Maximize family time with Fortnite for free. Here’s how:

What’s the big deal with Fortnite?

Video games have a bad reputation for taking away from vital family time. But when it comes to Fornite, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s a reasonable thing to be concerned about; after all, any game that makes $1 million a day obviously has some kind of staying power. You might worry that you’re missing out on spending time with family if you play it often.

Or, maybe you’re a parent who needs to understand why Fortnite has become a massive talking point for your kids.

You might even just wonder how you can get more involved in things your kids may be interested in.

A video game just like Fornite might just be the answer.

Fortnite is a fantastic way to bond with your loved ones.

Fortnite is a successful example of the Battle Royale genre, in which 100 players are dropped into a huge map full of hazards, rewards, weapons and events, and tasked with defeating each other.

This concept might seem disturbing. Parallels with movies like The Hunger Games come to mind.

However, Fornite’s overall tone isn’t disturbing–in fact, you can even obtain a Unicorn-themed weapon.

With Fornite, the whole family can spend time together. And with your watchful eye, you can help them form healthy habits.

Like taking breaks when things are hard and learning that it’s okay to fail.

Games like Fornite can help teach invaluable life lessons.

Fortnite is incredibly family-friendly, and accessible to boot.

With an age rating of 12, Fortnite holds appeal for a very wide audience.

While a lot of players favor the “run around and shoot everything” method seen in other games, a more lowkey player can adopt a stealthy approach, hiding and avoiding conflict until it’s time to take action.

The lack of disturbing content and open approach to strategy help turn Fortnite into a game that everyone can enjoy.

But isn’t it complicated?

Fortnite definitely has some tricky parts, and specific weapons are more powerful than others. That’s why investing in a gaming coach can help your children thrive with this family-friendly game.

Fortnite has also mastered the mechanics that make battle royale games so balanced and easy to get into.

When the players are dropped into the battlefield, they all have the same gear: a pistol, a melee weapon, and some consumables for health recovery.

And that’s it, to start.

Players have to comb the battlefield for better gear, and some players will naturally end up getting more weapons. But the biggest toy doesn’t always guarantee victory.

That’s why Fortnite is so great for beginners. Everyone starts at the same point, and all you need is a controller and time to learn.

Don’t go it alone with Fornite. Bring your family together.

Not everyone wants to play alone, especially not if you want to game as a family.

Thankfully, Fortnite has a team mode called a “Squads”, where teams of players attempt to oust each other from the map while operating as a group.

This mode is perfect for families, as it places emphasis on helping each other, learning new things and cooperating. In short, everything a family wants to do together!

By hopping in and trying a few rounds of Squads, you’ll notice just how to help your teammates thrive.

Who’s good with what weapons? Can one of you handle being a team sniper or scout? Which regions are best to drop in? The possibilities are endless.

And this lets your children and you shine in the ways you feel most comfortable.

Everyone has a skill–no matter if they’ve been gaming for a while, or they’re new to it all. This can help your children nurture confidence and feel accomplished.

Since Fornite offers lots of playing styles, no one is excluded.

If your children want to hone their skills, or maybe play competitively, you can support them by helping them learn from the very best.

Fornite can be your new option for enjoying family time together.

But what if someone wants to be a spectator?

A valid question. While trying it out is always a good way to decide, some people prefer to watch others play.

If you or your children prefer to watch others play, fear not! There’s still a way to participate. And you don’t even have to be there to do it.

Recently, watching other people play games has exploded in popularity. The streaming site Twitch allows viewers to watch someone on the other side of the globe play Fortnite and other games with interactive commentary.

What better way to use this platform than connect as a family?

Say you travel for work, and want to see how your kids are playing, and lend them some encouragement and support.

What better way to do this than hop onto Twitch and watch them storm ahead?

To most children, having a parent who shares a hobby or interest means more than anything in the world.

And now, thanks to Fortnite, there’s never been an easier way to spend quality time together.

The family that games together, wins together!