can’t be tracked via your gunshots. With your long range needs taken care of, your choice of assault rifle leaves a lot of room to define your playstyle.

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If you’re confident with the sniper rifle and plan on using your AR exclusively at close range, then you can even stick with the AKM. It’s far less effective at medium range compared to other ARs, but does more damage per shot. The downside is that both of your weapons are probably using the same ammunition. For this reason, most players opt for one of the 5.56mm assault rifles instead.

The rarity of bolt-action snipers means you have to either find a Kar98 out in the world or spend your game crate-hunting to get your hands on one. The risk of a sniper rifle is that you need to find a good sight, or you effectively have a dead slot! Of course skilled players can still land shots with iron sights or Red Dot Sights, but the whole point of a sniper rifle is to be a deadly weapon at extreme ranges… Using it without any magnification is a huge hindrance!

UMP9 and Semi-Auto Sniper

A lot of players might consider this the “tier-2” version of the above loadout, but it’s still highly effective. Even without any mods, the UMP9’s recoil pattern is incredibly simple to master. This makes it a great stepping stone to managing assault rifle recoil for newer players. When you do get some mods, the UMP9 becomes a weapon that you can use at medium range with remarkable reliability. And as an SMG, the UMP9 is also very forgiving with hip-firing in those panicked moments because of its superior moving accuracy. This combination produces a weapon that excels at close and medium ranges, and is perfect for the mobile player.

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The semi-auto snipers are the Mini14 and SKS, and both are in an unusual place at the moment. Neither can match the bolt-actions in long-range combat due to lack of damage, but they excel at medium range due to their fire rate. This helps eliminate one of the major drawbacks of a bolt-action sniper: the need for a magnified scope. While slapping a 4x onto these weapons is a huge help, it isn’t a necessity in the same way it is for the bolt-actions. The large magazine size and high rate of fire means there’s more room for missed shots with semi-auto snipers. This is in contrast to the stress of the ‘one shot, one kill’ mindset of a bolt-action.

With this loadout, both your weapons are viable at medium range. This means you can freely choose the weapon that’s best for the situation. For example, if your enemy is ducking and dodging it’s gonna be hard to hit them. Laying down some burst fire with the UMP9 might be best here. If they’re unaware of your presence, whip out that semi-auto to land some free shots!

Assault Rifle and Shotgun

It probably seems odd to even consider keeping a shotgun after the first 10 minutes of a match. Nevertheless, these pocket rockets can still do great – albeit inconsistent – damage, against even Level 3 armour.

Shotguns come in three flavours in PUBG, and the differences are minor but important. The double-barrelled S686 and pump-action S1897 both deal 25 damage per pellet, with 9 pellets fired in each shot. The total is a staggering 225 points of damage – provided all the pellets hit. This means both of these weapons are capable of one-shotting enemies wearing Level 3 armour! And with a time between shots of just 0.2 seconds on the S686, your chances of success are very high if you’re close enough. That’s a great reason to include a shotgun in your loadout!

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The semi-auto S12K is a slightly different affair, dealing only 22 damage per pellet. It also has a slightly longer time between shots (0.25 seconds), but can use an Extended Mag for eight shots. This means the weapon can at best two-shot Level 3 armour due to the lower damage, but it offers far more chances to hit before reloading! Now of course shotguns deal a ton of damage, but it’s how you use them that matters. This is especially important late game, when most players won’t expect anyone to still have a shotgun. This gives you an edge in taking and defending buildings late-game, when most other players are hiding behind trees or walls!

Get Dangerous with Your New Loadout…

While there are dozens of possible weapon combinations, you’ll have to choose a balanced loadout that suits your playstyle. Look out for future feature articles where we’ll take an in-depth look at loadouts like these!

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